How to Delete Google Pay Account Permanently

Google and its services never let people down. Any problem related to the internet, and Google has a solution for you. One such problem that Google solved in recent years was related to online payments. Foresighting the future of money and payments, Google launched their Google Pay services that eased the user by letting them pay directly through their bank accounts via phones.

Delete Google Pay account

But after all, the internet is not something that one can always rely upon. It’s a common problem in Google Pay that payments get stuck for hours and even days. While using Google Pay for business purposes, if such a problem occurs, it could be a disaster as the deal would have to be delayed in such a case. Sometimes you might pay people with cash after payment is stuck with Google Pay and when the problem is solved, the other person might get paid with Google Pay as well. Quite a few people have also been a victim of online fraud.

These unpleasing instances can definitely be a mind changer and people want to get rid of Google Pay instantly. If that’s what you are here for, then follow this guide to delete the bank accounts in Google pay or close your account permanently.

How to delete bank account in Google Pay

Some bank accounts face more payment issues than the other banks, it all depends on the bank servers. If you have added a bank in your Google Pay account that face such issues more often than other banks, then it’s good to remove it. Here’s how you can remove any bank account from Google Pay.

1. Open the Google Pay app on your Android or iOS device and select the profile icon given at top-right side of the screen.

2. Now select the Bank account option given on the screen.


3. Here you will see a list of all the bank accounts added by you in Google Pay. Select the one that you want to remove.

4. In the next step, tap on the three dot icon given at the top right side.

5. Tap on the Remove account option after that.

6. Finally confirm removing the selected account by tapping on Continue option.

With these few steps, you have successfully removed the bank account from the Google Pay app.

Deleting Google Pay permanently using PC

If you want to delete your Google Pay account permanently instead of just deleting the bank account then that’s possible too. If you have access to your PC then here is what you need to do to get rid of Google Pay.

1. Open any browser on your PC and search for Google Pay website. Make sure the browser you are using is connected with the same email account with which you are connected to Google Pay on your phone as it will make the process easier and you don’t need to sign in to Google Pay website. Click on the Settings option at the last.

2. Scroll down to the last and you will see a small Close payments profile option, click on it.


3. You might have to confirm your identity by logging in to your email account.

4. Next you have to select a reason for closing your Google Pay services and then click on Continue to proceed further.


5. Finally click on the Close payments profile option on the next page and you have successfully deleted your Google Pay account using your PC.

Deleting Google Pay account permanently using your phone

People use Google Pay on their phones and they would definitely prefer to delete the account using their phone instead of their PC. So if you don’t have access to your laptop or don’t own one and still want to delete the Google Pay account permanently then we have a hack for you. The method to do this is a little different than what you follow for PC, so here’s what you need to do.

1. Open the Google Pay app on your phone select the profile option given at the top-right corner of the screen.

2. On the next page select the Settings option.

3. From the bunch of options available, select the Privacy and security option.

4. Next you have to select the Data & personalization option.


5. Under the Data & personalization page, you will see the Google Account option, select it.


6. This will take you to the Google Pay activity page using your phone browser. Now scroll down a little where you see the Payments profile option under the THINGS YOU KEEP heading, click on the Manage option here.


7. This will further take you to the Payments centre of Google Pay. Here you need to tap on the hamburger icon at the left and select the Settings option.

8. Now scroll to the last and here you will see the Close payments profile option, tap on it.

9. Just as in PC, you might have to confirm your identity by signing in to your email account. Tap on the Continue option to proceed with deleting your Google Pay account. You have to give a reason why you don’t want to use their services.


10. Finally confirm your decision by tapping on Close payments profile.

With these simple steps, you can successfully delete your Google Pay account using your smartphone.

Some people might not want to open the Google Pay app on their phone due to various reasons (for example, maybe they forget the security PIN to unlock the app) and they still want to delete their Google Pay account. Well, it is still possible to do so and we are going to use the Google Pay website for that. After reaching their website, you need to scroll down to the last and select the Your account option. This will take you to the Data and privacy page where you have to select Apps and services option. Go to the Payments option next and finally select the Close payments profile option.

your-account option

The same can also be achieved using the Settings app of the phone. From the Settings app, select the Google option, and then select Manage your Google Account. Under the Google Account, you have to select Data and privacy option and then select the Apps and services. Locate the Payments option on the next page and tap on the Settings option in it. Now you will be taken to the Payments center page from where you need to follow the same steps as in above method.


You may have your own personal reasons to quit from Google Pay. Maybe you have found another better UPI app which is more user friendly to you, you have switched to another Google account or you just want to stop using online payments for a while. Whatever be the reason, you can use this guide to delete your Google Pay account permanently.

If you have created a new bank account, then you can delete your previous one or still use it and set the new account as your primary. All this can be done with your existing Google Pay account so there is no need to delete it. We have shared all possibilities in this guide and you can pick up any solution whichever suits you best. Still left with any doubt in your mind? You can share it in the comments below and we would love to answer you.

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