10 Best Power Banks With Fast Charging [2023]

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There would be some reason why human beings are blessed with two hands. Nature might envisage the future where one day both hands would be occupied with hi-tech devices. Those gadgets are smartphones and power banks. A good power bank has become a very essential belonging since there are frequent complaints of smartphones losing power instantly.

Best power banks with fast charging

Power banks play an important role in our day-to-day lives. Today is the time for wireless tech. So apart from smartphones, you can have the benefit of charging headphones, tablets, smartwatches, cameras and other compatible devices. While selecting your best suitable power bank, you need to ensure it supports fast charging. Your smartphone should also support a fast-charging feature.

One of the best features of power banks is they are compact in size and higher in output. So, they fit in the pocket and are easily portable. You can call them a mini powerhouse for your devices. Power banks are portable devices that can charge your devices from a built-in battery through a type-C, micro-USB, or lightning USB port/s. Today we are going to discuss the best power banks with a fast-charging output. Let’s begin!

Our Top Picks

Editor’s choice: Ambrane 20000 mAh

Compared to the other 20000 mAh segment, this Ambrane Stylo power bank is much greater to choose from. It is a unisaviour mini powerhouse that is compatible with a wide range of devices. It gives the feature of fast charging with boosted speed.   

Best in performance: Urbn 10000 mAh

The reason behind the 5-digit ratings is it can charge a 4k mAh battery 1.8 times. It is so handy that can easily rest on your palm. Urbn power bank has a stylish look and much less weight. Do you have a power bank but feel no bulkiness? That’s a credit!

1. Mi Power Bank 3i

Mi Power Bank 3i for fast charging
Battery capacity:20000 mAh
Output Ports:3 Ports, Micro-USB and Type C
Fast charging:Supported, 18 Watt
Compatible with:Smartphones, tablets, and headphones
Battery type:Lithium Polymer
Charging time:6.9 Hours
Weight:434 g


Key features

  • 20000 mAh Lithium-Polymer
  • 18W fast power delivery
  • Type-C and micro-USB modes
  • Triple port output

Experience the next level of power! With Mi Power Bank 3i you have more power and more charges on the go. Charge 3 devices simultaneously with 18W fast charge support. Search for a particular cable is now over! Because this power bank supports type-C and micro-USB ports. Mi Power Bank 3i is extra-efficient and universally compatible which allows you to charge devices like smartphones, tablets, fitness bands, headsets, and others.

The advanced 12-layer chip protection protects your devices against overcharging and short circuits. Some fitness bands and earphones need low power while charging. For this, you just need to press the power button two times and it will enter a 2-hour low charging mode. Mi Power Bank 3i contains enough power to charge a device two times easily. The advanced resistance-capacitance sensors are safer and improve the charging experience.

2. Ambrane Stylo

Ambrane Stylo power bank for fast charging
Battery capacity:20000 mAh
Output Ports:2 USB and 1 Type C port
Fast charging:Supported, 20 Watt
Compatible with:iPhone, iPad and Android
Battery type:Lithium Polymer
Charging period:8 Hours
Weight:410 g


Key features

  • 20W fast charging
  • 1 type-C and 2 USB ports
  • 50% charge in 30 min.
  • Intelligent power detection

Bringing here a new battery booster! The new-gen power of Ambrane Stylo 20000 mAh features power delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 facilities. The 12-layer protection looks after the power bank and the charging devices from overheating and overcharging. Ambrane power bank has a massive charging capacity to charge iPhone 4 times and Samsung 2 times. 2 USB and 1 type-C port can charge 3 devices simultaneously. The power bank comes with fast charging technology and 20W power delivery. 

A fully-charged Ambrane Stylo power bank is powerful enough to charge a device having a 3000 mAh battery up to 5 times. So you will never experience hassle and only great performance and experience. This power bank can intelligently adjust power output to match the device’s requirement and offers efficient charging speed. 

3. Redmi Power Bank 3i

Redmi Power Bank 3i
Battery capacity:20000 mAh
Output Ports:Triple Port, USB and Type C
Fast charging:Supported, 18W
Compatible with:iPhone, iPad and tablets
Battery type:Lithium Polymer
Charging time:6.7 Hours with 18W charger
Weight:447 g


Key features

  • 20000 mAh high-density battery
  • Dual input & triple output
  • 12-layer chip protection
  • Universal support

Lighter and more powerful than ever! Elegant design, excellent quality, and high output capacity are a brief introduction to Redmi Power Bank 3i. It feels exceptional in the hand. You can charge devices at once. The recharging of the power bank via the type-C port and the micro-USB. It offers the fast charge support of 18W. The ergonomic design and anodized finish make the Redmi power bank sweat and corrosion-resistant.   

