Top 6 Best and Professional Video Editors

Video marketing is the need of the hour due to its high conversion rate. Around 72% of video marketers believe that videos help them to increase brand awareness. Video marketers often use video editors to make high-quality videos. Besides video marketers, many content creators also create high-quality videos to build a strong online community. Be it any reason to use an online video editing tool; it will always help you give a professional touch to your videos. Read on to know about the top 6 online video editing tools in the market.

Best video editors

1. InVideo

More than 800,000 people are using InVideo currently to edit their videos. You can make a professional video in 10 minutes with InVideo. It offers around 3500 pre-made templates that are related to diverse industries. You can also make a fully customized video with InVideo if you are not interested in pre-made templates. The editing dashboard of InVideo is easy to use as users can drag and drop videos, photos, etc. You can also convert text into engaging videos with InVideo. It provides many stock photos, music, and videos to editors for making their work easy. InVideo is the best Online Video Editor.

InVideo also offers a free platform for as long as the user wants. However, you can export up to 60 videos in a month with the free version. All the free version videos will also have an InVideo watermark. If you want to remove the watermark and need some more editing features, you can use the paid version of InVideo.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a widely used editing software by filmmakers, YouTubers, and digital marketers around the globe. It can also be integrated with other editing tools like Photoshop, After Effects, and others to achieve better results. Besides supporting high-quality video formats like 4K and 8K, it also supports VR video formats. It offers various editing features like color grading, compositing, and many others. Its effective chroma key feature helps in removing backdrops for videos on the green screen.

Its automated tool, i.e., Adobe Sensei Technology, allows editors to speed up the editing process. You can easily export videos made by Adobe Premiere Pro to other social platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and many others. Adobe Premiere Pro comes at a price of USD 239.88 per year. It also offers a cloud suite platform for marketers looking to edit videos on a cloud platform.

3. Magisto

Magisto is a reliable online video editing tool that offers multiple themes to make professional videos. With Magisto, you can also edit your videos via your smartphone. It has a dedicated application for smartphone users. Once you have picked your photos and videos, you can choose a soundtrack from the vast music library of Magisto. You can optimize your videos for sharing them to social media platforms and marketing channels with Magisto. You can enjoy this online video editor via the website version or android app. Magisto’s mobile application is also available for iOS users.

Magisto also features an AI engine that automatically adds a suitable editing style to your videos. You can create and edit longer videos with Magisto in less time. All the soundtracks provided by Magisto are commercially licensed so, you don’t have to give credits to any third party.

4. Movavi Clips

Do you use Instagram for sharing your video content or marketing videos? Well, Movavi Clips is best for editing videos that are to be shared on Instagram. It offers video templates that are compatible with Instagram. You can edit video in an aspect ratio of 1:1, 9:16, 4:5, and 16:9. You can choose your soundtrack to go with your videos or can use the Movavi music library. Movavi Clips offers a rick music library in which all songs are copyright-free. You can rotate and trim your videos files easily with Movavi Clips. It also allows users to customize the length of each video file as per the requirements.

Movavi Clips lets you add music, text, filters, and stickers to your video. It offers themed stickers that are related to almost every industry. It also offers professional and sophisticated features for video editing. It will let you add a panning effect to motion videos and achieve better results.

5. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a reliable online video editor specially designed for Mac users. More than 2 million people use it for their video editing needs. Besides not being compatible with Windows, its features are similar to that of Adobe Premiere Pro. It offers various animations, transitions, and video effects to make a professional video. The smart conform cropping lets users ensure that no essential video components are cropped or cut. Its built-in audio editing feature lets you edit your soundtrack easily. If you want to share your videos on Facebook or YouTube, Final Cut Pro will automatically set the right aspect ratio.

You can pay USD 299.99 and can gain lifetime access to Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro doesn’t come with any subscription models as you have to pay a one-time fee. You can create professional videos in Final Cut Pro with less manual effort.

6. Splice

You can import footage in Splice and can edit them individually. The Splice mobile application is available for download on both iPhone and Android. You can add text, transitions, or filters to your video easily with Splice. You can trim video segments individually in Splice and can arrange them in the required order.

You can also use your iTunes music collection with Splice. However, your iTunes music collection is not for commercial use, and one can use the free soundtracks offered by Splice. With its easy-to-use user interface, Splice helps in making professional videos quickly. It also provides brilliant cross-platform support to video editors.


A video editing tool will lend a professional touch to your videos and save your time. You can optimize your video content as per your marketing strategies with an editing tool. One should choose an editor that supports multiple video formats and ratios. Choose a reliable video editor for making professional videos!

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