25 Best Subreddits You Should Join on Reddit

Whatever heights Reddit has reached today it’s all because of the amazing subreddits that engage people with their addictive and engaging posts. People just love to spend their time on Reddit viewing posts of others, posting their own content, and even reading the threads of comments is a joy on Reddit. That is the reason why the app has a user base of 430 million monthly active users and the number is growing with each passing day.

Best Subreddit to join on Reddit

The best thing about the Reddit community is that you don’t have to limit yourself with the limited subreddits. Whatever the hell you are interested in, Reddit has a subreddit for you. And the joy of meeting people with the same interest just yours is incomparable. But sometimes you might not find the subreddit of your interest and even if you find one, it might not be that active. We have listed out a few subreddits that are top in their genre and you’ll definitely love to join them.

1. AskReddit – For inquisitive folks


Joining the AskReddit will make you realize one thing, that people have a bag full of questions and are eager to get their questions answered. On AskReddit, you can answer the queries of people, as well as, ask your own questions. There are a series of basic rules that you need to follow on AskReddit like being respectful to others, asking clear and direct questions, and so on. As long as you adhere to the rules, you can enjoy AskReddit.

Join AskReddit

2. Aww – For adorable photos/videos lovers

Aww subreddit

If your love for all the aww moments is neverending then don’t forget to join the aww subreddit. You will find the most adorable photos and videos related to dogs, cats, birds, babies, and other things here that will melt your heart. If you too have something to share with people that can make them go aww, then don’t forget to post them here.

Join Aww on Reddit

3. Today I Learned – For keen learners

Today I learned

If you want to learn something new and exciting every day then you must check out the Today I Learned subreddit. Members of this subreddit post new things that they learned today. You too can post anything new that you learn and share your knowledge. Just like all the subreddits, you need to follow the set of rules here.

Join Today I Learned on Reddit

4. PerfectTiming – For unexpected photos

Perfect Timing subreddit

Be a part of the PerfectTiming subreddit where you can enjoy some of the best perfectly timed photos. It’s one in a million chances to click such photos and this subreddit has millions of such photos for you. What makes these photos unique is that they are clicked at a time when something unexpected was happening or was just about to happen.

Join Perfect Timing on Reddit

5. FoodPorn – For foodies

Foodporn subreddit

Get ready for some serious drooling after joining the FoodPorn subreddit where the gastronomes from around the world share their delicious meals. The way people post these photos will definitely give you craving for something tasty. If you love to make new dishes, then definitely join this subreddit and share what you cook.

Join FoodPorn on Reddit

6. Fitness – For fitness freaks

Fitness subreddit

People have been into fitness a lot since the last few years. Every second person is going to the gym and wants to look fit. If you have a craze for gym and nutrition too and want to gain knowledge about all the fitness-related stuff then try out the Fitness. subreddit where you can get answers to all your fitness-related queries and you can ask your personal doubts too.

Join Fitness on Reddit

7. EarthPorn – For nature lovers

Earthporn subreddit

Nature amazes us with its beauty every day if we observe it daily. But let’s not just praise the beauty of this creation with a limited point of view. Join the EarthPorn subreddit and realize the true beauty of nature with all the stunning photos of earth clicked from all around the world. If you are a traveler then you must have clicked such stunning photos yourself, don’t resist sharing them on this subreddit.

Join EarthPorn on Reddit

8. Wholesomememes – For some daily giggles

Wholesomememes subreddit

We know that laughter is the best medicine, and if you take it seriously, then join the Wholesomememes subreddit for some daily giggles. Just scroll and scroll and scroll and you will never get tired of enjoying the memes that people make. Do you think you have a memer’s mind? If yes then share the memes you have created and they can get viral.

Join Wholesomememes on Reddit

9. Games – For gaming enthusiasts

Games subreddit

Interested about everything gaming? The games subreddit is your way to go. Enjoy the photos, videos, news, announcements, and everything related to gaming stuff on this platform. With more than 3 million Redditors on this subreddit, you can well imagine how popular this subreddit is among the gamers and gaming community.

Join Games on Reddit

10. 100yearsago – For curious folks

Subreddit 100yearsago

Have you ever imagined what exactly happened 100 years ago from today? Exact 100 years literally means exact 100 years on this subreddit. This means if the date today is 5th December 2021, this subreddit will tell you how the 100 years back from today, that is 5th December 1921 looked like, pretty impressive, right? Join the 100yearsago subreddit to curb your curiosity for history.

Join 100yearsago on Reddit

11. Anime – For Anime fans

Anime subreddit on Reddit

If your love for Anime is never ending then don’t miss joining this incredible subreddit just made for anime fans. Breathtaking photos and videos will never let you stop from scrolling the posts. If you like to keep yourself updated with the upcoming anime and anime related news then this subreddit is your wonderland. Just keep yourself adhered to the group rules and you will always enjoy this subreddit.

Join Anime on Reddit

12. Gifs – For a quick fun

Gifs on subreddit

Enough of enjoying the long never-ending videos, it’s time to enjoy the animated GIF images with this great GIFs subreddit. Once you join it, you can savor unlimited gifs daily. Funny, emotional, action, horror, romantic, and there’s no limitation to the genre of GIFs that you can watch here. With a whopping 21.3 million members already in the subreddit, you will never miss on finding the new stuff.

Join Gifs on Reddit

13. Showerthoughts – For brainstormers

Subreddit showerthoughts

Have your mind ever come across questions like, how do blinds imagine the blue color, or, can an omnipotent god create a stone that he can’t lift himself? If such questions strike your mind often then do check out this subreddit. Showerthoughs is a place where people ask questions that will boggle your mind. You too can ask the questions and then wait for interesting replies.

