Fix Google AdSense Showing Blank Ads Space (9 Reasons)

Is Google AdSense showing blank ads on your website/blog? Google AdSense is the main source of income for millions of publishers around the world. It can be really stressful for anyone to see that Google AdSense has stopped showing ads on their website.

Fix Google AdSense showing blank ads space

If you are seeing blank space instead of ads on your website, it is not necessary that your Google AdSense account is terminated or suspended, however, this can also happen. There are a few other reasons for Google AdSense to show blank ads.

Sometimes, Google AdSense will show blank space if it can’t find ads related to the content on a particular web page. Other common reasons for this may be that your AdSense account is still under review or you have created a new ad unit. We came up with this tutorial to help you fix this issue.

Reasons why AdSense is showing blank ads and how to fix it

Here are 9 reasons why Google AdSense might be showing blank space instead of ads on your website. We have also discussed how to fix this issue.

You have created a new Google ad unit

If you just created a new ad unit in AdSense and placed its code on your website, then it might show blank ads for some time until Google AdSense analyzes your website and find relevant ads.

The Matched Content ad unit can take a little more time (around 15 minutes as mentioned in the AdSense Help page) to show up ads and posts from your website. There is nothing you have to do, simply wait until AdSense starts showing ads.

Google Adsense can’t find ads related to your content

Google knows almost everything about you and your visitors. The main focus of AdSense is to show only relevant ads to the users while maintaining a good user experience on your website.

The ads are mainly displayed based on the user’s past activity and the content on a webpage. Sometimes, AdSense can’t find ads related to the content on your site’s page, due to which it will show blank space.

This usually happens in websites that contain only images, videos and flash media. We recommend you to add some text content and optimize your blog posts with targeted keywords in headings, alt tags, description and links.

Although, Google AdSense supports various languages, but the maximum number of ads are available for English content. We also recommend you to use English as the primary language on your website.

You haven’t placed AdSense ad code properly

Sometimes, you don’t place AdSense ad code on your website properly. This might also be the reason why you are not seeing any ads. Make sure that you have pasted the exact ad code on your website which you have copied from AdSense.

If you have done any modification in the ad code on your website, we recommend you to change it back to the original code. It is important to note that AdSense only allows limited modifications in your ad code.

It might also happen that you have placed an ad code inside HTML element which is hidden. For example, the parent div container is hidden by CSS display property (display: none).

AdSense has clearly mentioned that there should be adequate distance between the ads and the content on your website. So make sure to add some margin space around AdSense ads.

The page contains some illegal information

Google AdSense has clearly mentioned in their content policies that publishers are not allowed to place ads on any page that contains illegal content such as hacking, cracking, gambling, alcohol, adult stuff, etc.

This can also be the reason for Google AdSense to show blank ads. Please make sure that the post/page where ads are not working is compiling with the AdSense content policies. If not, then we would recommend you to remove that content immediately.

Your AdSense account might be under review

You will see blank space instead of ads on your website if you just applied for AdSense and placed an ad code for the first time. It might be possible that your AdSense account is still under review. If this is your case, go to your email inbox and check if there is any mail for the AdSense approval.

Your AdSense account might be blocked or suspended

If you are found to violate any AdSense Program policies, your account can be blocked or suspended at any time. To check if this happened or not, login to your Google AdSense dashboard. You would also be notified via email if this happens.

Remove Ads Blocker tool

If you are using any ads blocker tool or extension in your browser, it can also block Google AdSense ads and you would see blank space instead of ads on your website. To solve this issue, simply remove the ads blocker tool from the browser.

Check if ads are running on a different browser

There might be some problem in your browser which is preventing it from loading ads on your website. To check this, visit your site from a different browser or use an incognito tab. If ads are working then, it means there is some problem in your browser. To fix this issue, clear all browsing data (cache and cookies) and check again.

Ad size is bigger than the space available

Google AdSense may not show any ads if you have placed an ad where there is less space available than the ad size. For example, you have placed an ad of 300×250 size in the sidebar section of your site, but the sidebar doesn’t have enough space to fit in the ad.

If this issue is happening in your website, then we recommend you to use responsive ads which can automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces.

So these are some of the reasons why Google AdSense is showing blank ads space on your website. We hope you have fixed this issue. If you are facing any problem or you want to ask something related to this tutorial, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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    My footer ads have worked pretty well for the past few years. However, I recently started posting again (after taking a little over a year off from serious blogging) and the footer ads no longer show up in the new posts. I'm confused why this is occurring as the footer ads are still working fine on my older posts. My blog is
    In the past week I've uploaded 2 posts:
    and the second posts:

    The in-article ads, at the end of the post work fine, however, the footer ads that appear at the bottom of every page and post will not show up on these last 2 posts. All I get is yellow box.

    Any insights would be helpful.

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    my website doesn't show ads blank ads but my adsense us 2 month old. i don't have mali why my ads are not showing??

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