Top Facebook Ads You Can Learn From in 2020

Why are Facebook ads so successful for some marketers? Facebook offers perhaps the best targeting possibilities among online ad platforms. This is because the social media giant has accumulated lots of personal data on its users. it knows their ages, friends, where they live, work and go for holidays. As a marketer on a limited budget, Facebook offers powerful targeting capabilities that can maximize your campaign’s ROI. But you must also perfect the design and placement of these ads to make them stand out.

Facebook ads marketing

Facebook ads can either be static photos and text ads, or video ads. Video ads have been seen to perform far much better. Video content is 12 times more likely to be shared. Branding your video will also boost purchase intent in your potential customers by as much as 97%, while your business is likely to see up to 49% year-over-year growth. You can make eye-catching Facebook ads without technical skills using Facebook video maker, which has all the tools you would need.

Here are some Facebook ads you can learn from when coming up with creative ideas and designs.

#1 Samsung Galaxy S2 ad

This ad by Samsung was the perfect onslaught on Apple and its diehard followers. The ad starts by showing the trouble that iPhone users go through to get a new phone which is not even much of a bargain after all compared to alternatives in the market. This ad makes a humorous comparison which many phone users can relate to.

#2 Anti-theft backpack from Mark Ryden

This is a classic product showcase ad with great use of video and text. This ad exploits the power of visual communication across language barriers. It shows each feature of the backpack with accompanying captions. While the captions help to clarify, this is a self-explanatory video that can be understood by watching alone.

#3 LastPass password manager

Instead of making one long video ad, LastPass used a series of short videos showing how it is easy to forget everyday items in life like keys. This is also a good lesson on how to maximize on CPM and placement.

Some of the best practices common in top performing Facebook ads include:

  • Use of square video – This gives the ad better appearance in the feed, and also when viewed as part of a carousel
  • Short durations – Videos in the 5-15 seconds range have more placement options
  • Call to Action (CTA) – This communicates an urge to your audience.

Facebook ads can be very effective for businesses of all sizes. Almost all your customers are on Facebook and mastering Facebook ads will be a big boost for your brand awareness and loyalty.

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