Beware! This is How Anyone Can Hack Your WhatsApp Account

Being one of the most popular messaging apps, WhatsApp is a big concern for privacy and security. There are various incidents in the past when WhatsApp was targeted by cyberattacks. Not only this, but a lot of security vulnerabilities have also been found in WhatsApp through which it can be compromised.

WhatsApp hacking techniques

There are different methods by which anyone (including your friends and family) can hack your WhatsApp account and spy on your messages without even letting you know. In this guide, we will discuss how secure the WhatsApp system is and what are some techniques by which it can be hacked.

We have explained all WhatsApp hacking techniques in detail and shared various prevention and security tips to keep your account safe and secure from being hacked. This post is going to be an eye-opener for those who think that WhatsApp can’t be hacked. Now without further ado, let’s get started!

Is it possible to hack WhatsApp?

The first question that comes to our mind is whether WhatsApp can be hacked. Well, it is really hard to hack WhatsApp but not impossible. The cybersecurity experts say that almost everything can be hacked.

If you closely look at WhatsApp, it is all made up of codes. There is always a way around to hack into these codes, however, it depends on various factors such as how secure the system is designed. But it is definitely wrong to say that WhatsApp is 100% secure and there are no loopholes in it.

Overall, the WhatsApp system is designed in such a way that a normal hacker can’t hack into its servers. However, WhatsApp can be hacked easily from the user-end (especially on Android). The hacker and even any normal person can spy on your WhatsApp messages by using very simple techniques.

Hacking WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web - QR code hack

WhatsApp Web is a feature which allows users to access their WhatsApp on desktop PC/laptop. It is based on a QR code system. You have to read the QR code on the WhatsApp Web from your phone and then you will get complete access to your account such that you can read messages, view status, download media files, and more.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp Web is a great feature which comes really handy when you want to use WhatsApp on your PC/computer. But wait, do you know that WhatsApp Web is vulnerable to be hacked easily? Here we have explained how anyone can use WhatsApp Web to hack your account and spy on your messages without even letting you know –

So basically what the hacker does is, he simply reads the QR code on the WhatsApp Web (on his device) from your phone. Of course, this would require physical access to your phone but your friends and family can do it easily. Sometimes it is your loved ones who want to spy on your WhatsApp.

Although, WhatsApp Web is made for desktop/PC but it can be used on smartphones by requesting desktop site on the Chrome browser. The WhatsApp Web site normally redirects users to its main domain ( on mobile. But if go to the Chrome menu and enable desktop site, then it will start showing the QR code.

So it is not necessary that the hacker will scan the QR code from your phone on his PC/computer only but he can also scan it on his smartphone, which would hardly take few seconds. So that’s how anyone can hack your WhatsApp account easily.

You might have noticed that when you have an active session on WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp shows a permanent notification on your phone. In order to remove all footprints and prevent you from knowing that your WhatsApp Web is active, the hacker can also block WhatsApp notifications on your phone.

This can be done on Android smartphones very easily. If you go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp, you will find an option named Notifications on the app info page. From the Notifications settings, the hacker can turn off all your WhatsApp notifications, so you will never come to know that your WhatsApp has been hacked until you manually check your active WhatsApp Web sessions.

How to prevent yourself from WhatsApp Web hacking

Here are few security tips that can help you prevent your WhatsApp account from getting hacked via WhatsApp Web –

  • Don’t give your phone to anyone, not even your friends and family. We know it feels awkward to say no to someone when they ask to give your phone but you should be alerted.
  • Add app lock on WhatsApp – You can also enable WhatsApp’s fingerprint lock. This will block all unauthorized access to your WhatsApp. Even if someone has access to your phone, they can’t open WhatsApp.
  • Check your WhatsApp Web session regularly – Open WhatsApp, click three dots menu, and then go to WhatsApp Web. Here you can manually review all your active WhatsApp Web sessions. If you find any suspicious one, then log out from it remotely.
  • Check app notifications – Go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Notifications and make sure that all notifications are enabled. Now if your WhatsApp Web is logged somewhere, you will see it in the notifications.

WhatsApp OTP scam hacking

WhatsApp OTP scam

There is another way hackers are mass targeting WhatsApp users to hack their accounts. It’s a popular OTP verification scam. So basically what happens in this scam is that the scammer will send you a message from an unknown number on behalf of the WhatsApp team and ask you for the OTP code that you have received on your phone via SMS. If you fall into the trap and give the OTP code to the scammer, then your WhatsApp will be hacked instantly and you will be logged out from your account.

How to prevent yourself from this OTP scam

  • Add two-step-verification on WhatsApp – When this feature is enabled, the hacker needs to enter a 6-digit PIN that you have set manually, in addition to the OTP code. To enable two-step verification on WhatsApp, go to Settings > Account.
  • Don’t share your OTP code – Please don’t share your OTP code with anyone, no matter even if they claim to be an authorized person/entity. Your security is in your hands only. No one will be responsible if your WhatsApp got hacked this way.

Other ways your WhatsApp can be hacked

There are few other ways which are popular in WhatsApp hacking techniques. These methods are very rarely used as they require professional skills but that doesn’t mean they are not any threat to you. Let’s have a look at them –

Hacking WhatsApp using MAC Spoofing

Hack WhatsApp using MAC spoofing

MAC Spoofing is another popular hacking technique which can be used to hack your WhatsApp account. Every device which can connect to the internet has it’s own unique MAC (short for Media Access Control) address. This address is used to identify the device over the network.

In the MAC spoofing method, the hacker changes or masks the MAC address of his device with your phone’s MAC address. This will make his device appear as yours and then he can easily get access to your WhatsApp account. Please note that in order to do MAC spoofing, the hacker needs to know your phone’s MAC address.

MAC spoofing can also be used to spoof your router or Wi-Fi network, where the hacker acts as a man-in-the-middle. This way, the hacker can monitor your network traffic and snoop on your unencrypted data (HTTP) secretly. However, this technique can’t hack WhatsApp as it is secured with end-to-end encryption.

How to prevent

  • Don’t use free and unknown public Wi-Fi.
  • Don’t share your MAC address with anyone.
  • Keep your phone and WhatsApp updated.

Hacking WhatsApp using spy apps

Hack WhatsApp using spying apps

Last but not the least, WhatsApp can also be hacked using spying apps. There are various types of spying apps available for both Android and iPhone/iOS which when installed on your phone can read your notifications, spy on keyboard strokes, and record screen without even letting you know.

The hacker traps his victims to install the app for some good reasons and then spy on them secretly. If the hacker has physical access to the victim’s device (like friends and family), then he can also install the app manually. Generally, the spying apps need special administrative access on your phone to work properly.

How to prevent

  • Don’t install apps from unknown sources.
  • Monitor all app’s activities on your phone regularly.
  • Don’t give administrative and special access (such as notification access, appear on top, etc.) to suspicious apps.
  • Scan your Android phone for viruses and malware.
  • Enable Play Protect feature on Google Play Store.

So these are some WhatsApp hacking techniques by which anyone can hack your WhatsApp account easily. We have posted an article on how to keep your WhatsApp account secure from being hacked. Make sure to read that article for more security and prevention tips.

If you have any questions in your mind regarding this topic, feel free to ask it in the comments below. Make sure to share this post with your friends on social media so they can also know about these WhatsApp hacks and prevent themselves from being hacked.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose only to make you aware of all the hacks and scams of WhatsApp. The site is not responsible for any kind of misuse of this information. Please do not attempt to violate the law with anything contained here.

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