30+ Best Instagram Comment GIFs: Funny and Cool GIFs [2024]

Are you looking for some funny and cool GIFs to comment on someone’s post or reel on Instagram?

Instagram comments are a great way to engage with your followers and connect with new people, but sometimes words aren’t enough. A perfect GIF comment can be worth a million likes and it can convey more that just text alone can.

Best Instagram Comment GIFs

GIFs allows you to express your reactions and emotions more clearly. Whether you want to make someone laugh, express your disbelief, or share in a moment of joy, there are a number of GIFs available for different moods.

Best Instagram GIFs for Comments

Here’s a list of the best GIFs for Instagram comments, along with the keywords you need to find them:

1. Vibe Cat GIF

vibe cat gif

Reaction: Chill, Cool

Keyword: Type “vibe cat

Sometimes you just want to let someone know you’re feeling the groove. This GIF is perfect for when you want to show that you’re just going with the flow and enjoying the moment.

2. Shocked GIFs

shocked gifs instagram comment

Reaction: Surprise, Astonishment

Keyword: Type “shock

Use this when something totally unexpected happens, and you’re left speechless.

3. Giga Cat GIF

giga cat instagram comment gif

Reaction: Confidence, Power

Keyword: Type “giga cat

Giga Cat is all about confidence and swagger. Use this GIF to show off a moment of triumph or when someone shares a boss move.

4. Berserk GIF

berserk instagram comment gif

Reaction: Excitement, Intensity

Keyword: Type “berserk

If you’re feeling an intense wave of excitement, the Berserk GIF, with its high energy and dramatic flair, is your best pick.

5. Simon Riley GIF

simon riley instagram gif

Reaction: Mystery, Stealth

Keyword: Type “simon riley

Simon Riley (a.k.a. Ghost from Call of Duty) brings an air of mystery and coolness. Perfect for when someone does something impressive or stealthy.

6. 200 IQ GIF

200 IQ instagram comment gif

Reaction: Smart, Clever

Keyword: Type “200 IQ

This GIF is for those moments when you or someone else has a brilliant idea or makes a clever move. It signifies high intelligence and smart thinking.

7. Mr Uncanny GIF

mr uncanny instagram comment gif

Reaction: Creepy, Unsettling

Keyword: Type “mr uncanny

For those moments that are just too strange for words, the MrUncanny GIF captures the bizarre and uncanny perfectly.

8. Skeleton GIF

skeleton instagram comment gif

Reaction: Humor, Irony

Keyword: Type “skeleton

A humorous choice for commenting on something ironically funny or a long wait.

9. Emotional Damage GIF

emotional damage instagram comment gif

Reaction: Humor, Relatable

Keyword: Type “emotional damage

When someone says something that hits you right in the feels, the Emotional Damage GIF sums up that painful moment humorously.

10. Interstellar GIF

interstellar instagram comment gif

Reaction: Epic, Mind-Blown

Keyword: Type “Interstellar

For those awe-inspiring moments that leave you feeling small and amazed.

11. Ronaldo Camera GIF

ronaldo camera instagram comment gif

Reaction: Funny

Keyword: Type “Ronaldo camera

Use this when someone is intensely focused or determined.

12. Chubby Dance GIF

chubby dance instagram comment gif

Reaction: Joy, Celebration

Keyword: Type “chubby dance

Ideal for moments of pure joy and celebration.

13. Carro Cat GIF

carro cat instagram comment gif

Reaction: Surprise, Humor

Keyword: Type “carro cat

A funny surprise reaction, perfect for light-hearted moments.

14. Sigma GIFs

sigma instagram comment gif

Reaction: Respect, Admiration

Keyword: Type “sigma

When you want to show respect or admiration for someone’s actions or words.

15. Oooooo GIFs

oooooo instagram comment gif

Reaction: Amazement, Wow

Keyword: Type “oooooo

For moments that leave you absolutely amazed.

