21 May 2019

How to Compress Images on Android Without Losing Quality

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Is your Android phone filled up with lots of images and you want to free up some space? The photos that you have clicked from your phone's camera can take up more than 1 MB of space and they can be as big as the photos taken from a DSLR in terms of file size.

Compress & reduce images size on Android
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20 May 2019

How to Convert PNG Images to JPG on Android: 3 Ways

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Two of the most popular formats of images are PNG and JPG. The main difference between these two is the compression algorithm they use. PNG is a lossless format, whereas, JPG is a lossy format that offers a higher compression rate than PNG.

Convert PNG images to JPG on Android
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19 May 2019

How to Edit Transparent PNG Images on Android: 3 Ways

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PNG (short for Portable Network Graphics) is one of the most popular image formats. It supports lossless data compression i.e. data is compressed in such a way that it can be recovered when decompressed. This is the reason why PNG images have better quality than JPG (or JPEG).

Edit transparent PNG images on Android
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6 May 2019

How to Change Fonts on Android Phone Without Rooting: 3 Ways

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Are you bored of seeing the default font style of your Android phone and you want to change it now? You will see fonts everywhere on your phone's screen like on the keyboard, home screen, notification tab, and even in the apps.

Change fonts on Android phone without rooting
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5 May 2019

How to View and Reshare Your Old Instagram Stories

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Instagram stories allows you to share photos and videos with your followers that will automatically disappear from your profile after 24 hours. You can add text, emojis, stickers, and GIFs to make your stories more fun.

View and reshare old Instagram stories
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