10 Ways to Fix Credit/Debit Card Not Working Online

Has it ever happened that you are making an online payment but your debit or credit card isn’t working for some reason that is beyond your technical knowledge? Whether you are buying something product from an e-commerce website, purchasing an online service, signing up for a subscription, or making any other online payment, you can face this common problem at any transaction.

Fix credit/debit card not working online

There can be several reasons why your credit or debit card isn’t working. You may be making an overseas payment for which your card isn’t enabled. Your card may have expired or been blocked for security reasons. We came up with this article to help you figure out the real problem behind being unable to make an online purchase with your credit or debit card. Let’s discuss all the possible reasons and their fixes one by one.

1. Credit or debit card has expired

Credit and debit cards have limited days of validity after which they get expired automatically and can’t be used for ATM as well as online transactions. It might be possible that your credit/debit card has expired and that’s the reason why you are facing this problem while making payment for an online purchase or subscription.

To check the validity, you can look for the expiry date mentioned on your credit or debit card. It is written on the front side usually under the card number in mm/yy format. If your card has expired, you need to apple for a new one from your bank. Go to your nearest bank branch and ask the respective manager to provide you with a new debit or credit card. It will be sent to your address via postal service.

Fix: Get a new credit/debit card from your bank.

2. International payments aren’t enabled

RBI has issued an statement to all banks in India that international payments and other value added services should be enabled only on user demand. There are some services on the Internet which when subscribed will automatically charge a recurring fee from the customer’s bank account without even asking for their permission. There have been a lot of incidents of banking frauds with the users in the past. So this step was taken by RBI in order to protect users from online frauds.

International payment disabled on credit/debit card

There are various types of cards that are issued by banks in India such as RuPay, Master Card, Visa, etc. Some of the cards such as RuPay have geo-restrictions which means they can be used only for the local transactions until and unless you get the overseas payments activated by yourself. To ensure that your credit or debit card has permission to make online payments internationally, contact your bank. If it’s not enabled, you can ask them to activate this service on your card. Upon activation. you will be able to pay to any online merchant without any issues.

Fix: Enable international payments on your card by reaching your bank branch.

3. Not enough amount of balance

Sometimes you don’t have enough funds in your bank account and you are trying to make a payment with an amount larger than your balance. In such a situation, it is obvious to get an error message. There is nothing wrong in your credit or debit card. To check your bank balance, you can use any UPI app (such as Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM, etc.), update your passbook from the bank, or use internet banking (if you have enabled). Now WhatsApp has also launched a UPI service for sending and receiving money which you can also use to check you account balance.

Fix: Deposit money in your bank account and then make the online payment.

4. Credit/debit card has been blocked

If you have made too many wrong attempts to make an online payment, it might be possible that your credit or debit card has been blocked by the bank for some security reasons. There can be several other reasons behind this. For example, maybe someone else is attempting to steal money from your bank account but couldn’t get access due to invalid details.

Credit or dedit card has been blocked

Internet may seem secure to you from the outside but deep down it is just a pool of information which can be accessed by hackers easily. Several times we get news of data breaches where the personal data of the users including the details of credit and debit cards are made public and sold on the dark web. It is obvious that anyone having access to your personal details will dare to steal money from your bank account.

With the advancement in technology, banking system is also improving day by day. One has to go through a series of security steps in order to complete the online payment successfully. Apart from providing the credit/debit card details, you also need to provide an OTP, which is received on your registered phone number, to prove your authenticity. If any of the details doesn’t match and too many attempts are made, your bank will automatically block your credit or debit card for security purposes.

Fix: Go to your bank and ask them to restart your card services.

5. Wrong credit/debit card details

When making an online payment, you are asked to provide your credit or debit card details such as card number, expiry date, CVV, and card holder name. If any of the information is wrong, it will end up cancelling your transaction.

Wrong debit or credit card details

Fix: Make sure that all the card details you have provided are correct. Confirm them from the card directly.

6. OTP problem

To confirm your authenticity, you need to enter the OTP (also known as one time passcode) on the last payment page. You will receive this OTP on the phone number which is registered with your bank account. Sometimes you don’t receive OTP on your phone due to some technical issues. In such a case, you can request a new one by clicking on the Resend OTP option. Please note that there is a time limit for the OTP to be valid. If you do not use OTP during that time, it will expire.

Fix: Use OTP as soon as you get it on your phone. Make sure that it is correct. If you haven’t received OTP, don’t refresh your page, instead click on Resend OTP option.

7. Bank server not responding

When there are too many payment requests at the same time, the bank servers get very busy and they stop responding. This results in the abruption of your transaction. There are thousands of people every single second who are requesting for payment transactions from the bank servers. This excessive usage can lead to server load issues due to which bank servers refuse to accept new payment requests.

Fix: Retry again to make your online payment. If it doesn’t work again, try at some other time when the bank servers are not busy such as in the morning time or at night.

9. Wrong PIN

Sometimes you are required to provide ATM PIN also to complete your online payment. If you enter wrong PIN, your transaction will definitely fail.

Fix: Make sure that your PIN is correct. Don’t enter too many wrong attempts as this can lead to your credit/debit card getting blocked by bank for security reasons.

8. Daily transactions limit

Some credit/debit cards have a daily transaction limit that is set by the bank. It simply means that you can make online payments only for a specified number of times. If you have already done too many transactions in a day, this could also be the reason why your credit or debit card isn’t working now.

Fix: Contact your bank and ask them if there is any daily transaction limit on your card. If yes, then wait for the next day and then try to make your online payment.

10. Suspicious transaction

We can’t deny the presence of scammers and cybercriminals on the internet. They use different techniques to target people for online frauds. This include using the phishing websites and fake payment gateways. Now banks are also smart enough to identify these fake websites and payment gateways. If any such payment request is made or your bank identify a suspicious transaction, your credit or debit card will be blocked automatically.

Fix: Confirm that the payment you are making is from an authentic website. If the problem persists, contact your bank for more help.

Debit/credit card not working – [FIXED]

Credit/debit card not working is a very common issue which almost everyone of us must have faced at least once. Above we have shared some common reasons why this problem occurs and how you can fix it quickly. If you have tried everything and still you are unable to make your online payment, the last resort is to contact your bank and ask them about the problem. Some technical issues can only be fixed by the bank officials. If you have any other questions in your mind related to this topic, feel free to share it in the comments below. Stay tuned with us for more interesting tutorials!

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