How to Get 10GB Free Jio Data Voucher (100% Working – Proof)

Reliance Jio always brings free data offers for its users as a way to attract them. This is the reason why Reliance Jio has become the most successful telecom company. When Jio was launched in the market back in 2016, it used to offer unlimited 4G data for free.

Get free Jio data

By providing high-speed 4G data packs at very reasonable price rates, Reliance Jio has totally changed the scene of the telecom business. It is at the top for a reason. Every now and then, you will get free vouchers on your Jio number for free data and recharge cashback.

Now we are so much addicted to the internet that even 1.5GB isn’t enough for daily data usage. The 4G has made internet very faster making things load in a very little span of time. Apart from that, the usage of the internet has increased over the last few years. These are the main reasons why our data gets exhausted so fast.

Recently, Reliance Jio is offering 10GB of free add-on data voucher which you can use once your daily data gets exhausted. In this article, we will show how you can claim this 10GB free data pack voucher on your Jio number. If you aren’t eligible for it, then you can try other methods to get this voucher for free. Let’s get started!

How to claim 10GB free data on Jio

For some users, the 10GB free data pack offer comes in a single voucher, while for other there are more than 1 vouchers with each having 2GB of high-speed internet data daily. You can redeem these vouchers from the MyJio app on your phone. This step-by-step guide will show you how to do that –

  1. Install the MyJio app – You can install it from the official app store of your phone. If you have already installed it, make sure that you are using the most recent version. If it is an older version, then update it first.
  2. Login to your Jio account – It’s very simple. You just have to enter your Jio number. Then you will receive an OTP (one-time password) which the app will automatically read and you will get access to your account.
  3. Click Vouchers option – There is a navigation menu at the bottom of the app. One of the options there is Vouchers. You can also find it under the Useful links section.
    MyJio app - Vouchers
  4. Click the Redeem option – This will take you to the Redeem page on the MyJio app where you will see your 10GB free data vouchers (if you are eligible).
  5. Tap Redeem option to claim your 10GB free data – Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the redeeming process. After that, Jio will credit 10GB of free data in your account. That’s it.
    Claim 10GB free Jio data voucher

Note: These free Jio data vouchers are non-transferable i.e. you can’t send them to another Jio user. Apart from that, they have limited validity. Once they got expired, you can’t redeem them to claim your free Jio data.

How to claim 50 rs cashback on recharge

Reliance Jio also offers 50 rs cashback on every recharge. To check if this cashback is available for you, go to the Vouchers section. You can redeem these cashback vouchers at the time when you are recharging your Jio number from the MyJio app. Simply, click “Apply discount voucher” option and then select 50 rs cashback voucher. This will reduce your recharge amount. After that, you can continue to complete your payment process.

Method 2: Call 1299 to get free 10GB Jio data

Some users have claimed that they are getting a 10GB free data add-on pack by calling on the toll-free number 1299. So all you have to do is, just dial 1299 in your phone app and give a call on it. Then listen to the on-call instructions. If you get an option to claim the data, follow it. Once the call is disconnected, you will receive a 10GB free data voucher which you can claim from the MyJio app as we have explained above. This number can also be used to check your Jio data balance.

Method 3: Get free Jio data from the JioTV app

There is another way to get free Jio data by using the JioTV app. Here’s what you have to do –

  1. Install the JioTV app. It is available on all app stores for free. If it’s already installed on your phone, then clear its cached data. For that, go to Settings > Apps > JioTV. Then click Storage > Clear data.
  2. Next, login to your Jio account by using your mobile number. If you don’t want to login, just skip this step by clicking on the Skip option.
  3. Now click on any channel and watch it for a few seconds.
  4. Finally, close the JioTV application. After some time, you will receive free Jio data in your account directly.

So that’s how you can claim 10GB of Jio data voucher for free. Again, we don’t guarantee that all these methods will work for every user. It completely depends on Reliance Jio to offer any vouchers in your account. As in this article, we are only telling you how to claim free Jio data, only if it is available for you. The comment section is open below where you can ask your personal queries. Stay tuned for more interesting updates!

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