How to Download Songs from Soundcloud: 3 Ways

Soundcloud is one of the most popular online audio distribution and music sharing platforms. It is for both listeners and creators. From bands to individual artists, you will find various kinds of music creators on Soundcloud. As a creator, you can also upload your own music for free.

3 ways to download songs from Soundcloud

Soundcloud is well known for its unique content. It quickly adapts to the user’s music taste. You can discover various types of music on this platform that is rarely available anywhere else. Sometimes it happens that you want to download a music/song from Soundcloud on your device.

There is a download feature on the Soundcloud website but unluckily it is not available for all songs. Here we have discussed why the download feature is disabled for some songs and how you can download music from Soundcloud on your iPhone, Android, or PC for free. There are three methods you can use.

1. Download songs from Soundcloud website directly

Soundcloud does offer the feature to download songs from its website but it depends whether the uploader has enabled it or not. Please note that this download feature is available in the desktop Soundcloud website only (not in the mobile version).

If you are using Soundcloud on your iPhone or Android device, then you can request Soundcloud’s desktop site on the browser to download the tracks. For this task, you can use Google Chrome browser. This step-by-step guide will show you how to do it –

  1. Open Chrome on your iPhone or Android device. If you are on desktop PC, then jump to the 3rd step.
  2. Click menu button (three dots) at the top-right corner of the browser and then enable the Desktop site button.
    Request desktop site on Chrome
  3. Now go to the Soundcloud website. You will be redirected to the desktop version.
  4. Find the song/track you want to download. After that, tap three dots below the comment box.
  5. Now click the Download file option to download the track on your device. It will be the same original file that the user has uploaded to Soundcloud.
    Download songs/tracks from Soundcloud website

If you didn’t find any Download File option, it simply means that the user who has uploaded the track has disabled the downloading permission.

2. Download Soundcloud songs using online tool

If the first method didn’t work, then you can use this one. Here we will use an online tool to download songs from Soundcloud. The online tool will help you to fetch the track download link from the Soundcloud website. Follow these steps –

  1. Open any browser on your Android, iPhone, or PC and go to the Soundcloud website.
  2. Find and open the song/track you want to download. Next, copy the link from the address bar of the browser.
  3. Go to this website named Simply-Debrid. Paste the link on this website that you have copied from Soundcloud and then click the Generate Links button.
  4. Now the website will generate a download link. Clicking on it will start downloading the song/track on your device. That’s it.

Important Note: With this method, you can download any song/music from Soundcloud even if the uploader has disabled the downloading permission. Downloading a song without asking for permission from the creator is not right. Please don’t use songs for personal or commercial use as it will be considered copyright infringement. We don’t encourage you to do such things. Make sure to take permission from the creator before doing anything.

3. Use Soundcloud Go app to save songs offline

Soundcloud has a paid subscription service that goes by the name Soundcloud Go. It offers more features like saving tracks offline. Currently, Soundcloud Go is available in some countries only. You can check out the list of countries on the Soundcloud’s Help Center website.

With the Soundcloud Go subscription, you can also save the entire playlist on your phone offline. The songs are saved within the app like YouTube downloads. In fact, they are encrypted so you can play them only through the Soundcloud app. This is another way to download songs from Soundcloud.

We have shared different methods in this tutorial. You can use any of them based on your personal preference. Although we have cleared everything but still if you want to ask something about this tutorial, let us know in the comment section below.

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