How to Get Extra Jio Data After Daily Limit

Did your Jio daily data usage also get exhausted way before the day completes? Nowadays, even the 2GB data isn’t enough with the 4G high internet speed. If you spend most of your time watching videos on YouTube, reels on Instagram, and downloading stuff from the internet, then your daily Jio data will get exhausted within a few hours like a magic.

Get extra Jio data after daily limit

There are various ways you can reduce Jio data usage on your phone such as by setting data usage limit, restricting background data, watching videos at low quality, using data saver mode on the browser, etc. We have already posted an article on this topic and explained everything in-depth. Even if you try these things, it is not guaranteed that your daily Jio data will make it to end of the day.

It’s not just how you use the internet, but also how much you use it that decides your data usage. Once you have exhausted your daily data limit, you may already know how slow your internet speed gets. Although, Jio promises to provide 128kbps speed after daily limit but it fails to load even a simple webpage, forget about using Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and other apps.

There are some methods by which you can increase the internet speed of Jio after daily data limit but it only helps very little. Sometimes you need to use the internet even after your daily data is finished. In that case, you can get extra data by using Jio data boosters. Reliance Jio offers various 4G data vouchers that you can recharge on your number to get instant data. Here’s everything you need to know about this topic.

Jio 4G data vouchers after daily limit

Starting from ₹11 up to ₹101, there are a number of data boosters that you can recharge on Jio. It depends on how much data you need. Here we have listed all Jio 4G data vouchers –

Plan Validity Data
₹11 Active Plan 1GB
₹21 Active Plan 2GB
₹51 Active Plan 6GB
₹101 Active Plan 12GB

These Jio data booster don’t have any time limit. They will stay activated until you exhaust them or when your active plan expires. For example, if you have recharged your Jio today and you have left some data, it will stay there in your account. You can use the next day. It will be used only after you have exhausted your daily data limit.

How to add extra data on Jio after daily limit

You can easily recharge your Jio with these 4G data vouchers to get extra internet data. Now you don’t have to go to any local shop to recharge your Jio. The online payment has made it very easy to do it from your phone. There are 2 ways you can recharge your Jio number: either by using the Jio app or from the Jio website directly. As for the payment, you can choose from various options including UPI, Debit/ATM card, net banking, credit card, and wallets (such as JioMoney, PayTm, PhonePe, and MobiKwik).

Recharge 4G data voucher from Jio app

Jio has its official app named MyJio for both Android and iPhone which you can use to recharge your number with 4G data vouchers after you have exhausted your daily data limit. Here’s what you need to do –

  1. Download the MyJio app on your smartphone. You can download it from the app store on your phone (Google Play Store on Android and Apple App Store on iPhone/iOS).
  2. Open the MyJio app. It will ask you to allow access to some permission such as notifications, location, contacts, etc. Allow these access to proceed.
  3. Login to your account – Now you will be asked to provide your Jio mobile number. After that, click on the Login button. It will send an OPT on your phone. You have to enter that OPT in the next submit for verification purpose. Once you have enter the OPT, you will be logged in to your Jio account.
  4. Go to the Recharge option and then select 4G Data Vouchers. Here you will find all data booster plans. Click the Buy button next to data voucher you want to purchase.
    Recharge Jio with data booster on MyJio app
  5. Complete the payment process – In the next step, you will be asked to choose the payment method. There are various options available –
    Complete payment to buy Jio 4G data voucher
    • Pay using UPI ID – With this option, you have to provide your UPI ID. After that, Jio will send a payment request on it which you can approve from the UPI app (such as Google Pay) on your phone.
    • Debit/ATM Card – You can also make payment with your debit card. After selecting this option, you have to provide your card number, expire month, expire year, CVV code and name on the card. You also have to confirm your identity with OTP verification.
    • Net Banking – If you use net banking, then you can use this option to complete the payment process.
    • Credit Card – You can also use your credit card for payment. This is similar to the Debit card option.
    • Wallets – You might be using some wallet apps on your phone such as JioMoney, Paytm, PhonePe, Mobikwik. You can link them with your MyJio app and pay directly.
  6. Once you have completed the payment, your Jio will be recharged with the 4G data voucher that you have selected and you will get the data on your account. That’s it.

Recharge 4G data voucher from Jio website

You can also use Jio website to recharge your number and get extra data after you have exhausted daily limit. The steps are almost the same as we have explained above. You just have to go to the Jio website, enter your mobile number, select the 4G data voucher plan that you want to buy and then complete the payment process. As simple as that! Here’s detailed step-by-step guide –

  1. Open any browser on your smartphone (Google Chrome, for example) and go to the Jio website.
    Jio website
  2. Now enter your Jio number and tap the Recharge button.
  3. By default, you will be on Popular Plans page. Scroll the bar at the top and go to 4G Data Voucher.
  4. Expand 4G Data Voucher section and then click the plan you want to buy.
    Choose Jio 4G data vouchers
  5. Next, it will take you to the payment page. There you will see various payment options. Choose any you like and then complete the payment process. Done! Now your Jio mobile number will be recharged with the extra 4G data booster.
    Complete payment on Jio website

So that’s how you can get extra data on your Jio after you have exhausted your daily data limit. We hope you find this guide helpful. It’s important to monitor your data usage regularly if you want to use it for the whole day. For this, you will need to read this post on how to check Jio data balance. If you want to ask something related to this topic, do let us know in the comments below. Before leaving this page, make sure to check out other tutorials on our website.

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