Redmi Power Bank 3i is powered by high structural strength and it also gives you the perfect grip. It takes 7 hours to get fully charged. A low-power mode can be activated by double-tapping the power button to charge devices like Bluetooth headsets and smartwatches. It is the next level of power. Redmi, the sub-company of Xiaomi claims to manufacture the world’s best power banks. 

4. Urbn Power 10000 mAh

Urbn Power 10000 mAh
Battery capacity:20000 mAh
Output Ports:USB and Type C
Fast charging:Supported, 22.5W
Compatible with:All smartphones and tablets
Battery type:Lithium Polymer
Charging period:5 Hours with 22.5W charger
Weight:353 g


Key features

  • Ultra-compact power bank
  • 12W fast charging
  • Universal compatibility
  • Dual USB output

Empower your charging! This is an ultra-compact 12W high-capacity power bank by Urbn. The 10000 mAh Li-Poly power bank is the best at its core. No matter how many devices you charge, it gives efficient power to your devices. The 2.1 amp fast charge feature makes your device ready to use instantly. You can charge 2 devices simultaneously with lightning speed. 

Urbn Power 10000mAh is your perfect travel companion. The Bureau of Indian Standards validated this power bank as safe to travel with. The LED indicator tells you the power status to optimise your charging plans. The soft-touch finish gives it a premium look and the compact size is easy to hold. The amazing performance and unique look make it stand out.

5. Realme Power Bank 3i

Realme Power Bank 3i
Battery capacity:10000 mAh
Output Ports:Type C, Type A, and Micro USB
Fast charging:Supported, 12W
Compatible with:Smartphones, tablet, fitness band
Battery type:Lithium Polymer
Charging period:8-10 Hours with 18W charger
Weight:210 g


Key features

  • Quick Charge
  • Type-C, type-A, micro-USB
  • 12W fast charging
  • 14 safety protections

Your devices will perform at the fullest! So you don’t have to worry about getting out of charge. The grid-textured surface and sleek & slim design of the power bank ensure a solid grip and royal touch in hand. The 2-in-1 charging cable enables smartphones and other compatible devices to charge easily and safely, thanks to 14-layer circuit protection. The device is allowed on the plane. So no worries! You will not have to worry about the devices getting discharged while travelling.

The 12W 2-way quick charge feature provides fast charging. This significantly reduces the usual charging or getting-charged time. Two USB type-A output ports can charge the devices at the same time. The high-density Li-Poly battery gives stable charging. The big-font Realme branding gives prominence to the trendy design of the device. The built-in intelligent chip quickly detects low-charging devices.

6. Croma 20W Fast Charge

Croma 20W Fast Charge
Battery capacity:10000 mAh
Output Ports:Type C and USB
Fast charging:Supported, 12W
Compatible with:Smartphones, tablet
Battery type:Lithium Polymer
Weight:399 g


Key features

  • Power delivery
  • Short circuit protection
  • 2 charging ports
  • 20W capacity

Keep yourself permanently connected to the world! Croma 20W Fast Charge power bank gives efficient charging performance. The 20000 mAh capacity delivers good charging results and long-day battery life. Now charge your devices in no time to make them work as per your need…! USB-A and type-C outlet ports support superfast shared output. From the price point of view, this power bank is more than fair.

Due to the 2.1 amp current output, the Croma 20W power bank has fast charging capability. The built-in short circuit protection enables safe usage. A durable anti-scratching aluminum case and elegant rounded curves give it a stylish look. Croma is a Tata product that gives a 6-month warranty, extended support, and assured lifetime service. A USB and micro-USB cable comes with the power bank. 

7. Anker PowerCore

Anker PowerCore power bank for fast charging
Battery capacity:15600 mAh
Output Ports:2 USB
Fast charging:Supported, 12W
Compatible with:Smartphones, iPhone, tablet, iPad
Battery type:Lithium Ion
Weight:463 g


Key features

  • 15600 mAh
  • 10 safety features
  • Fire-resistant
  • Dual device charging

Get the device charged and put more spark! This is the power bank from the house of Anker. The 15600 mAh powerful battery, trendy design, and compatibility with a lot of devices make this power bank unique to possess. Anker PowerCore protects your precious devices from overheating and over-voltage. While talking about the capacity, this battery packs a punch. 

