Newor Media 2022 Review: A Popular AdSense Alternative

Ad monetization is one of the most effective and reliable ways for bloggers to turn their passion projects into full-time jobs — as reliable sources of revenue.

Newor Media review

Aside from consistent income, ads are also able to act as a passive, low-maintenance source of revenue in the long run. Finding the right ad network to work with is the key to long-term success and maximization of your profits. Newor Media is a platform doing just that. 

Newor Media specializes as an ad management company utilizing header bidding solutions for a wide array of publishers. Think AdSense, except Newor utilizes fair bidding via AI technology to truly max out earnings potential.

Is Newor Media Worth it? 

Thanks to Newor Media’s algorithm-based approach, bidding is able to occur in real-time using technology designed to earn you more on the same ads already running on your site — this is especially true for the likes of returns on banner advertisements.

Newor Media AdSense alternative

Newor’s approach also involves partnering with ad exchanges that rely on header bidding to attract the highest paying advertisers. Publishers who sign up for Newor additionally receive access to Google Ad Exchange — a significant benefit with far more features compared to a conventional ad exchange. 

This deal includes access to benefits like:

  • Advertiser blocking
  • Demand source blocking
  • Private deals

… to name a few. 

The advantage of working alongside an authorized network that uses Google Ad Exchange, site publishers are granted access to the same benefits. However, Newor publishers receive additional benefits as well. Aside from just selling ad impressions via Google, Newor enters into competition with other networks and ad exchanges to produce even greater revenues for your site. 

Newor Media Functions

1. Ease of Use 

The publisher journey begins simply upon joining the platform — an assigned customer support rep provides an Insertion Order agreement. It’s important to note this is NOT a long-term contract, as Newor is non-exclusive. The document defines the overview of your partnership and is submitted to provide site approval for Newor’s network partners. 

Upon approval, you’re connected to a real-time bidding stack and provided with ad units so you can begin the process of site monetization right away. The entire entry process may take 2-4 days, with support from a customer service team who are able to even place ads directly on your site if requested. 

Despite all this assistance, you’ll still be assigned an account manager who will work personally to offer suggestions and can recommend optimal areas of placement for your ads. 

For WordPress users, the process is as simple as relying on the Ad Inserter Pro plugin to do the heavy lifting for you. Newor platform’s admin panel is overall user-friendly — it comes with a wide range of features for adding new sites, changing ad features, and requesting specific features among others. The dashboard also comes with functional reporting features to keep you informed on daily impressions & revenue. 

2. Algorithmic Real-Time Bidding 

As mentioned above, Newor uses real-time bidding algorithms combined with AI machine learning for maximum revenue opportunity. 

Its engineers work around the clock to improve technology like the state-of-the-art header bidding to create high-quality ad hosting with earnings that outmatch the current market. Signing up for Newor Media means access to reliable network relationships and scaling ad earnings from the get-go. 

Don’t forget: their teams of support professionals and account managers are always available to help make the most of your site banner ads. 

3. Ads Types 

Newor’s ads are of the highest quality — serving as an intermediary with a variety of ad networks.

Most of the ads are banner ads, and all are of the highest quality so as not to detract from any visitor’s experience. This also means none of the ads will come with any hidden malware or software, so as not to pose any risk to your site or the personal devices of visitors. The result? Eliminating customer complaints or issues with Google. 

Some of the ad types offered by Newor Media are: 

  • Vignettes
  • Rich Media
  • Banner
  • Native
  • Sticky ads

4. Minimal Ads & Full Control Over Placement 

While profiting off ads is your goal, too many ads on a site are harmful to your users’ overall experience. Greater frustration means visitors will be driven to click away from your site instead.

To limit this issue, Newor allows for six (6) ad units on your site, to be allocated in the following areas:

  • Three in-content ads
  • One sticky ad
  • One vertical sidebar ad
  • One horizontal ad

You’re not required to place all six, but you must be willing to use a minimum of two. You will have the option to choose where within content ads are placed, and which pages display ads — a measure of control that allows you to decide the best way to create an enjoyable experience for your unique visitors. 

If you’re ever unsure about the best course of action, the platform’s account managers will be able to assist — like discussing the option of adding in-content ads to the beginning of blog posts to maximize impressions, and therefore, revenue. Newor Media can also help you get rid of blank ads problem with Google AdSense.

5. Simple Signup & Requirements

The following are Newor’s requirements for joining:

  • Having a site or blog in English
  • Receive 30,000 unique visitors per month
  • Have the majority of site traffic from the US (as is in the most demand from bidders)

The above traffic requirements are in place to ensure you’re able to be profitable, as well as give Newor the opportunity to run tests on various ad placements. The minimum requirement is an industry standard for platforms and networks, however, Newor may sometimes make exceptions for sites meeting other criteria while able to run a simple setup. 

