20 Best Telegram Bots You Should Use [2021]

Despite having an interface of a basic instant messaging app that can just be used for simply sending messages to friends and in groups, Telegram is so much more, that a normal user can never realize its full potential. To unveil the full usability of Telegram, a person needs to dive deep into it.

Best Telegram bots

Now if you too have dived in the ocean of Telegram, you would have come across various channels, groups, and definitely across some bots. As for the groups and channels, it is easy to join and use them. But as for the bots, their usability might have made you curious that how different bots assist users and solve their problems.

Maybe that is the reason why you too are looking for useful Telegram bots. Using these bots is really easy and their assistance is far beyond description. While being right inside the Telegram app, you can search for YouTube videos, search for songs, books, hotels, translate text, play games, and do other exciting and useful stuff. But what’s not easy is, searching for the perfect bots. Well, don’t you worry at all as we have a list already prepared for you.

What are Telegram Bots?

Many of you who are new to Telegram may not be familiar with the bots. So before moving further, let’s first discuss them a little bit. The term bot simply means a robot or automated program that can embed in other software to perform a specific task. Telegram bots are also the same which you can interact with by sending them messages, commands and inline requests.

These bots are not officially created by Telegram instead they are developed by third-party developers through Telegram Bot API. There are different types of task they can perform on Telegram from sending you useful information to getting things done automatically and integrating with other services. Some of the bots also have AI features that can interact with you like a normal human. Now let’s see the list of best Telegram bots that you should definitely use –

1. Gamee

Can anything be a better time-killing activity than playing games? With the Gamee bot of Telegram, you can relax by playing exciting games. Not just you can play games alone but can challenge your friends to create a better score than you. The list of available games is huge so you don’t get bored playing just one.

Add Gamee on Telegram

Gamee bot

2. Skeddy

When your schedule is tight and the mind is packed with hundreds of thoughts, it’s hard to remember the future things no matter how important they are. This is where the reminders come into play. With the Skeddy bot, you can set reminders for upcoming events and the bot takes full responsibility for notifying you about that event. Just make sure you have enabled Telegram messages notifications in settings.

Add Skeddy on Telegram

Skeedy bot

3. HotelBot

When you already use Telegram so much then why not use it to book hotels as well? No matter which location you are in, where you want to go, this bot will use the database of booking.com and find the best deals for you. You can filter the hotels by price and popularity. Photos for hotels can be checked and the booking can be done instantly.

Add HotelBot on Telegram

Hotebot by Telegram

4. Yandex. Translate

No more switching to a browser when you get a message from a language that you barely understand. Just use the Yandex. Translate bot, choose the language in which you want your conversion, and talk with your new friends without any linguistic barriers.

Add Yandex Translate on Telegram

Yandex Translate bot

5. Dr.Web

Phishing links and viruses can harm you and your data in so many different ways and the extracted information can be used by the hacker, whichever way they like. That’s why it is always suggested to scan the links you receive. Dr.Web is the first anti-virus bot on Telegram. Just copy and paste the link and the bot will tell you if the link is clean or not.

Add Dr.Web on Telegram

DrWeb bot

6. VoteBot

It’s voting time! When you have something in mind for which you want to take some suggestions, it is better to get the votes from your friends. Use this amazing bot and create a question with two options to choose from. Share the question once the poll is created and now wait for your friends to vote on it.

Add VoteBot on Telegram


7. Quiz from Panda

Nerds don’t need to go anywhere else to gain some insight about things and check their knowledge. Take a quiz from a panda and see how much you know about things. Questions will be asked that hold certain points and you need to earn more and more points. Four options are also given with one lifeline in the game.

Add Quiz from Panda on Telegram

Quiz from Panda

8. Lyric Bot

Now, this is something everyone will relate to. We tend to sing our favorite songs for a long time and one day we suddenly open the lyrics and realize that all this time we were singing the wrong lyrics. With Lyrics bot by your side, you can check the lyrics of any song directly on Telegram. Even if you don’t remember the song name, just type a small piece of that song or the artist’s name, and the bot will smartly fetch that song or the songs from that artist.

