How to Access TikTok After Ban in India: Fix No Internet Connection

On 29 June 2020, TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps have been banned in India. It is said that these apps are security threats to India as they have various data and privacy risks. A lot of Indians were already boycotting Chinese apps and were demanding from the government to ban them permanently.

Access TikTok after ban in India

Due to the India-China border dispute in Galwan valley, 20 Indian soldiers died in the line of duty last week. This incident has hit the sentiments of all Indians and everyone demanded to boycott China. Under this pressure, the government of India has finally decided to ban these 59 Chinese apps including TikTok.

TikTok has gained so much fame in a very short period of time. This can be measured from that stats – there are nearly 200 million monthly active users in India. Now as TikTok is banned, you will not be able to access it directly. In this guide, we have shared a workaround to access TikTok on your phone after it has been banned in India.

Why TikTok is showing no internet connection error?

Soon after the ban is implemented, TikTok stopped working in India. As you will open the app, it will show “No internet connection” error, even if you are connected to the internet. It seems like TikTok is banned by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that is why the app is enabled to access its servers.

Here’s a screenshot of the TikTok app showing “No Internet Connection” error after getting ban in India –

No network connection error on TikTok

You will also see a “User notice” pop-up message which says –

Dear User, we are in the process complying with the Government of India’s directive to block 59 apps. Ensuring the privacy and security of all our users in India remains our utmost priority.

TikTok ban user notice

Not just the app, but the access to the TikTok website is also blocked in India. If you will try to access the TikTok website, it will also redirect you to the notfound page which will show this message –

Dear Users,

On June 29, 2020 the Govt. of India decided to block 59 apps, including TikTok. We are in the process of complying with the Government of India’s directive and also working with the government to better understand the issue and explore a course of action.

Ensuring the privacy and security of all our users in India remains our utmost priority.

TikTok India Team.

TikTok website notfound page

How to access banned TikTok in India

You may need to access your TikTok account to download your videos or for some other reasons. Luckily, you can do it by using a VPN service. VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. Although VPN is a security feature which adds an extra security layer on your internet connection but it is mostly used to change the geo-location to access blocked websites.

There are so many VPN apps available for both Android and iPhone/iOS. Some of them are even free. One that we will recommend you for Android is Secure VPN. This app will automatically connect you to its online servers which are located outside India.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to access banned TikTok in India –

  1. Download and Install the Secure VPN app on your Android phone. It’s is available on Google Play Store for free. The app is very small in size – just only 3 MB.
  2. Open the app and click Accept button – By clicking on this button, you accept the Terms of Conditions of the app. After that, the app will prepare itself for the connection and check the DNS settings.
    Accept terms and conditions
  3. Tap Connect button – On the home page on the app, you will see Connect button at the bottom. This will start the VPN service.
    Connect Super VPN app
  4. Allow connection request – In the next step, you will see a pop-up box asking you to allow the Secure VPN app to set up a VPN connection on your phone. Simply, click the OK option to allow it.
    Setup VPN connection

    Once you are connected to the VPN, the app will show Connected status. By default, Secure VPN will automatically choose the fastest server available. If you want to change it manually, then click the country icon/flag at the top-right corner.

  5. Access banned TikTok in India – Just open the TikTok website using Google Chrome or any other browser on your phone. Now you will not get any ban restriction message. On the home page, click Watch now button at the top. It will redirect you to the For You page where you will be able to play videos and login to your TikTok account easily.
    Access banned TikTok in India

What things you can’t do on TikTok website

Please note that VPN isn’t working on the TikTok app unfortunately, so you can access TikTok from its website only. The user interface of the TikTok website is almost the same as its app but there are few things you can do on it. Here we have listed those things –

  • You will not be able to access the Activity page, which means you can’t see your notifications and messages.
  • You can’t upload videos on TikTok as the website doesn’t have uploading feature.
  • You can’t access your TikTok account settings. This means you will also not be able to deactivate your account.

If you want to download all your TikTok videos, we have already posted an article on this topic. Make sure to read it from the link given above.

Fix no network connection and access banned TikTok app

TikTok app still shows the same “No network connection” problem even after using a VPN. Here are a few things you can try to fix this problem –

  • Clear TikTok app data – Go to Settings > Apps > TikTok. In the app info page, click Storage option. Then tap the “Clear data” button followed by OK to continue. This will clear all cached data of the TikTok app and restart it from the scratch.
  • Force stop TikTok app – As an alternative, you can also force stop the TikTok app from running in the background. Again, go to Setting > Apps > TikTok. After that, click the Force stop button and then click OK to confirm.
  • Check your internet connection – As TikTok is a video-based application, it requires very high internet speed. Make sure that you are connected to the internet properly. Also, check your network signals.
  • Restart your phone – At last, try switching off your phone and then restarting it again. This will re-establish your network connection and also restart the TikTok app on your phone.

So that’s how you can easily access TikTok on your phone even after it has been banned in India. Let us know the reasons why you want to access your TikTok account. Do you support the discussion of the government of India to ban TikTok and other Chinese apps? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We are waiting for your response. If you liked this guide, please do share it with your friends.

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