Best Wedding Hashtags for Instagram [2023]

Are you getting married soon or helping someone plan their big day? In the age of social media, creating a unique and catchy hashtag for the wedding has become a popular trend. It’s a great way to keep track of all the memories and photos from the special day.

However, finding the perfect wedding hashtag can be a daunting task. In this article, we’ll share some of the best wedding hashtags for Instagram that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

What are wedding hashtags?

Wedding hashtags are a unique combination of words or phrases that are used to tag wedding-related content on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s a fun and creative way to group all the photos, videos, and stories related to the wedding under one hashtag.

Top 10 trending wedding hashtags for Instagram in 2023

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Best wedding hashtags of all time

  1. Wedding
  2. Bride
  3. Groom
  4. WeddingPhotography
  5. WeddingInspiration
  6. WeddingDay
  7. WeddingGoals
  8. JustMarried
  9. WeddingVibes
  10. HappilyEverAfter
  11. ForeverAndAlways
  12. TyingTheKnot
  13. LoveWins
  14. WeddingBliss
  15. MrandMrs
  16. Hitched
  17. WeddingBliss
  18. WeddingMemories
  19. MarriedLife
  20. WeddingPartyGoals
  21. WeddingSeason
  22. WeddingIdeas
  23. WeddingMoments
  24. Bridemaids
  25. DestinationWedding
  26. WeddingInspiration
  27. WeddingBlog
  28. Honeymoon
  29. BetterHalf
  30. LoveWins
  31. LoveMarriage
  32. Couples
  33. WeddingDance
  34. ShubhMangalSam
  35. TogetherForever
  36. Newlyweds

Best wedding hashtags for bride

If you’re a bride-to-be looking to share your wedding journey with the world, here are some of the best wedding hashtags for bride that are currently trending on Instagram –

#Bride #BrideToBe #WeddingDress #BridalHair #BridalMakeup #BridalShower #BrideTribe #WeddingInspo #BridalGlow #Mrs #BridalBeauty #BrideGoals #BrideAndGroom #BridalBouquet #BridalParty #BridalGown #BridalAccessories #Bridesmaid #IndianBride #Lehnga

Best wedding hashtags for groom

Whether you’re sharing photos of your wedding day preparations, your groomsmen, or your first dance as a married couple, there are plenty of hashtags that can help you share your special moments with the world. Below we have listed some of the most popular wedding hashtags for groom –

#Groom #GroomLife #GroomStyle #Groomsman #GroomPrep #Groomed #WeddingDay #WeddingSuit #WeddingStyle #GroomAndGroom #GroomSpeech GroomDance #WeddingVows #HusbandGoals #MarriedLife #GroomMemories #GroomSquad #GroomGoals #GroomInspiration #GroomedUp #SuitedUp

Best wedding hashtags for love marriage

For those of you who are having a love marriage, here are some of the best hashtags that you can use to share your special day on social media and create a lasting memory of your celebration of love –

#Love #LoveWins #LoveMarriage #TogetherForever #Soulmates #TogetherForever #ForeverAndAlways #LoveConquersAll #MyForever #AlwaysAndForever #TrueLove #TyingTheKnot #TwoHeartsOneSoul #OurLoveStory #ThePerfectMatch #LoveOnTop #CrazyInLove #HeartToHeart #BetterTogether #FallingInLoveAgain #AisleStyle #BrideAndGroom #WeddingBliss #WeddingMemories #SayIDo #EternalLove

Best Instagram hashtags for wedding photography

Wedding photography is an essential aspect of any wedding, capturing the precious moments and memories that will last a lifetime. Now let’s have a look at some of the best Instagram hashtags for wedding photography that you can use to make your photos stand out and get the recognition they deserve.

