Fix Sorry This Page Isn’t Available on Instagram

Sometimes you encounter an error message on Instagram which says “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”. This usually happens when you visit someone’s profile, open any post, or instagram link in a web browser. Getting an error on your screen is one of the most annoying things that can happen to anyone. It’s a headache to find out why the error occurred and then how you can fix it.

Fix sorry this page isn’t available on Instagram

Now if we talk about this error message particularly, it says “Sorry, this page isn’t available” which means that the webpage you are trying to access doesn’t exist. The message further mentions that the link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. It is also possible that you have entered the incorrect username/profile link, or the page you are looking for has been deleted.

There are several reasons why the Instagram page is broken or unavailable. If you are trying to access any profile and you get this error message, then there are chances the user has blocked you. Other than that, it is also possible that user has deactivated or deleted his account. If it’s an Instagram post that you are trying to open, it may be deleted or archived. So basically, there are so many reasons that can cause sorry this page isn’t available error on Instagram. In this guide, we will help you find out why this error occurred and how you can possibly fix it.

1. You got blocked by the user

The most common reason why Instagram shows this error is because you have been blocked by the user whose profile you are trying to open. When you are blocked, Instagram doesn’t let you access the profile of the user. You can’t even find it in search, followers list, direct message, and anywhere else. If you remember the username and you are trying to visit the profile from its link, you will get “sorry this page isn’t available on Instagram” error.

It’s not necessary that the user has blocked you because Instagram doesn’t notify when you get blocked by someone. There is a simple way you can confirm this. To know if you have been blocked, search the profile of the user from another account. If you can find it from there and not from your account, then most probably you have been blocked by that user. There is nothing you can do to unblock yourself. However, if you want to fix sorry this page isn’t available error and view the user profile, then you have to use another Instagram account for that.

2. The post you are looking for is deleted

If you open any post on the Instagram website and it shows sorry this page isn’t available error, then most probably that post has been deleted or archived. There are basically two reasons why a post get deleted. Either the user/admin has deleted it themselves for some reasons or Instagram has taken down the post due to policy violations. Once the post is deleted, there is no way you can view it. Instagram will keep showing this error every time you will try to open the post with its link.

3. Instagram has banned the user

It might be possible that Instagram has banned the user. In such case also, you will get an error like sorry this page isn’t available while trying to visit their profile. When a user get banned, Instagram deletes their account and profile temporarily and sometimes permanently also. This usually happens when a person repeatedly violate the policies of Instagram. You will get this error until Instagram lifts the restriction from the user account.

4. The account is deactivate or deleted

Another common reason why you are unable to access any profile on Instagram is because either the user has deactivated or deleted their account. When deactivated or deleted, the profile gets removed from the Instagram completely like it never existed and if you will try to open it with the profile link, you will encounter an error message which says sorry this page isn’t available. Sometimes people don’t like to use Instagram for a certain period of time. For this, they usually deactivates their account temporarily. You will be able to see their profile once the account is reactivated. If it has been deleted permanently, there is no luck to see it again.

5. Username is changed

It is also possible that the username you are trying to access has been changed. This can also cause sorry this page isn’t available error. Instagram allow users to change their username any number of times. When someone does this, their old username no longer works. To fix this issue, you simply need to find the new username to which the account is shifted. Search the user by name on Instagram, or find him in your direct message or followers/following list.

So these are various reasons why sorry this page isn’t available error occurs on Instagram and how you can possibly fix it. Let us know in the comments why you were getting this error and how you got it fixed. Just like this error fixing tutorial, we have posted other similar articles on our website. Make sure to check them out before leaving this page. Have you faced any other problem or error on Instagram that you would like us to write an article on? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so they can also get to know about this popular Instagram error.

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