How to Get Copyright Free Music for Your YouTube Videos

Undoubtedly, the most tedious task for creating a YouTube video is to find the right music for your project. Even if you find one, you will be worried about copyright issues for using it. YouTube is very concerned about copyright content. With the help of a Content ID system, YouTube can easily track even a small piece of copyright content in your videos, be it an audio or video.

get copyright-free music for YouTube videos

If you will use someone’s music or song in your YouTube videos without researching its copyright status properly, you are definitely going to get a copyright claim on it. Once you get the copyright, the original owner can either take down your video, monetize it, or give you a copyright strike, which is the worst thing that can happen to your YouTube channel. If you end up getting more than 3 copyright strikes, you can also lose your channel permanently.

To be on the safe side, you shouldn’t add random music or song in your video without knowing its copyright status. There are so many copyright-free music/songs available on the internet that you can use for YouTube, however, the difficult task is to find them. Well, if you are also looking for copyright-free music for your YouTube videos, you are at the right place. In this guide, we have shared some best methods that you can use. Let’s get started!

1. Use YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has created its own Audio Library for creators which consist of hundreds of royalty-free music, sound effects, and stock audios. It’s the one-stop solution for your music search. You are free to use YouTube Audio Library music in your videos without worrying about copyright claims.

Go to the YouTube Audio Library page. There you will find some popular and trending tracks. You can click the play button before the track name to listen to its live preview. To help you find music for your project easily, YouTube has provided various options to filter your search such as genre, mood, instrument, duration, attribution, etc.

Youtube Audio Library - copyright free

There is a search box at the top where you can write keywords to search the right music. To download any song or track, simply click the download icon next to it. YouTube will automatically download the 320 kbps high-quality audio on your device. You can add it to your video by using any video editor application/software.

The good thing about YouTube Audio Library is that you don’t have to worry about getting copyright claims on your videos. You can also monetize your content with ads. Please note that you need to give credit in the description of your video for some music that requires attribution. You can also find attribution-free music on YouTube Audio Library by filtering your search.

2. Find copyright free music on YouTube

There are a number of popular channels on YouTube that provide royalty-free music. These channels make agreements with music producers to allow copyright-free use of their music. In return, it also benefits the music producers to give them audience exposure.

A lot of YouTube creators use this way to find copyright music for their videos. If you are using royalty-free music from YouTube channels, you need to give proper credit to the creator and/or distributor in the description of your video. As you are getting music for free, so this is not a big deal.

Please note that you can get copyright claims on your videos for using music from YouTube channels. This happens by mistake sometimes, for which you can file a dispute. Apart from that, if the music producer has sold his music, then the new copyright holder can also impose a copyright claim on your video.

We are sharing this information with you only to make you aware of the odd consequences, however, as it happens very rarely so we consider it the safest way to get copyright free music for YouTube. Here we have listed some of the popular YouTube channels that provide royalty-free music –

  • NoCopyrightSounds – This is one of the most popular YouTube channels in this category with over 27 million subscribers. Two of the most popular copyright-free songs on this channel include Alan Walker – Fade and Cartoon – On & On.
  • Vlog No Copyright Music – As the name suggests, this channel is dedicated to vlogging music. It uploads new music very frequently.
  • Audio Library – Music for content creators – With over 3 Million+ subscribers, this is another YouTube channel that offers copyright-free music. It’s not affiliated with YouTube’s Audio Library in any way.

Be free to use music from these channels in your YouTube videos but don’t forget to give them credit. You can check the description of the video to copy the proper credit. Also, check out our guide on how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio.

3. Use Epidemic Sounds – [Paid]

If you are looking for a paid service that provides royalty-free music, then Epidemic Sounds is one of the best options available out there. Epidemic Sounds has over 32,000 tracks and 64,000 sound effects. It is used by over 1,00,000 online creators, YouTubers, and influencers.

Epidemic Sounds - Copyright-free music for YouTube

There are two types of subscription plans available on Epidemic Sounds. One is for personal use and another is for commercial use. The personal subscription starts at $15/month charge, whereas the commercial one is priced at $49/month.

You also get 30 days free trial on Epidemic Sounds which you can cancel anytime. If you are using Epidemic Sounds for your YouTube videos, you don’t need to worry about any copyright issues. Just find your favorite music and use it in your videos without any fear.

4. Use Music Bed – [Paid]

Music Bed is another paid service like Epidemic Sounds which provides copyright-free music for YouTube creators. There are different kinds of music available on this platform. You will find the perfect song for your project. Music Bed has 5 subscription plans which include Personal, Non-Profit, Wedding, Business, and Enterprise.

Music Bed - Copyright-free music for YouTube

The personal subscription plans start at just $9/month. What’s good about using paid services like Epidemic Sounds and Music Bed is that you pay for the music and rest they take away all your copyright headache. If you are a big content creator on YouTube, we would definitely recommend you to go with any of these paid options.

Copyright-free music on YouTube FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions people ask about copyright free music. We have tried to answer every question precisely.

Is it safe to use copyright free music on YouTube?

Yes, it is completely safe to use copyright free music on your YouTube videos. Please make sure to give proper credit to the creator/distributor if you are using music from YouTube channels that we have listed above.

Can you get a copyright claim on YouTube for using copyright free music?

There are almost zero chances to get copyright claims on your YouTube videos if you are following all guidelines for each method that we have shared in this article.

Can you get a copyright strike on your channel for using copyright free music?

NO, you will not get a copyright strike for your channel for using copyright free music from any of these methods. Make sure to follow all guidelines.

Can you monetize copyright free music on YouTube?

Yes, you are absolutely free to monetize your videos with all methods that we have shared here. Please note that some music creators/distributors don’t allow monetization for their music track and you may end up getting copyright claim and revenue sharing. To prevent this, we recommend you to use only trusted channels for getting copyright free music on YouTube.

Do you need to give credit for the music in the description?

This mainly depends on from where you have taken the music. You only need to give credit in the description of your videos for music that requires attribution. This includes some tracks from YouTube Audio Library that are marked for attribution and music that you have taken from copyright free YouTube channels. If you are using paid services like Epidemic Sounds and Music Bed, you don’t even need to give any credit in the description.

So that’s everything you need to know about this topic. We have shared the best methods to get copyright free music/song for your YouTube videos. If you follow all our tips, we ensure you that you will not face any copyright issues. Still have some questions in your mind? Feel free to ask them in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post with your fellow YouTubers and stay tuned with us for more interesting guides.

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