#WeddingPhotography #WeddingPhotographer #WeddingStyle #Photooftheday #WeddingStyle #WeddingPortrait #WeddingCeremony #WeddingReception #WeddingRing #WeddingDecor #WeddingFlowers #WeddingCake #WeddingDress #WeddingPhotographyTips #WeddingMemories #WeddingStorytelling #WeddingPictures #IndiaBride #WeddingPhoto

How to create your own wedding hashtags

Wedding hashtags have become a popular trend for couples who want to share their special day on social media. Creating a memorable wedding hashtag is a fun and creative way to keep track of all the memories and photos from your special day. In this section, we will discuss how to create your own wedding hashtag.

1. Keep it simple and easy to remember

When creating your wedding hashtag, it’s important to keep it simple and easy to remember. Your guests will need to remember the hashtag in order to use it when sharing photos. Avoid using long or complicated phrases, as they can be difficult to remember and may not be used as often.

2. Incorporate your names

One of the most popular ways to create a wedding hashtag is by incorporating your names. You can use your first names, last names, or a combination of both. For example, if your names are Virat and Anushka, you can use #ViratWedsAnushka or #Virushka.

3. Make it unique

It’s important to make your wedding hashtag unique to your wedding. Avoid using generic or overused hashtags that have been used in previous weddings. Make sure that your wedding hashtag is original and reflects your personalities and style as a couple.

4. Check for availability

Before finalizing your wedding hashtag, it’s important to check for availability. Search for the hashtag on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to make sure that it hasn’t been used before. You can also search for the hashtag on Google to see if it’s being used by other couples or for other purposes.

5. Share it with your guests

Once you have finalized your wedding hashtag, it’s important to share it with your guests. You can include it in your wedding invitations, on your wedding website, and on signage at the wedding venue. Make sure that your guests know how to use the hashtag and encourage them to share their photos using the hashtag.

6. Monitor and repost

During and after the wedding, it’s important to monitor the hashtag and repost your favorite photos. This will not only allow you to relive the special moments of your wedding day but also show your guests that you appreciate their participation.

Tips to promote your wedding hashtag

Once you have created the perfect wedding hashtag, the next step is to promote it to your guests. Here are some tips to help you promote your wedding hashtag and encourage your guests to use it:

  • Include it on your wedding invitation: Add your wedding hashtag to your wedding invitation so that your guests know about it in advance.
  • Use signage: Create a sign or banner with your wedding hashtag and display it at the entrance to the venue, at the reception area, and at the photo booth.
  • Social media: Share your wedding hashtag on your personal social media accounts and create a wedding website that includes the hashtag. Encourage your guests to follow your wedding social media accounts and share their own photos using the hashtag.
  • Photo booth: Set up a photo booth at the reception area and include your wedding hashtag on the photo booth backdrop or props. This will encourage your guests to take photos and share them on social media using the hashtag.
  • Wedding favors: Include your wedding hashtag on your wedding favors, such as personalized drinkware or custom stickers. This will serve as a reminder to your guests to use the hashtag and help promote it even after the wedding is over.
  • Remind your guests: Remind your guests to use the hashtag during the wedding ceremony and reception. You can include a note in the program or have the officiant or DJ make an announcement reminding guests to use the hashtag when sharing their photos on social media.

Frequently asked questions

How many hashtags should I use for my wedding?

We recommend using one or two wedding hashtags. Using too many hashtags can make your posts look spammy and reduce engagement.

Should I create a custom hashtag for my wedding?

Yes, creating a custom hashtag for your wedding can make it more personalized and easier to find all the related photos. Make sure to include it on all your wedding invitation and encourage your guests to use it.

How do I encourage my guests to use my wedding hashtag?

You can encourage your guests to use your wedding hashtag by including it on your wedding invitation, creating a sign with your wedding hashtag at the venue, and reminding your guests to use it during the ceremony and reception.

Final Words

So this was our list of the best wedding hashtags for Instagram. Whether you want to showcase your bridal style, celebrate your love, or share your wedding memories, these hashtags will help you share your special day with the world. You can also come up with your own wedding hashtag. We hope this article has been helpful for you to find the right hashtags you are looking for. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Happy hashtagging!

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