How to View a Private Account on Instagram Without Following

Have you ever wondered how to view someone’s private account on Instagram without following them? Maybe it’s your crush or an ex that you want to check out without them knowing.

View private account on Instagram

While you can send a follow request to see their posts and stories, there might be reasons you don’t want to do that. It could also be possible that you have already sent a follow request but the other person didn’t accepted it.

In this article, we will explore whether it’s possible to view a private Instagram account and how you might do that. Additionally, we will talk about the third-party apps and websites that claim to give you access to a private profile without following them.

Is it possible to view a private account on Instagram without following?

Instagram has strict privacy settings to protect users. When someone sets their profile to private, only approved followers can see their posts, stories, and highlights.

This means, officially, you can’t view someone’s private account without their permission. However, there are a few methods you might try to see their content.

Method 1: Follow from another account

One of the simplest ways to view a private Instagram account is by creating a separate account and sending a follow request. Many users accept follow requests from people they don’t personally know.

Follow private account to view its posts

So, try creating another account and send a request to the private account you wish to view. Make sure your new account looks genuine by adding a profile picture and some posts. This method depends on the account owner accepting your request.

Method 2: Ask the mutual friend

If you have a mutual friend who follows the private account, you can ask them to share screenshots from the private profile. Since they are already an approved follower, they can see all the posts, stories, and highlights.

However, keep in mind that your friend might tell the account owner that you are asking for their photos and video, or he might refuse to share the screenshots altogether. Therefore, use this method only if you trust your friend completely.

Method 3: Search the username on Google

Search username on Google

Sometimes, you can find information about a private Instagram account by searching the username on Google. This method can yield results, especially if the person is active on multiple social media platforms. The person might have shared their Instagram posts on Facebook, Twitter, or other sites, which can indexed by search engines.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open any web browser on your phone.
  2. Visit the Google website.
  3. Enter the username of the person whose private account you want to view on Instagram.
  4. Check the search results for any links to other social media platforms or websites where the person might have shared their Instagram posts.
  5. Go to the Images section and see if you can find any of their photos.

Method 4: Check the person’s Facebook account

Many Instagram users link their accounts with Facebook and often cross-post between the two platforms. If the private account you want to view is connected to a Facebook account, you might be able to explore their Instagram indirectly through Facebook.

Check the person’s Facebook profile

Simply go to Facebook and search for their name. Once you find their profile from the search results, check if they have shared any photos or videos from Instagram. Additionally, the person might have provided a link to their Instagram profile in bio.

Method 5: Check the person’s Threads account

Check the person’s Threads account

Threads is a platform associated with Instagram, and many users link their Threads account to their Instagram profile. If the person you’re interested in has a Threads account, you might find some of their content there. Look for the person’s Threads account by searching their name or username on the Threads app.

Is it safe to use third-party apps and websites?

You might have come across various third-party apps or websites claiming to let you view private Instagram accounts. However, we strongly advise caution when using such services.

Instagram private profile viewer tools

These apps and websites often require access to your Instagram account, which can compromise your privacy and security. Additionally, they may violate Instagram’s terms of service, leading to potential account suspension or removal.

Frequently asked questions

How to check private account followers on Instagram?

To see the followers of a private account, you need to follow the account and be accepted. Once accepted, you can view their followers list like any public account. There’s no legitimate way to see the followers of a private account without being an approved follower.

How to view private Instagram stories anonymously?

If the account is private, only approved followers can see their stories. The best way is to send a follow request and view the stories once accepted.

How to view the profile picture of a private Instagram account?

To view the profile picture of a private Instagram account, you can try the following steps, open the Instagram app and navigate to the private account’s profile. Tap and hold on the profile picture to see it in full size. Alternatively, you can use a web browser to open Instagram, and then right-click on the profile picture to open it in a new tab.

Final thoughts

So these were some methods that might help you to view someone’s private account on Instagram without following them. These method are bit hit or miss but they are worth a try. You will stay completely anonymous and still see all their posts, stories, and highlights.

Remember, it is important to respect other’s privacy, and trying to bypass it can lead to consequences. If you’re curious about someone’s profile, the best way is to send a follow request directly. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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