10 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Apple’s iPhone

Despite being so expensive, iPhone is still among the most selling smartphones in the world. Apple has created such a masterpiece that no other smartphone manufacturing company has ever even come closer to its competition. iPhone is considered a status symbol in our society but this is not the only reason why people buy it. The kind of features and user experience that the iPhone offers is well worth the money you spend on it.

Interesting iPhone facts

We all know about the features of the iPhone and how it is different from other smartphones in the market. But did you know some interesting facts about Apple’s iPhone? In this article, we are going to list the top 10 most amazing and unknown iPhone facts that you probably didn’t know before. You would be surprised to know these facts for sure. Let’s start with the 1st one!

Fact #1: Apple has sold over 2.2 billion iPhones till now

Hidden facts about iPhone

Apple is one of the most selling smartphones in the world. You would be amazed to know that Apple has sold around 2.2 billion iPhones till now. Among all the iPhone models that have been launched over the years, iPhone 6 stands at the 1st position in the list of most selling iPhone models. It is the most popular and used Apple product of all time.

Fact #2: iPhone kidney meme

You would have probably heard about the iPhone kidney meme on the Internet. But do you know that this meme is true? Apple products are exceptionally expensive and people make fun of this by saying that you could only afford iPhone by selling your kidney. A 17- year old Chinese kid has actually sold his kidney to buy an iPhone and iPad, according to the local media reports.

Fact #3: iPhone (PRODUCT) RED

Apple has a different series of iPhone called (PRODUCT)RED which was released in partnership with the (PRODUCT) RED organisation. If you purchase an iPhone of this series, a certain percentage of your money is donated to the organisation which is used for the charity purpose to help combat HIV/AIDS in several regions of the world.

Fact #4: Apple’s obsession with 9:41 timing

Have you ever noticed the time on the iPhone’s official product photos and advertisements? The time is always set to 9:41 AM. But why Apple is so obsessed with this timing? It is believed that the first time when iPhone was launched by Steve Jobs in 2007, the clock was at 9:41 AM exactly. The same time is used in every iPhone launch. The launch time starts at 9:00 AM and with the 40 minutes presentation, it ends at around 9:41.

Fact #5: 200+ patents on the iPhone

Apple iPhone facts list

A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention that gives its owner the legal rights for the usage, making, and selling of the invention. You would be surprised to know that Apple has registered over 200+ patents for its iPhone.

Fact #6: Actual manufacturing cost of iPhone

Imagine what would be the actual manufacturing cost of the Apple iPhone? It is way too less than you could ever imagine. The new iPhone 13 Pro sells at around $999 to $1,449 but it only takes $570 for Apple to manufacture it excluding the taxes, profit and other charges.

Fact #7: The meaning on “i” in iPhone

Ever wondered what “i” in the iPhone and iPad stands for? Apple launched its first product in 1998 called the iMac. Steve Jobs mentioned in his speech that i stands for the Internet, however it has some other meanings as well such as individual, instruct, inform, and inspire.

Fact #8: First iPhone wasn’t made by Apple

Amazing Apple iPhone facts

Would be believe if we tell you that the Apple company doesn’t have the right to use the “iPhone” name? Just after Apple introduced its first smartphone, the Cisco company sued Steve Jobs’ company over the trademark of the iPhone. In fact, according to Cisco, the iPhone was a registered trademark of the Linksys company acquired by Cisco. After years of controversy and negotiations, the two companies finally agreed and settled the dispute in 2007. Now Cisco Systems and Apple both have the rights to use “iPhone” name.

Fact #9: iPhone processors are made by Samsung

Samsung and Apple are two of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the world. From the very beginning, there has been a fierce competition between these two companies regarding their specific products. But you might not know that the processor for Apple’s iPhone was made by Samsung and another company called TSMC. Now Apple has given this contract exclusively to TSMC since 2015.

Fact #10: Accidental invention of iPhone

We all know that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs and his team invented the iPhone. But did you know that the invention of the iPhone was no coincidence? Actually, the real reason behind the invention of iPhone is the extraordinary imagination and creativity of Steve Jobs.

Unknown facts about iPhone

Apple was started as a computer manufacturing company in its early days. They made a virtual keyboard for their tablet PC. When Steve Jobs saw this feature, an idea strike into his mind that if such a virtual keyboard can be made, then this technology can also be used in the mobile phones.

Since then Steve Jobs gave the most importance to this idea and focused his entire attention on the iPhone project. Steve Jobs was so sensitive to this new concept that the original project of the iPhone was kept top secret until it was launched in the market.


So these were some interesting and unknown facts about Apple’s iPhone that very few people know. Let us know which ones did you already knew and which ones you find the most interesting out of these 10 iPhone facts. If there is any other fact that we should add to this list, you can mention it in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and spread the knowledge. Stay tuned to our website for more informative articles, guides, and tips.

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