16. Willem Dafoe GIFs

willem dafoe instagram comment gif

Reaction: Intensity, Drama

Keyword: Type “willem dafoe

Use this for those intense, dramatic moments.

17. Huh Cat GIF

huh cat instagram comment gif

Reaction: Confusion, Bewilderment

Keyword: Type “huh cat

Perfect for when you’re completely baffled by a situation.

18. Dog Head Dance GIF

dog head dance instagram comment gif

Reaction: Happy, Celebratory

Keyword: Type “Dog Head Dance

This fun and lively GIF is perfect for celebrating good news or expressing happiness. It’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

19. Muscle Peter GIFs

muscle peter instagram comment gif

Reaction: Strength, Power

Keyword: Type “Musle peter

For moments that showcase strength and power.

20. My Honest Reaction GIFs

my honest reaction instagram comment gif

Reaction: Genuine, Honest

Keyword: Type “my honest reaction

To show a straightforward, genuine response.

21. Mike Tyson GIFs

mike tyson instagram comment gif

Reaction: Intimidation, Power

Keyword: Type “mike tyson

For moments when someone’s showing off their intimidating side.

22. Coffin GIF

coffin instagram comment gif

Reaction: Dark Humor, Ironic

Keyword: Type “coffin

Perfect for a darkly humorous or ironic situation.

23. El Bicho GIF

el bicho ronaldo instagram comment gif

Reaction: Hype, Excitement

Keyword: Type “el bicho

Use this to hype up a situation or show excitement.

24. Mew GIF

mew cat instagram comment gif

Reaction: Cute, Adorable

Keyword: Type “mew

For those adorable, heart-melting moments.

25. Gifname Cat GIF

gifname cat instagram comment gif

Reaction: Funny, Surprised

Keyword: Type “gifname cat

A funny surprise reaction, ideal for humorous posts.

26. Leo Messi Shocked GIF

leo messi shocked instagram comment gif

Reaction: Shock, Disbelief

Keyword: Type “leo messi shocked

When you’re utterly shocked by what you see.

27. Bombastic Side Eye GIF

bombastic side eye instagram comment gif

Reaction: Disbelief, Sassy

Keyword: Type “bombastic side eye

This is a cat GIF that adds a sassy touch to your disbelief. It’s perfect for when you want to express a mix of judgment and sassiness.

28. IShowSpeed What GIF

IShowSpeed what instagram comment gif

Reaction: Confusion, Surprise

Keyword: Type “Ishowspeed what

Perfect for those moments that leave you questioning everything.

By searching for the keywords provided, you can easily find and use these GIFs.

How to comment a GIF on Instagram

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Navigate to the post or reel where you want to leave a GIF comment.
  3. Tap the speech bubble icon below the post to open the comments section.
  4. In the comment section, you’ll see a small GIF icon (it looks like a square with the word “GIF” inside). Tap on it.
  5. A search bar will appear. Type in a keyword to find the perfect GIF for your comment.
  6. Browse through the results and tap on the GIF you want to use. It will automatically be added to your comment.
  7. Tap the “Post” button to share your GIF comment.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully commented with a GIF on Instagram.

Why Use GIFs in Instagram Comments?

GIFs are the perfect blend of images and short videos, conveying emotions in a way that plain text often can’t. They add personality to your comments, making them more engaging and memorable. According to Giphy, the average GIF conveys more emotion than a text-based comment, increasing engagement by up to 38%.

  • GIFs convey emotions and reactions better than words.
  • Comments with GIFs often receive higher engagement.
  • They add a fun and humorous element to your interactions.
  • There is a GIF for almost every reaction and situation.

Final thoughts

Using the right GIF can make your Instagram comments stand out and effectively convey your emotions. Whether you’re feeling happy, confused, or in awe, there’s a perfect GIF for every situation.

Next time you want to leave an impression with your comment, try one of these best Instagram GIFs for comments and watch your engagement skyrocket. If you know of any other GIF that we should add to the list, share it in the comments below.

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