How to Get Discord Nitro for Free: 8 Ways

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For those who don’t know what Discord Nitro is all about, it’s the premium membership of Discord just like Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium, or Prime membership of Amazon. People who switch from the free Discord service to Nitro get a huge number of benefits as compared to the free members. If you are a regular and active Discord user, you already know how beneficial is Discord Nitro to the gamers for giving better quality content. But a huge monthly payment of $9.99/month or $99.99 per year might be the reason why you are not willing to purchase Discord Nitro.

Get Discord Nitro benefits for Free

Although there is no straightforward way to get Discord Nitro for free, we have come up with a series of workarounds following which you can easily get to use Discord’s premium membership without making any payments. These workarounds do not include any crack Discord versions or any other illegitimate ways that might get your account banned. All the methods mentioned are genuine and safe to go with. So let’s not wait any further and see how to get Discord Nitro for free.

1. Downloading mobile app

The simplest and the easiest way to get your Discount Nitro for free is by downloading the mobile app of Discord. If you are downloading the Discord app first time on your phone and haven’t been a Nitro user before, then the app will offer you a free trial for Discord Nitro. But this offer is only for the first time Discord user. So if you are an old user of the app, this ball is not for you to catch. While setting up the Discord app for the first time, a pop up will appear for Nitro, and you need to select it. You will have to provide your payment information, but don’t worry, no money will be duducted if you cancel the subscription before time.

2. Get Discord Nitro from Freecash

If you’re looking for a way to get Discord Nitro for free we have a great tip. Just join – it’s a website where you can earn money on playing games, making different tasks or filling out surveys. It’s very easy to make money. Average user earns around $20+ per day and it doesn’t take much time of his time. You can earn money on internet activities that you’re doing for free now.

Freecash offers many different ways of withdrawing earned money. You can cashout using PayPal, crypto (like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Doge) and Gift Cards instantly. The easiest and the fastest way to get Discord Nitro is getting a VISA gift card from a Freecash store and using it to buy Discord Nitro.

How to claim Discord Nitro for free:

  1. Register on website.
  2. Make task, play games, fill out surveys to earn money online.
  3. Use earned money to get VISA gifts cards.
  4. Buy Discord Nitro with a VISA gift card.

Just have fun with Freecash and get your Discord Nitro for free.

3. Giveaways by servers

Big servers on Discord usually give Nitro for free. This is done by the servers for promotional purpose to gain more members in their community. There is no guarantee that you will get Discord Nitro as the number of members in the servers are huge, but there is no harm in trying. Some of the servers that have given Discord Nitro in past and usually organize such events are Jet’s Dream World, Sound’s World, Planet Roonie, Vibezz, Open Advertisements And Nitro Giveaways, Self Promotion Central And Nitro Giveaways, Dank’s Dungeon, and ustom’s Magical World.

4. User engagement in servers

Servers on Discord need engaging members to keep it alive. In order to make sure the servers don’t reach a place where the members quit engaging with each other, server owners set up reward system where the XP of the user increases with their engagement in the group. And there are certain benefits attached as you level up in the servers. One of the perks of having high engagement in the servers can be getting free Discord Nitro. So if you find a groups that offers such benefits, join them immediately and start getting engaged as much as you can.

5. Participating in events

Sometimes Discord itself runs events where they distribute Nitro as a gift to some of the participants. Not just Discord but sometimes the servers also run such events where a few participants get to use Nitro in their Discord accounts. There’s no certainity that you will get Nitro as a price or you will get any gift at all, but there is no harm in trying. For instance, on the sixth anniversary of Discord, they distributed plenty of Nitro codes. Another is the Snowgiving event of Discord that happens to be organized around Chritmas. Here the prizes are not just limited to Nitro codes, but you can also win games like Assassin Creed, and Godfall, Xbox Series X, headsets, keyboards, and much more.

6. Joining Discord partner program

Joining the partner program of Discord is yet another way to get free Nitro. And here there’s a certainity that you will get Nitro upgrade on your account for sure. Although the hard part is to join the Discord partner program. Your server need to have a minimum of 500 members and your account should be at least 8 weeks old. Other requirements that you need to quality for the partner program are, your server should be quite active and no offensive or a server with bad environment will be interested by Discord.

To start with joining the Discord partner program follow the steps biven below.

  1. Open the Discord app on your PC and click on your name at the left side of the screen.
  2. Now click on your name that appears on the top and then click on Server Settings option.
    Server settings
  3. This will take you to another page where you need to select the Enable Community option under COMMUNITY heading.
    Enable community option
  4. Next you have to click on Get Started option.
  5. Check the boxes given on the next page and then click on Next. Again click on Next option, and finally click on Finish Setup after agreeing to all the guidelines.

7. Promotional giveaways

Big giants sometimes give free Nitro codes as a way to lure new customers. The best example for this can be taken of Epic Games which used to give Discord Nitro to all its subscribers. If you think Discord Nitro is too expensive for a month then you’ll be surprised to know that you also get a free YouTube premium for 3 months on your Discord Nitro purchase. So basically you are getting Nitro and YouTube service for less than $10. Now it looks like a good deal, doesn’t it?

8. Try Salad app

Salad is a crypto mining app that you use for free to mine cryptocurrency on your PC. And the money that you make on the Salad app is redeemable in the form of in-app purchases. Salad can easily work to help you purchase Discord Nitro, Amazon Prime, and even Spotify subscription. Salad app has its partnership with Discord which is why the Discord users using the Salad app can get Discord Nitro as a redeemable gift. The best thing about using this app is, you don’t need to sit on your PC all the time, just start the mining process and continue doing your other works.

What all benefits does Discord Nitro users get

There’s a whole pack of benefits that make Nitro users of Discord special. If you don’t already know these benefits, have a look at the list given below.

  • With Nitro, you can customize your Discord account and give it a professional look. You can add banner to your profile, add custom tags, animated avatar, and add a Nitro badge too.
  • You can use different avatars in your different servers.
  • Custom emojis and animated GIFs are unlocked. You can create and add your own emotes on Discord.
  • Streaming of videos can be done on 4K 60fps which is not possible otherwise.
  • Upload size is increased from 8MB to 100MB
  • If you get 2 boosts, 30% off will be given on all future boosts.
  • Servers joining capacity is increased from 100 to 200.
  • Character count on your text is increased from 2000 to 4000.
  • Customisation on stickers is made possible along with 300 Nitro exclusive stickers.

With all these benefits, Nitro will definitely give you an enhanced Discord experience and make you stand out in your favorite servers. If you normally want to purchase the Discord Nitro plan, then you have to pay around $10 for monthly subscription or $100 for annual subscription which is quite unaffordable for most of the users. In this guide, we have shared all genuine methods that can help you get various benefits of Nitro absolutely free without paying a single penny. So that’s pretty everything you need to know about this topic. If you want to add something, share it in the comments below.

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