20 Best Instagram Filters: Aesthetic, Moody & Face Glow

Filters are like a magic wand, just swirl them on a photo, and they are ready with a sparkling effect. Your phone’s built-in editing app and other third-party apps and software surely have a bag full of filters for you, but what Instagram can offer you is far beyond these apps and software.

Best Instagram filters

While some apps might give you quality filters, others might be rich in quantity, and then comes the Instagram app which offers filters in quantity, and talking about the quality, hands down because there’s nothing that can beat Instagram. It’s like a wolf in the crowd of foxes. Not just the basic filters like all other apps give, Instagram also provide you with the list of popular filters that you will find in the best photo editing apps like Lightroom, PicsArt, Snapseed, and other famous editing apps. So if you want the filters of popular editing apps without actually have to install the app, then Instagram is here to help you out.

But just like you, most people are only familiar with the basic filters of Instagram. Though these filters are worth checking out, why just be limited to them when there’s a huge list waiting for you. Now let’s get down to business and discuss the best Instagram filters.

Black and moody background

Black and moody filters will provide a tension to your story if you are sharing something dark and thrilling. This filter can also be used to share something retro, classical, and nostalgic



BLVCK filter

BLVCK can use to make your photos and videos appear more intense with its black essence. BLVCK filter will give an intense and retro look to your photos and videos.



Black and White

This filter can be a great choice if you want to give a nostalgic feel to your story. This filter will add a special effect that will add grains to your photo giving it a retro look.


3. Black&white&blur

Black and White and Blur

Create a stunning video or photo using this filter and add music in the background for making it more impactful. This filter will add a blur effect in your black and white story.

Use Black&white&blur

Face glow filters

Cameras today are built to give more and more detailing in a photo or a video. But this perfection of a camera can work against you when you are having a pimple or your skin is not somehow looking camera friendly. Use these filters in such cases.

4. Good Skin V.2

Good skin filter

This filter is here for your care if you want to show your shiny beautiful skin. Just use the Good Skin V.2 filter and give a natural glow to your skin.

Use Good Skin V.2

5. Pretty

Pretty filter for story

The Pretty filter will add a little warmth to your story by adding a sallow texture and the added grains will make it look less fancy and glossy.

Use Pretty

6. Be Bright

Be Bright Instagram filter

Use the Be Bright filter to give natural clarity to your skin. This filter will give a shine to your face and hair without making them look over-filtered. Your lips will naturally look pinker and make you look alluring.

Use Be Bright

Aesthetic filters

Aesthetic filters are all about beauty but you can find several variations in different aesthetic filters.

7. Aesthetic Blur

Aesthetic blur

The Aesthetic Blur effect will add a clarity to your skin with some sparkles. But what makes it different from other aesthetic filters is the little blur effect.

Use Aesthetic Blur

8. Aesthetic

Aesthetic Instagram filter for reels

The colors of this filter will give you a 90s look, and the added glitch effect makes it more nostalgic. Text written on the screen looks really cool.

Use Aesthetic

Dark and moody

Dark and moody filters are all about giving a darker shade to your stories which naturally intensifies the mood.

9. Moody Green

Moddy green Instagram filter

This is a perfect filter if you want to show your cinematic side. Moody Green will add a green touch to your story and darken the atmosphere.

Use Moody Green

10. Dark Tone

Dark tone filter

You will love the texture and colors that this filter spreads on your photo. It will make the surrounding pale yellow and darken everything a little bit.

Use Dark Tone

VFX filters

If you want a filter to freak out your Instagram followers then don’t forget VFX filters. Use nice intensifying music in the background for best results.

11 . Exposura

Exposure filter

What makes this filter scary is that different colors like red, green, and yellow will split from your face while your original face remains a little dark.

Use Exposura

12. Double Exposure 3D

Share a photo or a video in your story where one face comes as a shadow on the other face. Colorful lightning effects are the real reason why this filter is an attention snatcher.

Use Double Exposure 3D

13. Tecno Cyborg

Techno VFX filter for Instagram reels

The filter will easily adjust to your face and it has vibrant moving colors just like you will find in a cyborg movie. With a simple tap on the screen, the face will flip on the top, and a techno sound is played.

Use Tecno Cyborg

Glitter life

Glitter effects are always in trend, be it on Instagram, or Snapchat. Especially girls are always in love with glitter effects. That’s why we want to mention a beautiful filters for your beautiful face.

14. Purple Glitter

Purple filter

Purple Glitter will give you a natural purple glittery background like it’s coming from the sun. Plus, this filter clears your skin and makes your lips pinkier, just like every girl wants.

Use Purple Glitter

15. Glitter Hair

Glitter hair

It’s time to try out the glitter filters for your waving hair. Use the Glitter hair filter to add shine and glitter to your hair, moreover, it will add a glow to your face to make it as good as your hair.

Use Glitter Hair

16. Glitter

Glitter effect

This filter will add a sparkling effect to your photos with multiple white twinkling stars. It is not just a perfect filter for your face but also good if you want to show any other captivating photo.

Use Glitter

Green screen filters

If you don’t want any disturbing background in the photo and want it to be simple looking then the Green Screen filter can be given a try. But it does not end here. Sometimes you can use it to add unbelievable backgrounds.

17. Green Screen

Green screen filter for Instagram

This filter is available right inside Instagram and need not be downloaded separately. You can find it just before the search option.

Use Green Screen

18. Green screen

Green screen

Using this green screen filter, you can add exciting backgrounds from your device and make an epic story.

Use Green screen

Fun filters

Story is not just for showing what’s going in your life. It can simply be used for fun too. Use these fun filters and enjoy.

19. Donuts

Donuts filter

While using this filter, just open your mouth and eat all the delicious donuts you can till your mouth is full and fat.

Use Donuts

20. Nani

Nani filter

Nani filer will make two hands appear on your head and those hands will juggle with your head. When there’s nothing interesting to share, make your followers laugh with this random filter.

Use Nani

Stories are a great place to share anything related to your life, incidents, vacations, or sometimes anything random. But sharing them with a little touch of filters make your story more appealing to your viewers. These are some of the best and most popular Instagram filters and effects that you can use on your stories and reels. Let us know which one is your favourite. Do you any other filter which is worth mentioning here? Share it in the comments below.

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