22 Best Active Telegram Channels to Join

On one side there are instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line, and on the other hand, there are social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, where people meet random people, check unlimited photos and videos and join various channels. Then comes the Telegram app that holds the quality of both.

Best active Telegram channels

Where the app can be used as an instant messaging app on one hand, it can be used as the best time-killing social app on the other. With thousands of groups and channels to join, you will never get bored using Telegram. There is unlimited stuff to always keep you cheered up.

All you need to do is find a perfect channel according to your choice, and that’s the toughest part. It is hard to find a perfect group on Telegram that regularly provides pills of entertainment. But we have already done the tough part and created a list of the best active telegram channels to join.

Best animals and nature channels on Telegram

Who doesn’t love nature and its miraculous beauty like trees, stars, moon, mountains, animals, and humans themselves? No matter what is making you sad or angry, a little shower from nature can calm anyone down. For ardent nature lovers, here are some best Telegram channels.

1. Animals and nature – beauty wallpapers

Experience the existence of nature in your life right inside your phone with this super amazing nature channel on Telegram. Here you will find breathtaking shots of animals, sea, underwater life, and all other miracles of nature.

Animal and nature

Join Animals and nature – beauty wallpapers

2. Planet Earth

If you really love to enjoy the exquisiteness of nature then this channel will provide you with an elixir you have never experienced. This channel has the best collection of nature photography for your wallpapers and a long list of amazing videos too.

Planet earth

Join Planet Earth

Most active spiritual channels on Telegram

The only way to contentment is the path to spirituality. And to keep yourself attached to spirituality, you need some content to motivate you daily. So here are some great spiritual channels on Telegram for you.

3. Spiritual Universe

By sharing thoughts of the greatest yogis, saints, and hermits, this channel will help you lead a pure and spiritually concentrated life. Also, it will tell you about the benefits of inculcating good habits in your life and how it will help you in your spirituality.

Spiritual universe

Join Spiritual Universe

4. Spiritual Pilgrimage

Get yourself a bowl full of eastern wisdom with the Spiritual Pilgrimage channel where you can read the inspiring thoughts of the greatest philosophers and saints and try to keep yourself on the right path.

Spiritual Pilgrimage

Join Spiritual Pilgrimage

Best football channels on Telegram

Every sport might come to an end but football, its craze will end with the world, not before that. If your love for football is never-ending then don’t forget to check out these amazing channels.

5. Sky Sports Football

Keep yourself updated with the latest news revolving around football with Sky Sports Football. This channel will update you with everything going on in the world of football. The news is not limited to scores of matches but everything off the ground too.

Sky sports football

Join Sky Sports Football

6. Football Daily News

Here comes another channel for football lovers to keep them all ears about everything football. This channel focuses more on what’s going on on the ground, rather than off-ground news.

Football daily news channels on Telegram

Join Football Daily News

7. Football 4K Wallpapers

Avid football lovers don’t keep themself limited to football news, in fact, they like to keep the wallpaper of their phone and PC that consists of their favorite player, team, or at least something related to football. If you are one of them then do check out this channel.

Football 4k wallpapers

Join Football 4K Wallpapers

Best space channels on Telegram

Space and its expansion were, is, and always remain the biggest mystery. But some people like to see more and more of this mysterious universe. Here’s a Telegram channel for them.

8. Astronomy Knowledge

This small channel keeps all the knowledge about our vast observable universe and keeps you updated with everything going on in the astronomy world.

Astronomy knowledge Telegram channel

Join Astronomy Knowledge

9. Astronomy

This channel is not focused on news, but if you want splendid-looking high-quality wallpapers for your phone or laptop, then the Astronomy channel is your way to go.


Join Astronomy

Best technology channels on Telegram

This is something every youngster is most concerned about. What technology is obsolete, which one is emerging, the latest phones, their features, and whatnot?

10. Technology Boxs

Love technology? If yes then you will love this Telegram channel. Here you can keep yourself up to date with all the phones, tablets, laptops, and other tech gadgets trending in the market.

Technology boxs

Join Technology Boxs

11. Techfoe updates

Be it tech-related news, tips and tricks, free internet tips and tricks, important announcements, Techfoe has everything for you. It can be your hub for daily updates related to tech.

Techfoe updates

Join Techfoe updates

Best movies and web series channels on Telegram

Most people want to spend their weekends and free time watching the latest movie, but it’s hard to find new movies online, especially of good quality. Why not try these Telegram channels?

12. Movie Galaxy

Download your favorite movies from this Telegram channel made especially for movie lovers, Movie Galaxy provides you with a movie link including the details for the movie like ratings, types of quality available, language, and so on, so you don’t download the wrong movie.

Movie galary channel on Telegram

Join Movie Galaxy

13. All New Movies

With a direct download link and a list of great movies, All New Movies channel will never let you get bored. Multiple languages are also available for movies. This channel also provides links for TV series and web series.

All new movies telegram channel

Join All New Movies

14. English Cinemahubfree

Get all the high-quality English movies here and enjoy your weekend like it’s meant to be. The details of the movies are present so you don’t spend your time and data on something you don’t want.

Join English Cinemahubfree

15. Netflix Originals

The original movies and web series from Netflix are always worth giving a shot. So if you are addicted to Netflix but can’t spend money on a subscription, then here’s a channel for you.

Netflix originals channel on Telegram

Join Netflix Originals

Most active memes channels on Telegram

You might find a place on earth without oxygen, but finding a place without meme lovers seems unreasonable. Here are some groups for memes aficionados.

16. Ethio memes

Laugh and make others laugh with a fresh dose of daily memes with this memes channel on Telegram. With amazing photos and videos, you won’t get bored scrolling through the memes.

Ethio memes

Join Ethio Memes

17. Sarcastic Memes

If you want to check the hilarious memes that will make you laugh out loud then the Sarcastic Memes channel is made for you. It has a huge list of funny videos and photos and new content is added daily.

Sarcastic memes

Join Sarcastic Memes

Best funny videos channels on Telegram

Say no to boring days with these Telegram channels that have the collection of the best funny videos.

18. Funny Telegram Videos

This channel will refresh your mind with daily short funny videos that you won’t find anywhere else. You won’t regret subscribing to this channel, that’s for sure.

Funny telegram videos

Join Funny Telegram Videos

19. Best Funny Videos

Small funny videos are always a pleasure to watch. Just visit this channel whenever you feel bored and check all the trending funny videos on the internet.

Best funny videos channels on Telegram

Join Best Funny Videos

Best Telegram channels for travelers

How do you expect us to leave travelers behind when we are mentioning everything else? Here are some great channels for travelers.

20. Travel

You get the best photos from the best destinations from around the world here in one place. The photos will just steal your heart and make you pack your bags for your next journey.

Best travel channel on Telegram

Join Travel


Just as its name, this group is also a wonder for hodophiles. The photos and videos on this channel are breathtaking. And you also get information about new places.

Earthly wonders


22. Travel and Tourism

Revive yourself with the most splendid photos from around the world that travelers dream to visit. Also, get information related to every place and which country they belong to.

Travel and tourism

Join Travel and Tourism

So this is the best collection of the most active Telegram channels that you can join right now and get access to unlimited entertainment. From spirituality to funny content to movies and web series, we have shared channels of almost all popular categories. Let us know if we missed any topic. Below each channel, we have also provided a link to join it directly. If you have any queries related to this topic, feel free to share them in the comments below. Which Telegram channel is your personal favourite out of these?

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