How to Auto Connect Paired Bluetooth Devices on iPhone

Do you ever get annoyed when your iPhone doesn’t auto connect with your Bluetooth device? Recently we figured out this problem that when you turn off the Bluetooth on iPhone and then turn it on later, it doesn’t reconnect to the paired devices automatically.

Auto connect paired bluetooth devices on iPhone

The very idea of auto connect feature is to allow your phone connect with other paired devices automatically without letting you do anything. Most of the Android smartphones have this feature and they do get auto connected when you turn on bluetooth again. Unfortunately, iPhone fails to do this thing.

If you are also facing this problem on your Apple device, then this guide is for you. Here we will discuss how you can do auto connecting with your paired bluetooth devices (such as bluetooth earphones) on iPhone or iPad. Now without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Why iPhone doesn’t auto connect bluetooth devices

iPhone needs either your bluetooth device or its own bluetooth to be turned on continuously in order to do auto connecting with paired devices. If you turn off the bluetooth on both and then turn it on again sometime later, it will not connect automatically. You have to go to the Control Centre > long-press on the Bluetooth icon and then select the desired device you want to connect from the available devices list. Alternatively, the same thing can be done from the Bluetooth option in your iPhone Settings.

How to auto connect bluetooth devices on iPhone

The solution lies in the problem itself that we have discussed above. If you want to auto connect already paired bluetooth devices with your iPhone or iPad, simply keep the Bluetooth turned on permanentlyThis means you can turn off your bluetooth device but not iPhone’s bluetooth in order to auto connect.

Another way is to keep the Bluetooth device active and in that case, you can turn off bluetooth on your iPhone. So basically, the secret is to keep any of the them active on bluetooth, either it can be your iPhone or bluetooth device and then they will auto connect without letting you pair them again manually. As simple as it sounds!

We hope you got your problem solved. Now you know how to auto connect paired bluetooth devices with your iPhone or iPad. If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to discuss them in the comment form below. Stay tuned for more guides related to Apple.

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