TikTok Clone Mitro App Removed from Play Store: Here’s Why


  • The TikTok clone Mitron app has various security issues.
  • Mitron app is itslef a clone of a Pakistani app named TicTic.
  • Play Store suspended Mitron app due to policy violations.

The Indian version of the Chinese TikTok app named Mitron is removed from the Google Play Store. This app was an instant hit and it got over 5 million+ downloads in just few days. Know the reason why Google Play Store removed it in this article.

TikTok clone Mitron app remove from Play Store

As you may already know that Indians are removing all Chinese apps from their phones, especially TikTok. TikTok is a short-video sharing app owned by a Chinese company named Bytedance. Most of people say that TikTok promote cringe content in India and that’s why it should be banned.

Due to various other TikTok controversies, many Indians uninstalled this app and gave it negative reviews on Google Play Store. This downgraded the rating of the app to 1.2 but later Google removed all negative reviews which restored the rating back to 4.4.

Amidst all this, a news came that an Indian has created a clone version of the TikTok called Mitron app. Mitron is a famous dialogue which is used by Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) while addressing the people.

The news of the TikTok clone app spread like a fire. Many Indians supported the new Mitron app which made it cross over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store within a few days of its release. The rating of the app also goes up to 4.4 with lakhs of reviews.

Mitron app is a copy of Pakistani TicTic app

Later, it was found that the TikTok clone app Mitron is itself a copy of the Pakistani app named TicTic. Shivank Agrawal, the man behind Mitron app, reportedly an IIT Roorkee student, has bought the source code of the TicTic app from an app development company (named Qboxus) based in Pakistan.

A new report claims that the Mitron app is just the repackaged version of the Pakistani TicTic app. It looks like that the app is released on Google Play Store just by rebranding it to different a name. As of now, there is no statement from the publisher’s side to verify these claims. But unluckily, Google Play Store has removed the app.

Why Play Store removed TikTok clone Mitron app

The cyber security experts have reviewed the Mitron app and they claims that it has various security issues and vulnerabilities.

As in the IndianExpress report, Satyajit Sinha, a cybersecurity researcher stated that “It’s risky to use Mitron app given it doesn’t have any additional firewall or software security on top of the source code. The privacy policy is weak and that can put user data at risk in the long run.”

The source code of the Mitron app is available online on CodeCanyon website for sale in just $34. This also makes the app more vulnerable for hacking and data breach. Apart from that, there is no privacy policy, user policy and terms of use on the Mitron application.

It seems that Google has removed the Mitron app from the Play Store due to these security issues and policy violations, however, as of now there was no official statement from anyone regarding this.

The app may or may not be available in the future. Who knows. Let’s see what happens next! What do you think about the Mitron app controversy? Will the app come back on Play Store again? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget share this post with your friends. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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