Fix Failed to Load Earlier Messages Error on Instagram

Did you ever got an error message on Instagram which says “Failed to load earlier messages” when you are scrolling through your chats? This error occurs when Instagram is unable to fetch your messages from its server. When you see the error message for the first time, you may have some questions in your mind like what is the meaning of the error, why does it occur on your phone and how you can fix it to view your chat messages. We will answer all these questions in this guide.

Fix failed to load earlier messages on Instagram

Why does failed to load earlier message error occurs?

To begin with, let’s first explore the reasons behind this error message. Below we have mentioned and explained all reasons that can cause failed to load earlier messages error on your Instagram –

1. You are not connected to the internet

This is the most common reason for this error. If you are not connected to the internet, you will get this error while loading your chat messages. Instagram needs internet connection to connect to its servers and fetch your account data from them. If there is no internet, Instagram won’t be able to load your chat messages and instead show this error message on your screen.

2. Your internet connection is weak

If you are connected to the internet and still your are getting this error message, then most probably your internet connection is very weak. Just look at the network signals at the top-right corner on your screen. You should have at least 2 signal bars to get enough internet speed. It is also possible that you have exhausted your daily data limit. In that case also, your internet speed will slow down and you won’t be able to load your messages on Instagram.

3. You are using an outdated Instagram app

Are you using an older version of the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android smartphone? If yes, then it can also be reason for getting “failed to load earlier messages” error on Instagram. When an app version become obsolete, it is no longer compatible with the phone system and you will face various issues in it such as network connection problem, low app performance, bugs, and other errors.

4. Some technical glitch problem

Last but not the least, it could be possible that there is some technical glitch in the Instagram app which is causing network issue resulting in this failed to load earlier messages error. This can happen due to cached data problem also. Instagram app might be stuck in some loop and unable to come out of it.

How to fix failed to load earlier messages on Instagram

Now as you know the meaning on this error message and why this occurs, let’s move to the next step to fix it. Below we have mentioned all methods that you have to try one-by-one to fix this failed to load earlier messages error on Instagram –

  1. Make sure that you are connect to the internet – Just go to the Settings or notification panel on your phone and check if you have turned on mobile data or Wi-Fi. If you are using mobile data, you should have active internet plan on your phone number to access the internet. The same is with Wi-Fi connection also. If one network doesn’t work, change it to another Wi-Fi and try again to load your chat messages on Instagram.
  2. Make sure that you are getting good internet speed – The next important thing is to check your internet speed. There are so many online speed testing tools available. Run a speed test and find out how much internet speed you are getting. Look at the network signals on your phone. If you are in a closed area (such as in room or basement), then take your phone outside in some open area (like terrace) and check if the network signals improve. If you have exhausted your daily data usage limit, recharge your phone number with a top-up plan. Also, check out this guide on how to increase internet speed after exhausting daily data limit.
  3. Update the Instagram app to the latest version – Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Instagram app on your smartphone. Instagram bring updates in its app every month to fix bugs and issues. Go to the app store on your phone i.e. Google Play Store on Android and Apple App Store on iPhone/iOS, and update the Instagram app from there. Once you have updated it, try loading your chat messages again and you won’t get any error message this time.
  4. Clear cached data of the Instagram app – To fix any technical glitches, you simply need to clear the cached data. For this, go to Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage and click Clear data button. You will be asked to confirm it. Once you have cleared the cached data of the app, open Instagram again and login to your account. Then go to Direct Message and click on the chat whose messages you want to read. That’s it.
  5. Restart your phone – We recommend you to switch off your phone and then restart it again at the end. This will automatically clear cached data, free up RAM memory, fix any technical glitch and network problem on your phone. When you restart the phone, it will connect to your mobile network again which will also refreshing your internet connection.

So that’s how you can fix failed to load earlier messages error on Instagram and view your chat messages seamlessly. We hope that now you know the meaning of this error and also what exactly was causing it on your smartphone. If you still want to ask something related to this topic, you can drop it in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post with friends on social media and check out other interesting content on our website.

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