Why is Facebook Business Manager Must-Have?

Facebook is a rich pool of customers, but running ads, managing pages, and collaborating with your team isn’t always that straightforward. While running a small business, you might not feel much friction, especially if you are running one page, few ads, and operating them solo.

Why Facebook Business is Must Have

While working as a team, it gets a lot trickier. Sharing the logins exposes you to security and privacy issues, with some resulting in creating grey accounts, which goes against Facebook terms and conditions. However, that’s no longer an issue, owing to the innovative inclusion of Facebook business manager to learn more about it.

Facebook business manager, simply put, is a one-stop solution designed to manage tools, assets, and access to the assets. This means that you can monitor and control all your Facebook business’ accounts under one tool. This is a valuable tool, especially for agencies running ads for companies and businesses operating several pages, ad accounts, and relying on team effort.

If you are yet to sign up, here is why the Facebook business manager is a must-have as you endeavor to supercharge your social media marketing efforts.

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Are you concerned about sharing your personal Facebook information with your coworkers or agency? Privacy is a significant consideration, and with the Facebook business manager, you won’t be subjected to such issues. The parties will only see your name, work email, and the ad accounts and pages, addressing the privacy issues that could be tempting you to create grey accounts.


This is an extension of the privacy concern, especially while working with partners, agencies, and vendors. Previously, working with such teams meant handing over ownership of assets, as there was no control segregating them, but that’s not the case once you adopt Facebook business manager. You control who accesses what, a security control that goes beyond protecting your assets, as you can track each individual’s actions and hold them responsible.


How often do you erroneously post in the wrong place? Separating your personal profile from your business enhances productivity in a range of ways. Apart from eliminating chances of posting in the wrong place, you also enjoy better productivity since you won’t be distracted by concerns such as tempting videos popping up as you post. Those cat videos can take up considerable time affecting your productivity.


The best part is that you also access valuable data that enhance your campaigns’ performance, noting that Facebook business manager is a central tool that lets you track detailed reports. Data-driven campaigns are a lot more productive since you can eliminate measures that aren’t working, tweak those that need a little spicing, and invest more in those performing to your expectations.

Creating a Facebook business manager account is not such a hassle. The best part is that you don’t necessarily need to have an ad account or page as you can create them from the tool. Navigate to business.facebook.com, correctly key in your business name, followed by your name and business’ email address.

You’ll then key in your business details such as the website, address, among others, followed by checking your email for a confirmation message to complete the initial set up. Once you are set, you can add, assign, and delete Facebook pages, centralized control that makes the marketing endeavors a breeze.

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