HTML to XML Parser | Blogger AdSense Ad Code Converter

This HTML to XML Parser tool allows you to convert your Google AdSense ad code from HTML to XML coding so that you can add it in your Blogger template.

All you have to do is, paste your AdSense ad code in the below text editor box and tap the “Convert” button. You can also clear all text by clicking on the “Clear” button.

Why you need to use this tool?

You might have noticed that when you directly place AdSense ad code or Google Analytics code in your Blogger template, it will show an error message while saving the theme.

This is because Blogger template isn’t compatible with HTML codes. Before adding any HTML code in your Blogger template, you have to convert it into XML coding. This simple tool will help you to do this with just a one click.

How this tool works?

HTML to XML Parser tool will simply convert the special characters of the HTML code in XML entity references. See the below examples –

  • Less than symbol (<) in &lt;
  • Greater than symbol (>) in &gt;
  • Ampersand symbol (&) in &amp;
  • Double quote symbol (“) in &quot;
  • Single quote symbol (‘) in &#039;

You can also do this conversion manually but that would be a tedious task and it may cause errors in the code. We have created this HTML to XML Parser tool so that you can easily convert your AdSense ad code into XML coding for Blogger template.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any query related to this tool.