Tips to Stay Secure in a Work from Home World

Technology has changed our lives, probably not more than COVID-19, but to the extent that it is an important part of it. A few years ago, IT and cybersecurity jobs were a thing of the future. Even work from home was not a concept known to many. However, with the advent of COVID-19, things have taken a sharp turn. We are not only working remotely, but our work largely depends on IT today.

Tips to stay secure in work from home world

With almost 42% of the working population functioning from home, IT departments have been working round the clock to ensure that their workforce can perform efficiently. However, WFH also means you need to reinforce your home security.

Major Concerns of WFH

Although WFH is one of the best ideas in many ways, it also comes with distraction. Screaming kids, restless pets, ringing doorbells, and what not! Even from an IT perspective, there are many challenges that one needs to overcome before they can be sure that their network is secure.

  • No readily available tech support. There is no one from the IT department who can troubleshoot the problems within minutes.
  • Home networks are in an unsafe zone. While some home offices are protected from intrusions, cyber threats, and virus attacks, other home networks are vulnerable to them.
  • Offices routinely back up their systems and devices. WFH means you either don’t back up the data or you do it erratically.
  • Keeping target-critical devices is a must whether you are on-premises or at home. Hence, you need to make sure the patches are on track centrally. You can still do this using the right tool at home!

Tips to Stay Secure in a WFH World

1. Using Strong Collaboration Tools

Security goals are something you can never compromise on, no matter how extraordinary the situation is. The IT team usually works non-stop and fulfills many roles. Hence, touch base with the team, explicate security priorities and set realistic goals and objectives using strong collaborative tools.

2. Enhance Workforce Cooperation with IT

The best way to raise awareness about the importance of security is to ensure that your workforce is comfortable talking with the IT team. Let the employees reach out to the team with their problems and send occasional reminders that the IT team is constantly on call!

3. Remote Patch Management

You can use the best software tools to keep the users, systems, and devices secure. There are tools that can easily help you fix issues with different software programs remotely. Remote patch management tool enables the system to stay updated on existing patches and determine the appropriate patches.

4. Automation

Automation is one of the smartest moves to make things smooth and efficient at work. The IT team is already drowning in work, juggling multiple tasks. The last thing they want to do is repeatedly process the same thing. Automation can make your IT team more productive and streamline the workflow of other departments.

Choosing Smart Tools to Streamline Work

WFH comes with tools that allow you to monitor the efficiency of the employees. Since you are not there in person to monitor things, it is important to use tools that can do the job for you. Tools like remote access apps, end-user monitoring, collaborative apps, and others are important for your work.

The Future Relies on WFH

COVID-19 has accelerated what was already making progress. While WFH is something all organizations have been looking forward to, they were reluctant to take the leap. Today, more than half the world is working efficiently from home with little to no trouble. Thanks to modern technology, even during a global pandemic, many organizations have continued to thrive.

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