Add Lyric on Telegram

Lyric bot

9. YouTube Bot

Even the videos and channels from YouTube are not far from the reach of Telegram. You can enjoy the service of YouTube directly on Telegram. Search for the videos and channels, your subscriptions, and enjoy any YouTube content you want. To extract your YouTube subscriptions, you need to sign up with YouTube Bot first. If you own a YouTube channel then the YouTube Bot can help you share your content on Telegram as well.

Add YouTube Bot on Telegram

Telegram YouTube bot

10. VK Music Bot

Here is something for music lovers. VK Music Bot is a great Telegram bot to find any music from around the world. This easy to use bot can send you a particular song, and also a list of all the songs from a particular artist. If there are other songs with the same or similar name to the song that you requested for, you will see those songs in the search result too so you don’t miss the one you are looking for. Once you find your desired song in the list, simply select the number. You can directly listen to the song or download it locally on your device.

Add VK Music Bot on Telegram

VKMusic Bot

11. IFTTT Bot

This bot can connect your Telegram groups and channels to other external services like Twitter, Instagram, and more. IFTTT is a condition based bot that takes an action when a certain condition is fulfilled. To use the IFTTT bot, you need to create an account first. Once the account is created, you can use messages of the groups as a trigger to instigate an outside event. At first, this bot might sound a bit confusing, but once you understand its working, it is quite a useful bot.

Add IFTTT on Telegram

IFTTT Telegram bot

12. URL Shortner Bot

Content creators face the difficulty of sharing their content on online platforms when the links are long and awkward to share. On the other hand, short links look clean and are easily noticeable. Here’s a URL shortner tool for you. Once you have the link handy that you want to shorten, you need to paste it in the bot. You will be given various services using which you want to shorten the link, select anyone you like. In the very next moment, you have your new shortened link ready. Now copy it and share it anywhere you want.

Add URL Shortner on Telegram

URL Shortner bot

13. Meme Auto Bot

Want to create a meme with your own picture? Meme Auto Bot has made it very simple to do this. You don’t need to use photo editing app for writing the text on your picture. Simply, start this Telegram bot and send your photo which you want to make meme. It will then ask you to write the text you want to add at the top and bottom of your photo. You can separate them with the semicolon (;) symbol. As you send the text, BOOM! You will instantly receive a sticker with the text written on your photo. Your meme is ready within a second.

Add Meme Auto on Telegram

Meme creator bot on Telegram

14. URL2IMG Bot

As the name suggests, URL2IMG bot allows you to take a screenshot of the webpage within the Telegram app. Going to the browser, loading the web page and then taking its screenshot is a lengthy task. This bot simply need you to enter the URL of the webpage and then you will receive an image of the screenshot. If it’s not clear to read, you can also request it as PNG file which will be much clear.

Add URL2IMG on Telegram


15. File Converter Bot

When you want to convert a file from one format to another, you always look for an app or online tool. The next bot that we have in our list of best Telegram bots is File Converter. What is special about this bot is that it is an all-in-one file converter that can convert images, videos, music, documents and other files. It will automatically analyse the file you send it to and then show you various formats in which you can convert it. The bot works flawlessly and only takes few seconds to convert the file to your desired format.

Add File Converter on Telegram

File converter Telegram bot

16. AirTrack Bot

AirTrack is another useful Telegram bot which you can use to search flights and track ticket prices. The bot will ask you a series of questions such as your language, country, currency, and type of search. Next, you have to enter the city of your arrival and departure along with the dates. After that, AirTrack will run a search on its database and find all the flights. You can compare prices from different websites and also book your ticket directly. There is also a premium membership on AirTrack Bot which gives your more features like selecting a specific flight to track, more frequent checking of the ticket prices and few others.