Join Showerthoughts on Reddit

14. Nonononoyes – For all the lucky moments

Nonononoyes subreddit

Ever seen a video where everything looks like it’s falling apart but somehow the things work in the favor? Well, this subreddit is something related to such lucky folks who were recorded in the camera and were almost saved from failing. The name of the subreddit tells about the theme, nonononoyes! If you have a collection of such amazing videos then don’t feel shy to share them here. There’s no limit to the number of videos here, so just enjoy whenever you feel bored.

Join Nonononoyes on Reddit

15. InternetIsBeautiful – For learning internet secrets

Internetisbeautiful subreddit

Internet is surely beautiful and the name and the purpose of this subreddit explain it all. This subreddit is based on sharing unique web tools and websites from all around the internet. You will be amazed to see what all internet can do. If you know a cool web tool or website that is known less than what it deserves, then share it on InternetIsBeautiful and let others know about it.

Join InternetIsBeautiful on Reddit

16. Amoled Backgrounds – For catchy wallpapers

AmoledBackground subreddit

Do you love to keep the lock screen and wallpaper of your phone better than others? Give the high display quality screen of your phone what it deserves with the Amoled Backgrounds subreddit where you can find the catchy display completely out of the world. Download as many of these wallpapers as you want and let your friends wonder from where do you get all this stuff from. If you have a knowledge of 3D art or animation and you yourself create eye-catching wallpapers then let the world see your art.

Join Amoled Backgrounds on Reddit

17. Holdmybeer – For hilarious moments

Holdmybeer subreddit

Hold your breath to see what happens to the people who say hold my beer. These people in the videos either get injured and ruin their hold my beer moment or they complete their task with awesomeness. The videos posted here are addictive and fun to look at. The rules of the group are simple, it should be a hold my beer moment, and shouldn’t be something related to torture to animals or death. This makes the subreddit completely safe for teens too.

Join HoldMyBeer on Reddit

18. Technology – For tech savvys

Technology subreddit

If you are a tech nerd and want to dig a little deeper into the tech world then wait no more and join the Technology subreddit. Just made for tech lovers, this subreddit will keep you up with what is going on in the tech world and how technology is changing the world. There are more than 11 million tech nerds ready to update you with new stuff daily, also share what you know using photos, videos, or simply posting the news.

Join Technology on Reddit

19. Malefashionadvice – For fashionable dudes

Malefashionadvice subreddit

This one is something every man would love to be a part of. Stay in trend, stay classy, and be the best version of yourself by upgrading yourself with what’s going on in the men’s fashion industry. And more than 3.5 million people are available to advise you on fashion. You won’t just get the fashion advice here but updates and news of the fashion world will be at your doorsteps.

Join Malefashionadvice on Reddit

20. Lifehacks – For making life easier

Lifehacks subreddit

Make your life simpler with daily tips and tricks that people share on the Lifehacks subreddit. You will be surprised to see how people are solving their daily life problems and helping people solve theirs too. The tagline of this subreddit says “Uncommon solutions to common problems” and I guess this community does what it says. So be a part of this amazing community and learn and teach something new daily.

Join LifeHacks on Reddit

If you are thriving to join some more amazing Reddit groups apart from the ones we mentioned above, here are some bonus groups for you that you should definitely check out.

21. Change My View

Do you have something in your mind regarding which you have a mixed bag of views and maybe a solid reasoning can change your views about that thing? If yes then try out Change My Mind subreddit where millions of people discuss these things and help people change their mind. Just post your doubts and see what all views come up with.

Join Change My View on Reddit

22. Blowit

Do you think you can blow someone’s mind with just one sentence? Join the Blowit subreddit and show what you got. Share anything in one sentence that can blow anyone’s mind and you can share the videos too. Get ready to get your mind blown too, this subreddit has some really amazing stuff for you.

Join Blowit on Reddit

23. Explain Like I’m 5

If like me, you too like to get things explained in the simplest way possible, with no technical jargon and big words then you need to visit the Explain Like I’m 5 subreddit. People of this subreddit post weird questions that pop in their head and others explain the reason like they are explaining it to a five year old.

Join Explain Like I’m 5 on Reddit

24. Life Pro Tips

There is no harm in taking tips from people from around the world. People have a lot of good stuff to teach others, you will realize it after joining this subreddit. The tips shared on this subreddit will help you make yours and the lives of others people happy in one way or the other.

Join Life Pro Tips on Reddit

25. Dark Stock Photos

If you are looking for something dark on Reddit then you have got to the right place with the Dark Stock Photos subreddit. The photos here might sometimes be dark and disturbing but at the same time, they can be filled with dark humor too. But one thing is for sure, your time spent on this subreddit will be worthy.

Join Dark Stock Photos on Reddit

How to join a subreddit

Just a quick guide now to explain to you, how to join a subreddit on Reddit.

  1. You need to reach the subreddit that you want to be a part of, but first of all, you have to open the Reddit app on your phone or use the browser and open the web version.
  2. Login to Reddit if not already as you can’t join the subreddit unless you are logged in.
  3. Using the search option at the top, type the name of the subreddit that you desire to join.
  4. Once you are on that subreddit, simply click on the Join button to be a part of that community.
  5. If you have a link to a particular subreddit (e.g. like the ones we have mentioned above), you can click on it and directly reach the subreddit’s page instead of using the search option.


Reddit is the best source of your daily internet dose. The type of content you will get on this platform is not found anywhere else and this is what makes it different from other similar websites like Quora. There are hundreds of thousands subreddits available on various topics. We have find out the best ones for you with the most number of subscribers and active users. You should definitely check out and join these subreddits to get the best content out of Reddit. If you know any other subreddits that should be mentioned in this list, let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media.

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