Boost Up Jio Internet Speed Using This Simple Trick

Are you getting slow internet speed on Jio 4G? Well, you are not the only person who is facing this problem. Most of the Jio customers are complaining about this issue. Sometimes, the Jio internet speed gets so slow that you can’t even browse the internet.

Simple trick to boost Jio 4G Internet speed

One of the main reasons for slow internet speed on Jio is the increase in its users. Reliance Jio has around 300 million+ subscriber base and it is increasing day by day. There are few other factors which affect Jio internet speed such as network signals, network traffic, your phone’s performance, and more.

When Jio was launched in 2016, it is the fastest 4G network in India providing more than 2mbps internet speed at least. Now Reliance Jio 4G connection is so bad that you will get few kbps speed only and once you have crossed your daily data usage limit, forget about using the internet.

In our previous article, we have already discussed a few methods to increase Jio internet speed on your smartphone. Recently, we have found another simple hack that can help you to boost up Jio 4G speed like never before. Even the downloading speed would be so high that can download movies and games (like PubG) in a few minutes.

Simple trick to increase Jio 4G Internet speed

Every Jio user is allotted some amount of bandwidth based on the network traffic. For those who don’t know what bandwidth is, it is the amount of data that can be transferred in a fixed amount of time.

If the bandwidth is high, your internet speed will also be high. The bandwidth of your network depends on a number of factors and one of them is network traffic i.e. how many active users are there in a network.

For a simple rule, bandwidth is inversely proportional to the number of active users. In the case of Jio 4G network, users are increasingly at a very rapid rate due to which bandwidth is decreasing and you are getting slow internet speed.

We have found a simple trick which can help you to increase internet bandwidth on your Jio SIM. For this trick, you need to have one more 4G LTE-enabled smartphone. This phone should also have Jio SIM in it, other telecom company SIM may or may not work.

So basically what you have to do is, call from your phone to another phone and pick it up. Once the call is connected, you can put it on hold or mute it. Make sure that your mobile data is also turned on. Now keep the call active and start using the internet or download anything you want.

You would find a significant boost up in the internet speed. The ongoing call will increase your bandwidth. Note that, you have to keep your phone connected to the call until you are using the internet.

Fix Jio 4G slow internet speed issue

If you are getting slow Jio 4G internet speed on your phone, here are few other methods which can help you to fix this issue –

  • Airplane mode – To restart the internet connection, you can put your phone on airplane mode for a few seconds and then turn it off again. Alternatively, you can restart your phone. When you do this, your phone will search for the network signals and establish a new connection.
  • Configure Jio APN settings – If the Jio APN settings aren’t configured properly, it might also cause slow internet speed problem on your phone. To check if Jio 4G APN is active, go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. Under Jio SIM, you will find an APN named Jio 4G. Here you can also add your own custom Jio APN settings.
  • Enable LTE mode only – Jio 4G will work on LTE network mode only. By default, your phone will automatically select this mode out of three options (2G, 3G, and LTE). You can set Jio SIM to LTE mode only from Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks. Click the network mode option of your Jio SIM and set it to LTE only.
  • Restrict background usage – Till now, we have mainly discussed how to fix the problem of Jio internet not working on your phone. However, if you are getting slow internet speed, you also have to monitor how data is being used on your phone.
    Some of the apps are running in the background always and they are using excessive data unnecessarily. You can restrict them from accessing the internet in the background. Simply, go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage. Here you would find an option to restrict app background data usage.

We hope you liked our simple trick to boost up the Jio 4G speed on your phone. Don’t forget to read this another tutorial where we have shared some tips and tricks to increase Jio internet speed after 1.5GB data usage limit. If you want to ask something related to this tutorial, feel free to share it in the comment section.

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