Top 50 Most Popular Chinese Apps in India

China is not far behind in the app development business. The number of chinese apps are increasing every year. Not just that, but the chinese apps are leading the market in every category. Some of these apps have over billions of downloads and active users from all around the world (mainly from India).

Top 50 Most Popular Chinese apps in India

If we look at the stats and figures, then out of 100 most popular apps on Google Play Store, around 40% are from China. This is enough to tell that China is ruling the app market. Now if we talk about the users geographical location, then most of the users of these chinese apps are from India.

Some chinese apps are also accused of stealing user’s data from the phone secretly. Recently, a news was making buzz on the internet that a person is selling Truecaller’s data of the Indians on the dark web, however, Truecaller officially denied this and told that they had no breach on their data servers.

You may already know few apps that are made in China like TikTok, TrueCaller, SHAREit etc., but there is a long list. You will be using many Chinese apps in your phone right now which you do not even know. If you are curious to know about top 50 Chinese apps in the Indian market, then here we have shared a list for you.

List of top 50 chinese apps in Indian market

Here we have arranged the list of apps in the descending order of their downloads count on Google Play Store –

  1. TikTok – 1B+ Downloads – Short-video sharing social networking app
  2. SHAREit – 1B+ Downloads File Sharing app
  3. UC Browser – 500M+ Downloads – Web Browser app
  4. Truecaller – 500M+ Downloads – Caller ID and phone call app
  5. LIKEE – 500M+ Downloads – Short-video sharing app
  6. Helo – 100M+ Downloads – Social media app
  7. WeChat – 100M+ Downloads – Messaging and social media app
  8. PubG Mobile – 100M+ Downloads – mobile game
  9. PubG Mobile Lite – 100M+ Downloads – Lite version of PubG Mobile game
  10. UC Browser Mini – 100M+ Downloads – Lite version of UC Browser
  11. Bigo Live – 100M+ Downloads – Live video and chatting app
  12. Vigo Video – 100M+ Downloads – Short-video sharing app
  13. Vmate – 100M+ Downloads – Short-video sharing app
  14. Xender – 100M+ Downloads – File sharing app
  15. Kwai – 100M+ Downloads – Video sharing app
  16. TikTok Lite – 100M+ Downloads – Lite version of TikTok
  17. VivaVideo – 100M+ Downloads – Video editor app
  18. BeautyPlus – 100M+ Downloads – Photo editor and camera app
  19. CamScanner – 100M+ Downloads – Document Scanner and PDF Maker app
  20. Mobile Legends – 100M+ Downloads – Mobile game app
  21. Parallel Space – 100M+ Downloads – Multiple apps manager – allows you to install the same app twice.
  22. Club Factory – 100M+ Downloads – Shopping app
  23. Shein – 100M+ Downloads – Shopping app
  24. Battle of Empires – 100M+ Downloads – Mobile game
  25. Apus Launcher – 100M+ Downloads – Phone launcher app
  26. Turbo VPN – 100M+ Downloads – VPN service app
  27. YouCam Makeup – 100M+ Downloads – Selfie camera and photo editor app
  28. Clash of Kings – 50M+ Downloads – Mobile game app
  29. U-Dictionary – 50M+ Downloads – Dictionary and translater app
  30. AppLock – 50M+ Downloads – Apps Locker (Utility app) – Read: How to bypass AppLock screen password
  31. NewsDog – 50M+ Downloads – News app
  32. Mafia City – 50M+ Downloads – Mobile game
  33. Vego Lite – 50M+ Downloads – video sharing app
  34. Vault-Hide – 50M+ Downloads – Hide photos and videos + app locker
  35. UC News – 10M+ Downloads – News app by UC Browser
  36. Romve – 10M+ Downloads – Shopping app
  37. Game of Sultans – 10M+ Downloads – Mobile game
  38. APUS Browser – 10M+ Downloads – Web browser app
  39. Mi Community – 10M+ Downloads – Mi community app (pre-installed in Mi phones)
  40. Mi Store – 10M+ Downloads – App Store of Mi (pre-installed in Mi phones)
  41. 360 Security – 10M+ Downloads – Virus scanner app
  42. Arena of Valor – 10M+ Downloads – Mobile game app
  43. Bigo Live Lite – 10M+ Downloads – Lite version of BIGO Live
  44. Apus Security – 10M+ Downloads – Security and antivirus app
  45. Clean Master – Phone cleaner app – removed from Play Store
  46. ES File Explorer – File manager app – removed from Play Store
  47. DU Browser – Web browser app – removed from Play Store
  48. DU Recorder – Screen recorder app – remove from Play Store
  49. DU Battery Saver – Battery saver app – remove from Play Store
  50. DU Cleaner – Phone cleaner app – removed from Play Store

Which one is at the top – category wise

Here we have shared most popular chinese apps in India category-wise –

  1. Entertainment and short video app: TikTok
  2. File sharing app: SHAREit
  3. Web browser app: UCBrowser
  4. Video and live streaming app(s): Bigo Live and Vigo Video
  5. Gaming app: Clash of Kings
  6. E-commerce app: ClubFactory
  7. Utility applications: BeautyPlus and Cam Scanner

Does Chinese apps steal data from your phone

Chinese apps are often accused of stealing personal data of the users secretly. Various individual and government researchers keep their eyes on these apps to check if they are stead data anonymously. However, sometimes it is hard to find the truth and know what is really happening behind the walls.

While using the internet, your privacy and data is always at risk and you don’t know when and how it is being stolen. Normally, every app needs some access to your data in order to perform some tasks. For example, Facebook needs access to the storage on your phone to upload photos and videos.

Similarly, Google and other apps also uses your data in various ways. When you install the app for the first time, you are asked to give access to some permissions such as storage, calls, contacts, microphone etc. In order to protect user’s privacy, Google itself checks all apps on the Play Store.

The Play Protect feature checks your apps and device regularly for harmful behavior. As long as these chinese apps are on Google Play Store, you are okay to use them on your phone. If Google founds any suspicious activities, it automatically removes the app from the Play Store (as happened in the case of ES File Explorer and DU Group apps).

How to uninstall Chinese apps from your phone

Due to the protest against China because of Coronavirus (COVID-19) controversy and YouTube vs TikTok battle, a lot of Indian are boycotting Chinese products. For that reason, people are downrating and uninstalling apps that are developed in China. This has started a new digital war.

If you also want uninstall chinese apps from your Android phone, you can do so like you normally uninstall other apps. Just go to Settings > Apps. Then find the China app you want to uninstall and open it. After that, tap the Uninstall button followed by OK to confirm deleting the app. That’s it.

We have already posted a complete article on how you can remove all China app from your phone at once. Make sure to read that article next for in-depth information on this topic.

Hope you find this post helpful. We have shared a list of top 50 most popular chinese apps in India. Let us know how many of them you are using in your phone right now. What do you think about the controversy that China apps steal users data anonymously? Are you going to uninstall these apps from your phone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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