Top 10 Trending Instagram Hashtags [2023]

This article will show you the list of top 10 trending hashtags on Instagram with the most number of active users, posts count, and engagement. We also have the best collection of most popular Instagram hashtags in various topics such as fitness, travel, fashion, likes, followers, and more.

Top 10 Trending hashtags on Instagram

To keep up with the latest trends, it is important to know what hashtags are trending on Instagram. You can then follow these hashtags and get their updates in your feed. This is a good way to get inspiration from what other people are posting. Furthermore, if you use trending hashtags in your posts and reels, they will help you gain more engagement.

Top 10 Trending Hashtags on Instagram [Latest Table 2023]

The following table shows the top 10 trending Instagram hashtags in 2023 based on their usage –

Trending positionInstagram HashtagNumber of posts

Note: M stands for Million and B stands for Billion. 1B is equivalent to 10M. In terms of Indian numbering system, 1M is equivalent to 10 lakhs and 1B is equivalent to 100 crores.

Copy Trending Instagram Hashtags of 2023

#love #instagood #fashion #photooftheday #art #photography #beautiful #picoftheday #happy #follow #cute #tbt #followme #explore #viral #trending #explorepage
Trending Instagram hashtags infographic

Let’s have at look at these top 10 trending hashtags now and find out what they are all about.

1. #love

With over 2.1 Billion posts, #love is the most popular hashtag on Instagram which is used to share positive posts about relationships, self-love, family, friends, and more. It is a way for people to express their love to one another and share it with the world.

As a result of being ranked #1 in the list of the top trending Instagram hashtags, #love has been a target for spammers also. It is filled up with lots of spam posts. There are so many people who misuse this hashtag simply for the sake of increasing their visibility.

2. #instagood

#instagood hashtag is used to share images or videos that people feel are aesthetically pleasing or represent a moment of joy. It is often used to express appreciation for a particular moment or experience or to share something beautiful. This is the second most famous hashtag on Instagram with over 1.6 Billion posts.

3. #fashion

#Fashion takes 3rd place in the list of top 10 trending Instagram hashtags with more than 1B posts. It is used to showcase fashion trends, styles, and looks. People often use #fashion to share photos of their own fashion choices, as well as to find inspiration from others. It has become a popular way for fashionistas to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

4. #photooftheday

#photooftheday is another famous hashtag used on Instagram to share pictures taken by users each day. The hashtag encourages people to post pictures of their everyday life, allowing them to share their experiences with others. It’s also a great way to discover new photographers and learn about different cultures, photography skills, inspiration, and more. This hashtag has around 1B posts till now.

5. #art

#art is the 5th most famous Instagram hashtag currently with close to 1B posts. As the name suggests, this hashtag is used to share artwork or to discuss topics related to the arts. #art is used by artists, art enthusiasts, critics, and other art-related professionals to connect and engage with one another. The hashtag is also used to discover new artwork and to keep up to date with the latest art trends.

6. #photography

The #photography hashtag is used to tag posts related to photography on Instagram. It is a popular hashtag used by photographers and hobbyists alike to share and promote their work. This hashtag can help you find creative photography ideas and inspiration. You can also use it to showcase your photography skills and connect with other like-minded people who are interested in the same topics as you.

7. #beautiful

#beautiful is also among the top 10 trending Instagram hashtags which stands at 7th position right now with over 810M posts. This hashtag used to share positive messages, stories, motivation quotes and other similar content. It is usually used to spread messages of hope, positivity, and self-love. You can use this hashtag to share inspiring images and stories, and to connect with others who share similar values.

8. #picoftheday

#picoftheday is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram which is used by photographers and Instagrammers to share their everyday photos. People often use this hashtag to showcase their photography skills and gain more exposure. You can choose the best picture you took in a day and post it with #picoftheday to show the highlights of your day. This hashtag is the same as #photooftheday.

9. #happy

#happy hashtag is used to encourage people to share moments of joy, positivity, and uplifting content. It is often used in posts featuring photos, videos and stories that bring a smile to the viewer’s face. The hashtag has been trending for several years and has been used to spread a message of hope and joy during difficult times.

10. #follow

This is our last and final hashtag in top 10 trending Instagram hashtags list. The #follow hashtag is a way to connect with new people on Instagram. It encourages users to follow each other. However, this has caused the hashtag to be overwhelmed with irrelevant posts, making it difficult for users to find quality content. As a result, the hashtag has become less useful and many users have stopped using it.

Top 10 Trending Hashtags on Instagram Reels

Trending Instagram hashtags for Reels

Hashtags are a great way to attract more viewers to your Instagram Reels. They can help you reach a wider audience by making it easier for people to discover your content. Additionally, using trending hashtags can help your Reels stand out and reach even more potential viewers. Below we have listed some of the most popular hashtags for Instagram Reels

  1. #reels – 437M posts
  2. #explore- 451M posts
  3. #reelsinstagram – 249M posts
  4. #fyp – 168M posts
  5. #foryou – 135M posts
  6. #reelitfeelit – 112M posts
  7. #trending – 105M posts
  8. #viral – 66M posts
  9. #reelsindia – 45M posts
  10. #explorepage – 34M posts