The multi-protect technology in the power bank protects your gadgets from any spikes and surges when you charge your smartphone, tablets, or other compatible devices. Even you don’t have to worry about stocking, drops, or high temperatures. The power bank ensures high durability with a double-layer shell and fire-resistant polycarbonate. Anker PowerCore gives 2.4A output per USB port.

8. Ambrane Stylo Pro

Ambrane Stylo Pro power bank
Battery capacity:27000 mAh
Output Ports:3 ports, USB and Type C
Fast charging:Supported, 20W
Compatible with:iPhone, Android, laptops
Battery type:Lithium Polymer
Weight:612 g


Key features

  • Type-C power delivery
  • Triple output
  • 27000 mAh
  • Wide range compatibility

Charge flexibly your devices multiple times! The Li-Poly 27000 mAh battery of Ambrane Stylo Pro power bank allows you to charge your devices efficiently and sufficiently.  The 20W power delivery and 3.0 quick charge technology charge your mobile 50% in an average of 30 minutes. The power bank itself gets charged in 10 to 12 hours. It carries a substantial capacity to charge.

With 2 USB ports and 1 type-C port, the Ambrane Stylo Pro power bank can charge 3 devices at the same time. Its compact body is extremely travel-friendly. Its 27000 mAh battery is permitted to carry on the flight. The sturdy outer body makes this power bank secure and reliable. The 12-layer advanced chipset protection offers a safe-charging experience.

9. Coolnut 10000 mAh

Coolnut 10000 mAh power bank
Battery capacity:10000 mAh
Output Ports:3 ports, USB A and Type C
Fast charging:Supported, 22.5W
Compatible with:All smartphones: iPhone & Android
Battery type:Lithium Polymer
Charging period:1-3 Hours
Weight:177 g


Key features

  • 22.5W with LED display
  • Unlimited compatibility
  • Mini and portable
  • 3A power output

Running out of charge is now a thing of the past! Coolnut 10000 mAh is unstoppable. Charge two devices at a single time with a powerful output rating of 3A. This is an exquisite masterpiece who are always in search of extra power. The aluminum + rubber finish body looks premium. The advanced high-density A-grade 10000 mAh Li-ion battery ensures enough charge for your devices. 

Coolnut portable power bank possibly retains 70% to 80% of its capacity after 500 charging cycles. The power bank comes with an extra security protection mechanism that gives the best experience with assured safety. It has 2 outputs of USB-A and type-C. The outer body of the power bank has a high-quality material and it is more skin-friendly. It has multiple quick charge protocol that supports most of the charging needs.

10. UGreen Mini

UGreen Mini power bank
Battery capacity:10000 mAh
Output Ports:USB A and Type C
Fast charging:Supported, 18W
Compatible with:All Android and iOS devices
Battery type:Lithium Polymer
Charging period:3.3 Hours with 18 W charger
Weight:240 g


Key features

  • 10000 mAh power delivery
  • USB-A & type-C ports
  • Multiple Quick Charge
  • Compact & light-weight

Pocket-friendly & massive power! UGreen Mini has a dramatically fast charging technology that can power iPhone 13 to 60% in 30 minutes. The 18W power delivery can recharge the devices in 3 hours. When you charge 2 devices simultaneously, the total output is 15W. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry. UGreen Mini is the smallest power bank, just the same as a credit card.

The built-in intelligent chipset and ATL 8-level multi-protection system provide a safe charging experience for the user and devices. The universal compatibility of devices ensures long-lasting power for days. The cool blue LED indicator displays the battery level, so you will be aware of the current battery level or the charging status. This is the lightest power bank that you can freely carry on an airplane.

Choosing the best power bank with fast charging

Not having power banks on the go can be very inconvenient in some situations. Power banks keep your devices always awake and connected to the world. They can be your best companion while you are travelling. If you want your phones always 100% charged, then power banks need to be with you.

You can charge multiple devices at once also. We studied the charging capacity, look, and pricing of the above power banks. Through this article, we ranked our top pick brands in order, so you can choose your best one. These were ten of the best power banks available right now. Now top up your devices on the go…!

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