How to Remove Your Name and Number from Truecaller

Truecaller is a caller ID app which lets you get information about any mobile number of your country or the world such as name of the person, network operator, location, email address and more. It is also widely used to block spam calls and SMS on your smartphone.

Remove your number from Truecaller

Even if you have never used the Truecaller app, it will have all the information about your mobile number. You might be wondering how it is possible. Truecaller uses crowdsourced data by collecting information from the phone book of its users.

When you use the Truecaller app, it will ask you to allow access to the contacts on your smartphone. Later, the app will upload your data on its servers and that’s how Truecaller is able to get information about any mobile number.

Due to some privacy reasons, you may not want to show your mobile number information on the TrueCaller app publicly. This tutorial will guide you how to remove your name and mobile number from Truecaller.

How to unlist your number from Truecaller

Luckily, Truecaller has a feature which allows you to remove your phone number from its database. If you are a Truecaller user, then you have to deactivate your account first. Here’s a step-by-step guide –

  1. Open Truecaller app and login to your account using your mobile number that you want to remove. If you are not a Truecaller user, you can jump to step 4 directly to unlist your mobile number from the TrueCaller’s database.
  2. Once you have logged into your account, tap the menu button (three-parallel lines at the top-left corner on the screen).
    Truecaller menu
  3. Now go to Settings > Privacy Centre. Here you will find an option to deactivate your account. Tap on the Deactivate option and then click Yes button to continue.
    Deactivate Truecaller account
  4. Next, go to the Truecaller’s unlist phone number webpage.
  5. Select your country and enter your phone number including the country code. For example, +91 for India.
    Unlist mobile number from Truecaller
  6. Finally, verify the reCAPTCHA and tap the “Unlist Phone Number” button. That’s it.

It can take up to 24 hours for the Truecaller to remove your mobile number from its database. You may not expect the changes to be reflected immediately. Once your mobile number is removed, people won’t be able to find your name and other information on Truecaller.

Please note that, the mobile numbers which are marked as spam by Truecaller cannot be deleted. If Truecaller is showing the wrong name on your mobile number, you can instead change your name on Truecaller.

We hope you find this guide helpful to remove your name and mobile number from Truecaller. If you are facing any problem, let us know in the comment section below.

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