How to Record Video From Back and Front Camera at the Same Time

When you are currently at a place with a mesmerizing view, you want your Instagram followers or your Facebook friends to enjoy the same scenic view. For that, you upload a video on the platform and show the beauty of nature to your followers with the back camera of your smartphone. But at the same time, you want to connect with your friends and followers and talk to them or show them your reaction. For that, you switch to the front camera, then to the back camera, and again to the front one. This continuous switching of the camera is surely maddening for your followers as they can’t enjoy the view and neither they can connect with you. As a result, they leave the video without watching it fully.

Record video with back and front camera simultaneously

If you would have been using both the front and back camera of your smartphone at the same time, there would be no need of switching the cameras over and over again. And at the same time, it wouldn’t be frustrating for your followers too. If you often come live on Facebook or Instagram, or have a vlogging channel on YouTube, here are a few apps for your Android and iOS phone that can help you activate both the front and back cameras at the same time.

Record with back and front camera simultaneously on Android

1. Double Side Camera

This is the best app that you can find on the Play Store to record the video from your Android phone by accessing both the front and back camera at the same time. Here’s how the app works.

1. Go to the Play Store app of your Android phone and search for the Double Side Camera app. The app icon has a phone with two cameras in it. Tap the Install button and then wait until its gets downloaded.

2. Open the app once it is downloaded. You need to give some permissions to the app now. Double Side Camera will ask for your permission to take pictures and record video. Give the permission by tapping on WHILE USING THIS APP. similarly, give permission to the app to record audio and access photos and media on your phone. With this, the app is completely set on your phone.


3. As you can see in the below picture, both the front and the back cameras of your phone have started working together. The recording from the back camera can be seen on the large screen while the one from the front camera is on the small screen.


4. By tapping on the record option, you can start recording the video using both the cameras of your phone and you can simply click the photo by tapping on the capture button. If you want the recording from the front camera to appear on the big screen and from the back camera to appear on the small screen, tap on the switch button at the bottom left corner. Under the settings option, you can change the layout of the camera. Originally the video will be recorded with the recording from the front camera to appear in a small circle, but you can change it to a small square, a rectangle or you can also split the screen into two halves. To save some space on your phone, you can choose to record or click photos in low quality too.


2. Dual Camera Record

This is another amazing app for people who always wanted to enjoy the service of both cameras at the same time. Using this app is super easy and you will understand its working at the first glance. Right after downloading the app, you need to give certain permissions to make it work properly. You can switch whether the recording from the front camera appears on the big screen or from the back one. you can also turn on the flashlight by simply tapping on the flash icon. The Dual Camera Record app will only let you record the videos, you cannot click photos unless you are a premium member.

Download Dual Camera Record from Play Store


Record with back and front camera simultaneously on iPhone

iPhone users always have fewer options available than Android users, but luckily, we have some apps for you that can help you record videos from the rear and front camera at the same time. So if you are a reporter, interviewer, vlogger or a reaction video creator, here are the perfect apps for dual camera recording job.

1. Dualgram

DualGram app for iPhone

Dualgram is a perfect app for vloggers who use iPhone to shoot thier videos. Just make both the cameras of your iPhone work together and create the perfect recording for your viewers. Setting up the Dualgram app is easy and same goes for its working. You can record the videos as well as click the photos from both the camera at the same time too. Changing the layout is possible with Dualgram. You can split the screen in two equal halves or make the video from one camera apper bigger than the other one.

To record like a professional, the app assists you by providing ultrawide mode, wide lens, and also telephoto lens. To make it easy to record the video at night, you can turn on the flest right inside the app. Preparing for a speech? This app also provides with a teleprompter. Just paste the script in the given box and record your speech like a pro. All in all, if you are an iPhone user, Dualgram is your best choice if you want to record videos with both cameras at once. The videos recorded with Dualgram will originally have a watermark, but you can remove it by getting

2. MixCam: Front & Back Camera

MixCam app - Record with back and front camera

Want to come live on Facebook while sharing the world with both the back and front camera? MixCam app for iPhone users is a perfect app for this job. By adding the feature to come live on Facebook, the app has made itself useful to people who like to come live on Facebook often. Just like most apps that record with both cameras, this one also offer multiple layouts.

You can split the screen into two halves, keep one screen smaller then other and so on. Other than Facebook live and vlogging, the feature of dual camera recording will be quite useful to journalists, interviewrs, and reaction video creators. The only drawback of using MixCam is that your recorded videos will show a watermark on it. So if you want to record without a watermark, you need to become a premium member.

Wrapping up

Showing your face and back view at the same time is not possible while recording a video with the normal camera. You may need this at times when you want to narrate and also shoot what you see, for example, when making a vlog. There are several other examples such as recording reaction videos or interviews, taking selfie with the scenery, adding photography in the group photo, and many more.

The native camera app on almost all smartphones has the ability to record a video with only one camera at a time. They don’t allow you to shoot with both back and front camera simultaneously. Luckily, there are third-party apps available for both iPhone and Android which are really helpful in this. You don’t need to shoot two different videos and then add them into one by using video editing software. All this is done automatically by the dual camera apps. Let us know if you have further suggestions for this topic in the comments below.

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