Fix BHIM App Stuck at Verify Mobile Number on iPhone

BHIM app is an official mobile payment app by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) which facilitates digital payments through your smartphone directly. It’s quite easy to setup you account on BHIM. The main task is to verify your mobile number on it. BHIM app will ask you to send an SMS from your phone and then you receive an OTP which is verified with your bank to complete the verification process.

Fix BHIM app stuck at verify mobile number on iPhone

A lot of iPhone users are facing an issue while verifying their mobile number on BHIM app. It shows an error message saying “Verification Timed Out. We didn’t receive your request. You may try again”. Even though you have received an SMS on your phone which states that your registration for BHIM app has started but you are still unable to proceed. If you retry, it again shows the same error message and your SMS balance is also deducted. This issue is mainly occurring on iPhone.

There are various reasons why BHIM app can show verification timed out error. If you are also stuck on verify your mobile number screen on BHIM app, then here are some methods that you can try to fix this issue on your iPhone. By the end of this tutorial, you would be able to register your phone number on BHIM with successful bank OTP verification. Now let’s get started without wasting any time.

Why BHIM app can’t verify your mobile number

Before moving to the solution, you should first know the reasons why you are unable to verify your mobile number on BHIM and getting verification timed out error. Here we have listed some reasons –

Verification timed out BHIM error on iPhone
  • Your mobile number isn’t registered on your bank account.
  • You are not getting enough network on your iPhone.
  • You are not sending SMS immediately.
  • Your bank server is unavailable right now.
  • There might be some technical glitche in the BHIM app.
  • BHIM app isn’t compatible with your iPhone or iOS version.

Fix unable to verify mobile number on BHIM app

If you will look at the reviews of BHIM app on Apple App Store, you would find that you are not the only one who is facing this issue. So many people are complaining that they are stuck at verify mobile number screen on BHIM app and getting verification timed out error. The disappointing thing is that there is no solution given by support team. Anyways, we have looked into this matter and found out some methods that can help you to fix this issue on BHIM.

  1. Enable location service for BHIM app – When you open the BHIM app for the first time, you are asked to select your preferred language and enable location service on your iPhone. Make sure that you have allowed access to the location. After that, you can continue to verify your mobile number on BHIM.
  2. Send SMS immediately – BHIM app will ask you send an SMS from your phone to verify and register your mobile number. For this, it will automatically open the SMS composer screen. Press the send button immediately as soon as possible. If the verification is successful, you won’t get any verification timed out error on BHIM.
  3. Reinstall BHIM app on your iPhone – There might be some technical glitch in the BHIM app due to which you are stuck at verify your mobile number screen. To fix it, try deleting the BHIM app from your iPhone and then installing it again. It is also possible that BHIM app isn’t compatible with your iPhone or iOS version. Many people are saying that BHIM app was working fine on their iPhone previously but now it is showing error. This is only possible when the app isn’t compatible with the system.
  4. Retry again some other time – Sometimes you are unable to complete your mobile number verification on BHIM due to some bank server issues. Bank receives a lot of requests every second. It is quite possible that your bank server is unavailable right now, so try again later. The best time is at night or in the morning as there is very less server load at these times.
  5. Ensure that your mobile data is turned on – In order to verify your phone number on BHIM, your iPhone should be connected to the internet via mobile data. If you are using Wi-Fi, then turn it off and turn on mobile data from the control center on your iPhone or go to Settings > Mobile Data.
  6. Make sure phone number is registered with your bank – BHIM will be able to verify your mobile number only if it’s registered with your bank account. If the phone number that you have inserted on your iPhone is different from the phone number that is registered on your bank, you won’t be able to complete the verification process and thus you will get verification timed out error.
  7. Use other UPI apps for payments – There are some other UPI apps also such as Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm. If BHIM app isn’t working on your iPhone, you can use any of these apps for your digital payments. They are working fine without any issue like this.

If you have followed all these methods, you will be able to verify your mobile number on BHIM without getting any verification timed out error. We hope you find this guide useful and it has helped you to successfully complete your bank OTP verification. If BHIM app is still stuck at verify mobile number screen on your iPhone and you have found some other workaround to fix this issue, then let us know in the comment section below. You are also free to share your personal queries. Before leaving this page, make sure to check out other useful tutorials on our website.

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