GB WhatsApp Login Problem Solution [Fixed]

Are you facing a login problem on GB WhatsApp? Getting an error message that says “You need the official WhatsApp to log in” while trying to verify your phone number? In this article, we will show you how to fix this error and log in to your WhatsApp account on GB WhatsApp successfully. Let’s get started!

GB WhatsApp login problem fixed

How to fix the GB WhatsApp login problem

For security reasons, WhatsApp has blocked authorisation to log in from third-party modified apps such as GB WhatsApp. This means, you cannot log in to GB WhatsApp by verifying your phone number directly. If you try to do so, you will encounter an error message – “You need the official WhatsApp to log in”.

A simple workaround to fix this login problem on GB WhatsApp is by using an alternative method to log in as a companion device. GB WhatsApp has this method in place by which you can log in to your account by scanning a QR code through the official WhatsApp. This works in the same way you log in on WhatsApp Web. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Part 1: Log in to the official WhatsApp

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is install the official WhatsApp on your Android device. Simply, head to the Play Store and search for WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp Messenger from the search results and tap the “Install” button. Wait for it to download and install.

Step 2: Once done, open WhatsApp and choose your preferred language to get started. Next, tap on the “Agree and Continue” button to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of WhatsApp.

Agree and continue - WhatsApp Terms of Service

Step 3: In the next step, you will be asked to verify your phone number. Select your country code and enter your mobile number in the given field.

Enter phone number for verification

Step 4: You will receive a 6-digit code via SMS. By default, WhatsApp will automatically detect the OTP received on your device. If you didn’t receive the code within 2 minutes, you can request a new one.

Verify phone number on GBWhatsApp

Step 5: Once the phone verification is complete, WhatsApp will look for any backup saved on your device locally or Google storage. You will be prompted to restore your messages and media. Tap the “Restore” button to proceed. It is important note that if you skip this step, you won’t be able to restore your backup later.

Restore WhatsApp chats

Step 6: If you have end-to-end encrypted backup, enter your password for authentication. WhatsApp will begin the restoration process after this. Wait for it to finish. Once done, you will see a confirmation that restore is complete. Tap Next button to continue and then follow the on-screen instructions to set up your WhatsApp profile.

WhatsApp restore complete

Part 2: Link as companion device on GB WhatsApp

Once you have logged into your account on the official WhatsApp, the next step is to login on GB WhatsApp as a companion device. Simply, open GB WhatsApp on your device and tap on “Agree and continue” button.

Accept GBWhatsApp Terms of Service

On the next screen where it says “Enter your phone number”, tap on three dots (menu) in the upper-right corner and then select “Link as companion device”.

Link as companion device on GB WhatsApp

Now GB WhatsApp will display a QR code on your screen which you have to scan through your official WhatsApp to complete the login process.

Login GB WhatsApp with QR code

As you are using both the official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp on the same device, it is not possible to scan the QR code directly. So you need to use a different device for this step. You can either take a picture or screenshot of the QR code and then send it to another device.

When you login on GB WhatsApp as a companion device, you won’t encounter the error message “You need the official WhatsApp to log in”.

Part 3: Scan the QR code with official WhatsApp

Once you have the QR code ready to scan, open your official WhatsApp and tap the menu button (three dots) in the upper right corner. Then go to Linked devices and select “Link a device”. This will open up the QR scanner on WhatsApp. Now scan the QR code displayed on the picture you have taken from GB WhatsApp on your secondary device.

Scan GB WhatsApp QR code to log in

You’ll see a message on your screen saying “Logging in“. Allow the login process to finish. Once completed, a new device will appear in the Linked Devices list. Next, launch GB WhatsApp, and it will begin loading your chats automatically. After the chats are loaded, you’ll be successfully logged into GB WhatsApp.

Note: You have to scan the QR code as soon as possible, otherwise, it will expire and then you have repeat the same steps to generate a new QR code on GB WhatsApp.

How to fix “You need the official WhatsApp to log in”

If you continue to encounter the error message “You need the official WhatsApp to log in” try the following solutions:

  • Log in to GBWhatsApp as a companion device. (as explained above)
  • Clear GB WhatsApp cache and data.
  • Delete GBWhatsApp from your device and install the latest version.
  • Make sure that your device has a stable and active internet connection.
  • Double-check the phone number you entered during the login process and make sure it is correct.

Why is GB WhatsApp not logging in?

GB WhatsApp is having login issues primarily because WhatsApp has implemented security measures to prevent authorization from third-party modified apps like GB WhatsApp.

This security measure blocks direct login attempts via phone number verification on GB WhatsApp, resulting in the following error message:

You need an official WhatsApp to log in
The app you are using has privacy and security risks. You can no longer use this app to access your WhatsApp chats.

How to get the official WhatsApp
Download from the app store or directly from
WhatsApp. Go to official website

Privacy and security on WhatsApp
On the official WhatsApp you can control your privacy, message securely, and add anothe number if you have multiple accounts.

GB WhatsApp error

To address this login problem, GBWhatsApp offers an alternative method that allows you to log in as a companion device by scanning a QR code through the official WhatsApp.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get banned for using GB WhatsApp?

Yes, there is a risk of being banned from using WhatsApp if you use GB WhatsApp or any other third-party modified app. WhatsApp actively monitors and takes action against accounts using unofficial third-party apps.

Can I login to GB WhatsApp with a phone number?

Yes, you can login to GBWhatsApp with your phone number, however, if you getting the error “You need to official WhatsApp to log in”, you can log in to GB WhatsApp as a companion device.

How do I verify my phone number on GB WhatsApp?

To verify your number on GB WhatsApp, open GBWhatsApp and tap on “Accept and continue”. Then, enter your phone number and select the country code. GBWhatsApp will send an OTP to your phone number. Enter the 6-digit code within GBWhatsApp to complete the verification process.

Why is my number banned from using GB WhatsApp?

If your number has been banned from using GB WhatsApp, it is likely due to a violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service. WhatsApp takes action against accounts that use unauthorized third-party modified applications, including GB WhatsApp.

Is GBWhatsApp safe to use?

While GBWhatsApp offers additional features, it is not developed by WhatsApp and may pose security risks. Additionally, it goes against the WhatsApp’s Terms of Service, so you may also end up getting your WhatsApp account banned.


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily fix the GBWhatsApp login problem and resolve the “You need the official WhatsApp to log in” error. There is no need to verify your phone number now as you can directly log in with the companion device feature on GBWhatsApp. We hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any questions related to this problem, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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