How Chinese Players Find Casinos Abroad

When thinking about pastimes commonly enjoyed in China, online gambling probably isn’t the first to come to mind considering China’s strict regulations when it comes to gambling activities and internet use. However, that doesn’t stop many Chinese players from enjoying the thrill and excitement of playing casino games.

How chinese players find casinos

One of the key ways that Chinese people engage with online casino games is by playing at casinos based abroad. If you are a Chinese netizen who wants to know more about where to play casino games or you are simply curious about how Chinese players find casinos abroad to bet on, then this is the article for you.

Research the Top 10 Online Casinos

An easy route for Chinese players to find reputable casinos is by researching the top ten online casinos and picking from a list of pre-vetted casinos. This saves you the hard legwork of analysing and comparing different casino platforms and their suitability for Chinese players by yourself. For example, this list recommends 10 high-calibre online casinos for Chinese players from around the world: and it includes well-known platforms such as BC. Game Casino, BK8 Casino, and AW8 Casino. You can also narrow down your search results by looking for lists such as the top 10 online casinos for poker lovers or the top 10 real money online casinos.

Use a VPN

The Great Firewall of China is a well-known internet barrier that serves the purpose of restricting access to certain websites and content for Chinese netizens. Online casino sites are often restricted by the Great Firewall, posing a challenge that must be overcome for Chinese players. The solution? Virtual Private Networks or a VPN tool. A VPN gives users the ability to connect their devices to servers located outside of the country they reside in, in this case, outside of China, which effectively masks their IP address and grants them access to blocked websites. 

VPNs are worth investing in as they have many uses and functions aside from simply accessing online casino sites. For example, VPNs also offer an additional layer of security, protecting you from the threat of online hacking and they can be used for online shopping, allowing you to pay local prices in different countries.

Use Translation Plugins

Some international online casinos do have Chinese language options, however, this is not always the case. The solution for Chinese players is to use translation plugins that automatically translate web pages from foreign languages to Chinese. This allows players to easily navigate internationally based online casinos and still enjoy the content and players in their native language. 

Look for Casinos that Offer Popular Payment Methods in China

Oftentimes, an issue that arises for Chinese players at online casinos is the inability to make deposits or withdrawals using internationally popular payment methods. There are several familiar payment methods among Chinese netizens such as via a Chinese bank account or Wepay (WeChat Pay). 

Looking for casinos that offer these payment methods will save the hassle of a difficult transaction process and instead will provide Chinese players with a smooth and convenient way to pay or receive their winnings.

Be Cautious of ‘Mirror Platforms’

As a result of the strict regulations on gambling in China, many ‘mirror platforms’ that replicate internationally popular online casino sites have popped up on the Chinese internet. At first glance, these mirror platforms seem like identical clones of original casino sites however they are hosted on obscure web addresses. By using obscure web addresses these sites can bypass the Great Firewall blocking the main URLs of gambling companies. 

While mirror platforms do make online gambling more accessible to Chinese netizens, the flip side is that these replica sites likely don’t offer the same level of security and reliability as the original websites. This leaves players vulnerable to scammers, hackers or other internet users with ill-intentions.

Join Online Gambling Communities on Chinese Social Media

Chinese netizens may not easily be able to access internationally popular social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, however, social media is a thriving virtual scene boasting many locally developed social media sites. The Chinese social media scene includes Weibo, Douyin, WeChat and more. 

Online gambling enthusiasts have an active presence on Chinese social media sites and you should be able to find several dedicated communities. By joining these communities and interacting with other players, you can gain insider insights, advice and recommendations about which online casinos abroad Chinese players enjoy. Who knows, you may also have the opportunity to share your own experiences as a player, discuss strategies with others and even make an online friends who can recommend trusted online casinos.

Summing Up

In conclusion, Chinese players have various methods to find and access online casinos abroad. By researching the top ten online casinos, using VPNs and translation plugins, looking for popular payment methods, being cautious of mirror platforms and joining online gambling communities, Chinese players can enjoy their favourite casino games despite the strict regulations in their country. 

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