Add AirTrack on Telegram

AirTrack telegram bot

17. IMDB Bot

You may already know about IMDB which is the most popular movies, TV shows and web series rating website. IMDB Bot on Telegram can help you find and share new movies. The bot automatically works in all your chats and group. To use it, simply type @imdb in the message box followed by writing your query and don’t press the send button. You will then see a panel showing the movie suggestions. Select any movie and then you will receive all its information such as running time, directors, actors, genres, etc. Apart from that, you will also get the link of IMDB website where you can check the movie rating and reviews.

Add IMDB Bot on Telegram

Find movies with IMDB Telegram Bot

18. SongID Bot

Finding the name of the song you have just listened to without knowing the right lyrics seems next to impossible. When a song gets stuck in your mind, it will prick you until you find its name. You can try searching the random words of the lyrics on Google but it doesn’t work all the time. This is where the SongID bot comes to rescue you. It’s one of the best Telegram bots which can help you identify music like Shazam. You can send the recording of the music playing around you with the Telegram Audio Message. This bot can also scan for music in videos and direct links to services such as YouTube, Spotify, and Deezer.

Add SongID Bot on Telegram

Find music with SongID bot on Telegram

19. Crypto Whale Bot

If you are a crypto investor, you should definitely check out this Telegram bot. It can give you price details and last 3 days chart of any cryptocurrency. Crypto Whale Bot is not just limited to providing you information on the cryptocurrency price but it also offer other useful features such as sending the current ICOs, market movers, Marketcaps, and latest news. You can join the official channel of this bot to get more crypto updates. Apart from that, there is also a community chat where you can discuss things with other crypto enthusiasts and get trading signals from experts.

Add Crypto Whale on Telegram

CryptoWhale Telegram bot

20. Remove Join Group Msg Bot

The most annoying thing on Telegram is to see the join messages flooding on your group. Telegram notify all members when someone joins the group by sending “… joined the group” message. The same is with the case when someone leaves the group. There isn’t any option given by the Telegram to turn this off but you can always use a bot for that. Remove Join Group Msg Bot get this task done for you. So what you have to do is simply add this bot to your group and make it administrator with permission to delete messages. It will then monitor your group to find join messages and delete them automatically. This is a very useful Telegram bot that will help you keep your conversation neat and clean.

Add RemoveJoinGroupMsgBot on Telegram

Auto delete join messages with Telegram bot

General FAQs

How to add and use Telegram bots?

We have provided a link below each bot to add it to your Telegram account directly. Here’s what you need to do –

  1. Click on the bot link and it will redirect you to a Telegram webpage.
  2. Tap on the Send Message button.
  3. Now you will be asked to open it in Telegram app.
  4. Click the Start button on the chat and you have successfully added the bot on your account.

You will see instructions on the chat to interact with the bot by sending commands and inline requests. Some bots also provide Menu at the bottom-left corner where you can find more options to use them.

Are these Telegram bots safe to use?

Yes, these Telegram bots are absolutely safe to use. Make sure you don’t share your personal information in the chat such as debit card details, passwords, OTPs, etc. There has been a lot of debate on the internet whether Telegram bots are actually safe or not. Well, you should not worried about that as Telegram has given only limited access to the bots. They can only see your profile information such as name, username, and profile picture, and the messages you send to them. However, there are other ways spam bots can trap you by sending a phishing link or infected file. Just be careful when opening files or links sent by the bot.

How to uninstall or stop Telegram bot?

If you don’t want to use a bot anymore, simply follow these steps to stop it from running on your Telegram account –

  1. Open the Telegram app and go to the bot chat.
  2. Click the name of the bot at the top.
  3. Tap the menu button (three dots).
  4. Choose Stop Bot option.

Alternatively, you can also block the bot as you would block a normal user. Some bots are offer special command to disable them such as /stop.

Wrapping up

Telegram bots are really fun to use and there are endless possibilities they are capable to do. It’s like having a personal assistant on Telegram which can help you get things done, find you information from the internet, and you can also do your timepass by playing games and quiz. There are thousands of bots available on Telegram but here we have shared some of the best ones that you should definitely try out. Let us know which bot you liked the most. If you had ever come across any other useful Telegram bot that you think will be worth mentioning in this list, then please share it in the comments below.

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