If you’re looking to get started, just complete the initial form on their sign-up page, and wait 24 hours to be contacted regarding approval. Once approved, follow the instructions to begin earning: it’s that simple. Reminder: there is no exclusivity required, so publishers can continue using their favorite networks as well. 

6. Earnings Calculator

Newor can keep you updated on just how much revenue you should be making from your ads. The platform has a built-in earning calculator designed for blogs & websites — just enter your details and click “calculate.”

The estimate you receive is based on factors like historical data via sites Newor works with and is not an official guarantee. It is a good estimate of what similar sites in your industry are earning, but still depends on an array of factors:

  • If you’re using AMP
  • Where your traffic comes from
  • Your site bounce rate
  • Mobile v Desktop visitors
  • Social vs SEO traffic

… and a variety of others.

While there’s no set amount, it’s likely that Newor’s header bidding and quality networks will provide a revenue figure stronger than your current earnings — especially if you rely just on a lone network like AdSense. 

7. Easy Payments 

While many ad managers and networks pay on a Net90 basis, Newor offers 30-day payments. The platform offers reliable terms and customer service dedicated to full-time, on-time payments — every time. 

You will also have the opportunity to receive payouts via PayPal, Payoneer, or uniquely, wire transfer. Though the minimum payment threshold for wire transfer is $250, and $50 for both PayPal & Payoneer. All US users have to do is upload their W-2s to receive payments. 

Newor pays publishers what they are owed to the exact amount, putting any network clawbacks aside. Its habit of never overreaching ensures the platform is able to always provide payment on a Net30 basis. 

8. Balancing User Experience With Ad Placement 

As you know by now, the location of ads is significant in affecting user experience. Newor’s programmatic approach to ads focuses on those criteria which affect users, like time on site, viewability, and means of loading. Aside from optimizing web experience, this also allows you to receive the most of your potential earnings. 

Pros & Cons

Newor Media, like any great platform, comes with its own share of advantages and downsides. Here are a few of the most notable for users to be aware of:


  1. User-Friendly Admin Dashboard: Aside from being easy to use and featuring a stats dashboard, Newor’s dashboard provides all the necessary access & information at the touch of a button.
  2. Access to Google Ad Exchange: Combined with header bidding, the use of Googles Ad Exchange’s premium features maximizes revenue.
  3. On-Time Payouts: With a Net30 model and low payment thresholds, you’re paid the full amount owed, on time, every time.
  4. Highly Optimized Ads: All placed ads are optimized to have the fastest possible load times with no negative impact to site speed and user experience.
  5. Advanced Tracking & Analytics Tools: A variety of specialized tools for data tracking & analytics give you the power to discover the best practices for your site.


  1. Limited Ad Unit Creation: There are improvements to be desired regarding their ad unit creation capabilities.
  2. Minimal Reports Customization: Users who seek or require advanced, customizable reporting may be disappointed in the limited options.
  3. Additional Ad Quantity: Newor maxes out its ad allowance at up to six per site, citing protection of true user experience. Some publishers may prefer the option to add a greater quantity of ads.

Newor Media Competitors 

While Newor is quickly becoming one of the leading ad networks available, there are still available options worth comparing that offer similar services.

Newor vs Ezoic

Many publishers look to Ezoic as an AdSense alternative — it also supports publishers to maximize site earnings while limiting negative user impact like ad load speeds. Ezoic also allows for the monetization of non-English sites, or where a traffic majority exists outside the US. Similar to Newor, Ezoic also utilizes AI technologies for max earnings. 

Newor, on the other hand, requires no exclusivity and is free of service fees you may find with Ezoic. Newor also experiences a faster speed of delivery and, while requiring higher US-based traffic, those meeting these criteria will benefit from Newor the most. 

Newor vs AdSense 

AdSense is still a go-to network for site beginners and seasoned pros. It allows for a larger number of ad units versus Newors six and is also easy to use. However, Newor’s ad networks focus on maximizing money made per site/blog visitor. 

Thanks to Newor’s non-exclusivity, you can actually use the two platforms in conjunction to maximize overall earnings — though AdSense alone does not contain the same profit power as you’ll experience with Newor or a combination of the two.

Product Support

Newor has a comprehensive and professional support team who provides friendly, and timely support to publishers. They provide round-the-clock support, and aside from formal email, support requests can also be initiated directly from the user-friendly dashboard. 

Is Newor Media Legit?

Best AdSense alternative Newor Media

Newor is a dedicated professional ad management platform delivering high-quality ads and maximum revenue to your sites. Its use of header bidding, programmatic bidding, and AI technologies makes it an ideal platform for publishers of any variety and industry.

As your ad income increases,  your user experience, page load times, and Google favorability won’t suffer. Their easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy to understand your performance and complete analytics to stay in control of decisions important to your visitors. 

With 250 million monthly visitors and growing, it’s easy to see why Newor Media is becoming a trusted name across the industry. If you feel ready to boost your ad revenue without needing any extra investment of your money or time, sign up to create a free account and experience the benefits of Newor first-hand, today.

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