BHIM app has made it very simple, secure and superfast to transfer online payments between two bank accounts through your mobile phone. It uses UPI (short for Unified Payments Interface) system which can make online transactions instantly in real-time.

Fix UPI Registration Failed error on BHIM

You can register on BHIM app with your mobile number which is associated with your bank account. If you have multiple bank accounts registered with the same mobile number, you can easily switch between them on BHIM app.

BHIM app will create a UPI ID (aka VPA) with your mobile number which you can use to transfer and receive money from others. Unlike NEFT payment system, there is no need to remember any bank details such as account number and IFSC code. However, you can still use them to send payment to non-UPI based accounts.

While registering your mobile number on BHIM app, sometimes you will get "UPI registration failed" error as shown in the below picture.

UPI Registration Failed error

Are you also getting this error message on your phone? This tutorial will guide you how to fix "UPI registration failed" error on BHIM app quickly.

Fix "UPI Registration Failed" Error in BHIM app

BHIM app will send an SMS from your phone to verify if your phone number is registered with your bank account. If you have a dual SIM smartphone and you are trying to register with your mobile number which is inserted in the second SIM slot, then it can cause "UPI registration failed" error.

Although, BHIM app allows you to select the SIM card manually, but there is some technical problem in it while registering with SIM 2. This is one of the most common reasons of getting "UPI registration failed" or "Device binding failed" error. Here's how you can fix it quickly -
  1. Switch off your mobile phone and reinsert the SIM card from second SIM slot to primary or first SIM slot. You can remove your another SIM card.
  2. Now launch BHIM app and try to verify your phone number again. You might not get "UPI registration failed" error message. Once you have verified, you will be asked to setup your bank account.
    Verify mobile number on BHIM
  3. If the error is still there, then you have to clear BHIM app cache and app data. To do this, go to Phone Settings > Apps > BHIM > Storage. Now tap the clear data and clear cache button.
    Clear BHIM app cache and data
By clearing cache and app data, BHIM app will work as if you are using it for the first time. Alternatively, you can reinstall BHIM app on your phone and it might fix this "UPI registration failed" error.

Other reasons for "UPI registration failed" error

Here are a few other reasons that can cause "UPI registration failed" or "Device binding failed" error on BHIM app -
  • Slow internet connection - If your internet connection is slow, then it might also cause "UPI registration failed" error. You should have a good internet connection so that BHIM app works properly.
  • Not enough balance to send an SMS - If there is not enough balance on your mobile number to send an SMS, then BHIM app won't be able to verify if your mobile number is registered with your bank account and it will show this "UPI registration failed" error.
  • Mobile number isn't registered with bank - Make sure that you are trying to verify the same mobile number which is registered with your bank account.
We hope you find this guide helpful to fix "UPI registration failed" or "Device binding failed" error while registering your mobile number on BHIM app. Let us know which method works for you. If you are facing any problem, please share it in the comment section.