Top 10 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags in Fitness

Best trending Instagram fitness hashtags

Fitness in itself is a very big domain and there are hundreds of hashtags popular in this category. Using the right sets of hashtags can help you target fitness enthusiasts and build an online community around people who would be actually interested in your content. The following list shows the top 10 trending Instagram hashtags in fitness

  1. #fitness – 510M posts
  2. #fit – 510M posts
  3. #motivation – 338M posts
  4. #gym – 246M posts
  5. #workout – 211M posts
  6. #health – 160M posts
  7. #training – 137M posts
  8. #fitnessmotivation – 135M posts
  9. #bodybuilding – 131M posts
  10. #fitnessmodel – 59M posts

Top 10 Trending Instagram Hashtags in Travel

Trending travel Instagram hashtags

Travel content has become increasingly popular on Instagram with hundreds of unique hashtags finding their popularity in this category. Travel influencers and ordinary people who share pictures and videos of their trips can use these trending travel hashtags to reach the right audience –

  1. #travel – 676M posts
  2. #nature – 762M posts
  3. #travelphotography – 207M posts
  4. #travelgram – 169M posts
  5. #instatravel – 123M posts
  6. #travelling – 82M posts
  7. #traveling – 90M posts
  8. #travelblogger – 82M posts
  9. #travelingram – 30M posts
  10. #traveltheworld – 25M posts

Top 10 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags in Fashion

Trending fashion Instagram hashtags

Among the most popular hashtags in fashion category are #fashion, #ootd (outfit of the day), #instafashion, and #fashionblogger. These hashtags are used by fashion influencers, brands, and everyday people to share their personal style and give inspiration to others.

Take advantage of these most famous hashtags next time you post a picture of your outfit or any other fashion-related content –

  1. #fasion – 1B posts
  2. #ootd – 418M posts
  3. #instafashion -180M posts
  4. #fashionblogger – 162M posts
  5. #fashioninsta – 133M posts
  6. #fashionstyle – 106M posts
  7. #mensfashion – 68M posts
  8. #fashiongram – 38M posts
  9. #fashionphotography – 31M posts
  10. #fashiondesigner – 29M posts

Top 10 Trending Instagram hashtags for likes

Trending hashtags for likes

When you include hashtags in your posts, your content is seen by people who don’t follow you yet. This increases the visibility of your posts, which can lead to more likes and followers. Below we have listed some trending hashtags that people use to get likes on Instagram

  1. #like – 341M posts
  2. #likes – 172M posts
  3. #love – 2.1B posts
  4. #instadaily – 617M posts
  5. #instalike – 483M posts
  6. #instagood – 1.6BM posts
  7. #bhfyp – 179M posts
  8. #likesforlike – 108M posts
  9. #likesforlikes – 83M posts
  10. #photooftheday – 1B posts

Top 10 trending Instagram hashtags for followers

Trending Instagram hashtags for followers

Apart from using content-specific hashtags, there are some unethical hashtag strategies that people use to increase their followers on Instagram. This includes using hashtags like #followforfollow or #followme wherein users follow each other with the expectation that they will receive a follow back. Here are some of these trending Instagram hashtags –

  1. #follow – 680M posts
  2. #followforfollow – 278M posts
  3. #followforfollowback – 278M posts
  4. #instadaily – 617M posts
  5. #instagram – 1B posts
  6. #followme – 48M posts
  7. #followback – 107M posts
  8. #followers – 102M posts
  9. #follow4followback – 68M posts
  10. #following – 45M posts

Note: We do not recommend using hashtags for likes and followers. Some of these hashtags are backlisted on Instagram and they can negatively affect your engagement and reach. Instead, you should focus on hashtags that are relevant to your content.

Frequently asked questions

What is the number 1 trending hashtag on Instagram?

#love is the number one trending Instagram hashtag of all time. This hashtag has over 2.1 Billion posts as of now which is roughly the same as the number of monthly active users on Instagram.

What is the use of trending hashtags?

Trending hashtags allow people to join conversations about topics that are currently popular on social media platforms. They are also a great way to increase visibility for your posts, as more people are likely to see content when it is tagged with a trending hashtag. Lastly, they enable people to connect with others who share their interests and stay up to date on the latest news and topics.

Which hashtag has the largest number of posts on Instagram?

The title of the largest number of posts that a hashtag on Instagram goes to #love. This is also one of the most famous Instagram hashtags with over 2.1B posts.

How do I know which hashtags are trending on Instagram?

You can use a hashtag tracking tool or search Google to find popular hashtags related to your content. Additionally, searching for relevant keywords in the Instagram search bar will also show you which hashtags are trending.

Should I use trending hashtags on Instagram?

Yes, using trending hashtags can help your posts reach a wider audience and increase engagement. However, you should use them carefully and make sure that they are relevant to your post.

How many trending hashtags should I use?

You should include only 3-4 trending hashtags in your post apart from the ones that are specific to your content. Note that using too many hashtags can come across as spammy and might even affect your engagement.

Final words

We have shared the most famous Instagram hashtags in various categories. You can include them in your strategy to make your posts stand out. Make sure to test and experiment with different hashtags to find what works best for your content.

Trending hashtags change frequently, so do we update this article from time to time. You can bookmark this web page for future reference. Hope you liked our article. If you have any suggestions, share them in the comments below.

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