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Shrikant Patil is a seasoned tech writer specializing in articles covering a wide range of topics including Instagram, WhatsApp, Internet trends, and other tech-related subjects.
Expertise - Instagram WhatsApp Internet Technology AI


  • Founder Content Head @ Jalgaonwala Thinkers & Creators (2020)
  • Founder and Content Head at Mukkampost (2021)
  • Technical Blogger at Geek Instructor
  • Expert in technology and AI


After beginning his career in 2011 with MMFPL, Shrikant Patil honed his skills in digital content creation. His expertise is having keen eye for detail and ability to craft engaging content quickly.

Shrikant has over five years of experience writing about technology, with a focus on social media platforms and internet technologies. He has contributed articles to leading tech publications including Geek Instructor, Guiding Tech, and Techwiser, where his work has been widely praised for its depth of analysis and engaging writing style.

Prior to his career in tech writing, Shrikant earned a degree in Computer Science from KBC North Maharashtra University, where he developed a solid foundation in understanding the underlying principles of digital technologies.

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There would be some reason why human beings are blessed with two hands. Nature might envisage the future where one day both hands would be occupied with hi-tech devices. Those gadgets are smartphones and power banks. A good power bank has become a very essential belonging since there are frequent complaints of smartphones losing power […]

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How to Add Story to Instagram Highlights Without Posting

People would have never imagined that a popular social media platform like Instagram would become a powerful marketing tool. The influencers and small business owners deploy various strategies to be successful. Founded in 2010, Instagram is one of the best platforms where you can promote your business. This so much dependency of the social media

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